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How many of you just show up at the theater with no prior plans?

A while ago I was standing in line and the group in front of me was deciding what movie to see. Something was playing in the next ten minutes that they wanted to see, but the movie they really wanted to see wasn't playing for another forty five minutes, so they were debating what to do. Honestly, I was flabbergasted. People really up for a movie, without planning it ahead of time??

I'm a very meticulous, planned person, probably to the point where it's a little too much. I used to get worked up if I planned something and it didn't work out, but I'm much better at going with the flow now.

Still though, if I want to see a movie, I will plan the crap out of it. What movie? What theater? What time? Am I bringing snacks in? If so, what snacks? Ok, I should arrive at the theater in time to get a good seat but not too early where I have to sit for half an hour.

What do y'all do?

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Sometimes I just want to get out of the house and see a movie, but I at least check the showtimes on the internet first. Especially since there are usually only one or two movies playing that I have any interest in seeing

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That's a compromise I love making too. I won't show up without at least checking show times, but I also won't plan my trip weeks in advance...that's a fun thing to do on lazy days.

I like to buy tickets last minute specifically because I prefer seeing movies in relatively empty theaters. If its packed when I got to choose my seat then I simply don't buy the ticket.

I have so much I want to see and in the end i just show up at the theatre. If what I want to see isn't playing then I'll catch something else I want to watch.

We get discount tickets through work so it's not too bad to see a movie.

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Where do you work, a blood donation center?? I'm jealous.

Nah, a bank.

And the tickets aren't that discounted, just $8.50 instead of $10 but they come out of our next paycheck so you can delay payment. Also, if you want to see something in IMAX or in our lounge-theatre you can use the vouchers for $10 of the price and pay the difference. So it's overall only a $1.50 discount but it's also breaking up the cost and spreading it out a bit.

Unless you really prefer IMAX screenings, why not get a MoviePass?

I'm actually thinking of getting movie pass but the theatre that is closest to my house doesn't accept it. The other two in the chain do though.

I normally do not check what is on the cinemas. But when I am passsing by If I get to see something interesting, maybe I just go for it

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I work at a movie theater and yeah, people do this all the time.

Sometimes they'll come up & ask me "what's playing right now?" despite the fact that the marquee is, you know, SIX INCHES ABOVE MY FUCKING HEAD

I also love when people force me to choose what movie they see

I also love when people force me to choose what movie they see

Back in 2008, these two little old women came up and asked what the funniest movie we had was. I answered with my honest opinion of Pineapple Express.

One of our employees saw that same screening and I asked about the two old ladies. He said they were laughing their asses off the entire time.

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This didn't end how I expected. I was waiting for an "angry letter/irate geriatric/yelling at the manager" ending.

Old ladies can be the best audience members.

I went to go see The Wolf of Wall Street with some friends at a small discount theater. I had already seen it once before, so when I noticed the two elderly women sitting to our far left I assumed they would get up and leave within the first 10 minutes.

To my surprise they loved it and laughed so hard at all the insanity that was happening onscreen. I think I watched their reactions more than the movie

I worked in a theater for four years. All. The. Damn. Time.

I understand that some people don't make plans ahead of time, and that some people are bored or lonely or starving for human interaction, but goddamn when it's 10 minutes before show time and there's a queue a mile long behind you, it's not the time to chat up the cashier about their opinion on the latest Pixar sequel.

Just pick a movie, buy your ticket, and have a nice day.

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That's when you start recommending utter trash. Swear on your life it's a sure Oscar contender then if they complain pretend you had no idea that Despicable Me 4: The Last Minion wouldn't actually be phenomenal.

yeah but the people that are starving for interaction already know what they're gonna watch, they're simply asking you because they want to be verified. so it's just a guessing game until you hit the movie they were planning on watching in the first place.

That is like a waiter suggesting a bad entree. Patrons just will not come back.

Except waiters live on tips. Most cashier's have no reason to give a damn if customers come back. I know I'd rather them not come back.

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My theater has a lot of older people that'll ask for the description of every movie showing and decide off that. Extremely frustrating.

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I wonder if that's how they saw movies in their day. For some reason I always imagine people in their 60s-70s referring to films by their actors/directors. ("Let's check out that new Jimmy Stewart/Cary Grant/John Wayne/Marilyn Monroe/Hitchcock flick that just opened").

Movies are so much more franchised nowadays I wouldn't know how to describe anything.

"What's that film, uh, Fast and Furious 9 all about?"

Where do you even start?

Older people probably did that, you're right, because they still do. Older people were calling Going in Style "that new Morgan Freeman movie" and more recently, Jumanji is "The new The Rock movie". So that's possible.

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I certainly appreciated the insight, $0.02 or not! I always learn cool new stuff around here, thanks.

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Well, they know who The Rock 'The Rock' Johnson is at least, so all is now forgiven.

I think you mean The Rock "The Rock" The Rock.

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I am not old - gen X, but that is still very common. Look at the top movies in this sub. The Post - the new Spielberg / Meryl Streep movie, Shape of Water - that Guillermo Del Toro movie. The Phantom thread - the new PTA movie.

Would anyone watch the Commuter if it was not the new Liam Neeson movie, or The Foreigner if it was not the new Jackie Chan movie?

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Absolutely agreed, people most definitely still view movies solely based on the lead actor. However, for some reason I have a bit of a different mental image of people in the 50s-60s vs today.

Back then, it seemed like that was the only draw to seeing a movie. It was a Jimmy Stewart movie and that's it. Nowadays, the lead actor is the main reason, but it's also immediately followed by an interest in a plot/idea, or even something such as how good the visuals or effects look.

I'm totally formulating this opinion based on an image in my head that came from the absolute caverns of my mind, so I fully accept that maybe nothing has changed at all, ever, in audiences :D

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I’m a barista and we literally have three identical menus and people still ask me to list off every drink we serve. And you better believe they never know what size they want

If this is in the US you would be surprised how many people:

a) are functionally illiterate b) have poor vision and inadequate glasses c) don't trust that you currently have everything on the menu "in stock"

That’s fair, but a lot of times when they start asking me about the drinks I point out the menu and then they make their decision based on that anyway

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And I'll bet they have 28 minutes to look at the menu while they stand in line yet they wait til they talk to you to make their decision. My blood boils for you, friendo.

Last night a couple came in a few minutes before the doors locked without knowing what they would be seeing. The only two shows left were Insidious and The Shape of Water, and they asked me to describe them both. I said Insidious was a horror movie and they quickly said no, then I told them The Shape of Water was about a “mute lady who falls in love with a fish man”. They ended up not seeing anything.

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Usher here. Happens lots, especially when we're busy they'll come over to me to ask. Just today I was describing all the money in the world to someone, and the reason they ended up seeing it was because I said this was the movie Kevin Spacey was removed from after his diddiling.

Some people are weird

hey Usher, really liked your 90s and 00s music!

okay, i'll help myself out.

I do this a lot. I am typically out in the neighborhood for some other reason, and a movie is just part of the plan and not the main reason for going out. Moviepass also makes it impossible to book well in advance, so even if I want to see a specific movie there is a chance it is sold out.

Also if I go to AMC Sony at Lincoln Center, or the nearby art house theater, or MOMA, there are a bunch of movies that have not had a wide release. IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes are less useful in this case, since painful to watch snoozefests often get a high score. In this case, I value the opinion of someone who is in front of me and who has seen the movie.

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Pfft that’s something losers do. And I’m one of those losers.

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If you knew how obsessively I've planned my trips to the movies you might feel like less of a loser!

It could also be a case where they didn't know the Showtime prior to showing up at a theater. I've been with a group out about town who thought about seeing a movie but no one knew what was playing so we ended up at the theater, however we always ask what capacity a showing is at and if it's over 70% full we usually say screw it.

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I've never thought to ask that. Yeah, 70% or more usually means having to use the Neck Breaker Late Arrival seats. Not worth it.

Out side the US I think it's a lot more common as theatre seats are assigned. So if I show up I can see whether I will get a good seat or not. If the good ones are booked I will look to a different screening instead.

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I've never heard of such blasphemy! Even before the internet (yes, I'm old!) My cheap ass self used to check the newspaper at the corner gas station for show times and plan my trip/date to the theater.

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Mad respect. Also you got a good laugh out of me, thank you.

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I do this more often since I got my MoviePass. I work freelance so I get days off when my friends are working. I get bored and drive over to the move theater to pass the time.

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That sounds exactly why I want to get Moviepass.

I've been wondering though: If you're part of a theater rewards program do you still get to claim points for seeing a movie when you use Moviepass?

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Yes you do, just make sure to always use the kiosk instead of a person when you buy the ticket. (For example, AMC’s ToS says you can’t use their reward program with MoviePass)

My local theater chain uses my phone number to keep track of my reward points, so I just enter that every time I see a film with MoviePass.

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Oh so fuck the lady at AMC that refused to use my stubs premiere card with my movie pass. Thanks for the tip.

Technically AMC Stubs isn't allowed to be used with Moviepass, but kiosks don't know your using Moviepass, do they?

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Right. They just think it’s a MasterCard.

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But why not look at the posters, watch a trailer on your phone/tv screen, check the showtimes yourself?

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I was doing box office for a small film festival last year, and someone came up wanting a ticket for "Slate". It took a few minutes of digging through our schedule and talking to him to figure this out, but he had just watched the trailer for the magic movie "Sleight" on YouTube and driven to the movie theater. Not only did it have nothing to do with our festival, but it wouldn't be playing until months later, and the idea of watching a trailer and driving to a movie theater without even Googling when it came out or where it was playing was so ridiculous. Shout-out to that guy.

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He's the justifiably frustrating aspect of what i was talking about. Everyone else is a little confusing, a little inconvenient, but Sleight Guy is a different level entirely.

Only a savage would show up to a theater without a movie picked out and a plan for snacks and drinks

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Really, that's what I was trying to say

Lately my plan is to go out to eat after the movie. I can have a really nice meal for what I'd pay for popcorn.

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If I'm at a restaurant and we get to talking about the movie and that it looked good. Usually there are theaters within walking distance at a few of the restaurants I go to. So, yea sometimes rather than looking it up on the phone will walk over and see.

If I plan on it? Yea, looking up times before going.

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I've never just shown up at theater and now rarely even go unless I've purchased tickets days in advance.

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When I was in college there was a small, family-owned movie theater with a single theater + movie rental place. I wandered in one time, browsed the DVDs, and didn't see anything I was particularly interested in. I wandered over to the theater side and Superstar was playing. SNL; might be entertaining, right? So I bought a ticket. Then I heard the employee make a phone call and whisper, "You have to come in and start the movie. Someone is actually going to see it." I told her let him stay home; I'll just get a DVD instead.

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Aw man I hate that. I don't know what things are like for them behind the scenes but if I had a theater like that I'd keep it staffed and running and advertised as much as possible. I wish theaters like that could thrive.

Just checked it out online. It was for sale for a few months and people thought it wouldn't be sold and would close down, but it was bought by a non-profit cultural association which is trying to keep the downtown area active. They also renovated the theater to stadium seating and made it look really nice. I kind of miss the bats flying around the ripped ceiling during scary movies, though.

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Did this just the other day. Was having my battery in my phone changed at the Apple Store. They said it would take two hours and I had no way of telling time so I decided to watch a movie at the theater next door. No idea what was playing but I ended up enjoying Jumanji very much

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I remembered doing this years ago when I just got my license and there were no smart phones... Nowadays there's no reason not to plan ahead

Never done this. The most spontaneous movie going experience for me is when I'm like "It'd be nice to go watch a movie at the cinema tonight" then I go to the website and see if they are showing anything interesting that night.

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Same. It's some sort of middle ground impulsiveness. Two weeks ago I had a day off so the night before I decided within fifteen minutes to see Lady Bird. Those experiences are the most valuable to me.

One day around this last year, I woke up on a Saturday morning around 9 and decided to see La La Land. I had plans that night so I needed something to do in the meantime. The local theater had a showing at 10:50, which still counted as an early bird special, so I got a discounted price as well.

I never go without checking times and what theater first, but sometimes it's like an hour before the showing.

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I saw La La Land on a whim as well...i don't use this word often but it was a magical experience. I was smiling at the screen like a fool throughout the whole film. It was just so fun to watch.

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Never. I usually know what I want to see and buy tickets in advance.

I used to do this when I did regular shopping trips with my high school friends. We'd go shopping with the expectation that we chill in a movie afterwards, it was pretty nice tbh. Also how I ended up watching Pacific Rim of which I had no prior expectations - best day of my life. Eternally grateful for unplanned cinema trips, I wouldn't have seen it without them.

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This made me nostalgic for things I never even did. I had enough fun of my own as a kid, but that sounds incredible.

Customers do this all the damn time. When IT was out they asked me to describe it and I said "A killer clown stalks a group of young kids using their own fear". The customer said "You're not doing a good job of describing this movie".


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I can't say just how many times I've done this in my life. It has to be closer to a hundred than not. If I have the time and the desire, I go for it.

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I've considered doing it on a slow, depressing day just for the spontaneity. What kind of films do you usually see when you show up like that?

I try to go outside of my wheelhouse, which is usually horror and scifi. I've ended up seeing a lot of good dramas this way.

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What's a good drama you saw this way? I love the thought of doing that.

So what happens when no showtimes line up?

I used to do that with my friends, we'd be going to the mall or something and knew we wanted to go see a film but didn't know when we'd be done eating or shopping.

I don't do that anymore, I always plan going to the cinema (which I do at least twice a week), but that's because I don't have friends to go to the cinema with :c

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That sounds so dope.

And man I feel you on the friends aspect. My friends all moved away to college, which is a close-ish drive but it seriously cut down our ability to meet up for a movie. I go alone a lot more now, which is so fun for me.

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This thread has been teaching me that I need to protest in front of my theater for reserved seating.

I plan weeks sometimes even months in advance. I used to show up 1-2 hours early before reserved seats became a thing. Now I just reserve a month in advance show up 15 minutes early.

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My theaters only do this for IMAX movies, I hate it! Do you show up to see trailers or just to guarantee you get your seat?

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yeah i'm v picky

there's rarely even one film at any theater i want to see, so i have to plan out which one to go to, which bus routes to take to get out there, etc.

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You live in a big city? I have it easy on my end, I just have to drive a few back roads to the theater

right outside denver

there are great theaters here i have no complaints, the stuff i am interested rarely goes to any theaters though

Never. That's a thing an insane person does.

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You speak truth, friend!

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I goto the movies alot, but its still rare i wont know what movie im going to watch before i get there. The theatre close to me has assigned seating im nice leather reclining chairs, so i usually buy a ticket on my phone 15 min or so before the movie, just to make sure i get a seat i want.

I mean, pretty much everyone has a smart phone or somethin, so it takes 2 min to see whats playing and if its worth going.

I always plan ahead since tickets cost so much now and my theater has reserved seating. I don't want to spend 18.50 and get stuck in the front row for an IMAX screening of a film.

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Oh, believe me, I know that too well. It only happened once for me, but that was enough. Never again.

Eh I usually have a plan but I don't mind changing it on the fly.

Like when I went to see Ninjago and the crowd was on its way to being rowdy, I went into My Little Pony instead.

But reasons like the group in front of you is why I don't like going with a group, much easier to show up and take care of your own self.

If it's a movie I want to see, I go to like a Wednesday matinee at an out of the way theater. Lots of times there's just a couple of people and we're all there to watch that particular thing.

But I'll go see whatever. If there's a wait for a movie we want to see I'll just go play video games or something.

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Lots of times there's just a couple of people and we're all there to watch that particular thing.

Those crowds are my favorite. Everyone wants to be there, no one stumbled in by accident and is dissatisfied with the result.

If there is a movie I want to watch I'll go but if it's not showing within the hour I'll leave

the only thing i decide on a whim is when i choose to go, most times im feeling bored nothing to do so i just go watch a movie, i do check times and what exactly is in theaters though, i personally dont like being those guys, still in Indecisiveness when they reach the counter, when i get there i already know what im going to watch

I have before. That's how I saw Gravity and Rise of the Guardians, both pretty good movies for what they are.

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To be blunt: How did you see Gravity on a whim? I thought it was pretty heavily marketed and pushed. Not to be inconsiderate, maybe you just didn't tune in to the places it was advertised.

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I do just say let's just go see a movie often, it's a good out for not planning a date night.

I don't like being in the house for too long, it makes me feel cooped up, so I often find myself randomly going to movies even if I didn't really plan to see a particular film. It's a surprisingly rewarding experience.

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Where you never a kid at the mall or just there for something and got the urge to see a movie?

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Actually, no. I inherited my planning nature from my parents, so if we went to the mall it was to get in and then out. I wasn't allowed to wander with my friends. Ah well, I'm making up for the lost movies now.

I don't think I've ever done that in my life to be honest

One of the things I've fantasied about but never done.

Yes, I have a very boring life.

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I have definitely gone to the movies myself numerous times and still do. Doesn’t happen too often because not many movies interest me enough to go out but I’ve done it and enjoyed it. I like not worrying about my friends comments, critiquing the movie for myself and just relaxing.

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I did it once or twice with friends. Ended up watching total garbage. 0/10. Wouldn't recommend.

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What was the garbage, if I may ask?

Some shitty horror movies, if I recall correctly. B-grade and thoroughly forgettable.

I've done that but that was because the theater was also in the mall. Otherwise I usually plan to see movies at least an hour in advance.

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I always plan out what movie I'm gonna see. The only time I've ever seen a movie on a whim was when me and my girlfriend were gonna go see The Shape of Water. The movie was sold out when we got to the theater and we ended up seeing Lady Bird instead, knowing little to nothing about it. Thankfully it ended up being a great movie.

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I used to do that all the time until maybe 10 years ago when theatre prices started going up higher and higher and I made the decision to only go when there was a movie playing that I knew in advance that I wanted to see. It's entirely because of the prices that I stopped going to the theatre and picking a movie that looked good on the spot, now that's what Netflix is for.

I always plan ahead. My plans are normally based on how crowded it will be. I live in the south and have found Wednesday night showings to have the smallest crowd since a lot of people are at church.

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45 minutes would give me plenty of time to get a good seat. I don’t like having to find a seat and crawling over people.

Sometimes. I live within walking distance of one, so on nice days if I'm just out walking around I'll pop in and see if anything looks interesting.

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It's just a movie. Not a vacation. I don't see the point in meticulous planning for something so frivolous and readily available.

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Last time I did this, the only showing the rest of the night was Justice League at 8:10. We got there at 8:15, walked in, and the movie was already playing. An hour later, when the movie ended, we realized we accidentally walked into the 7:00 showing. The movie was so bad that we didn't even realize it was halfway through when we walked in until the end.

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I do to an extent. I make sure to have something to eat because I love eating in theaters. I also look out for showtimes that coincide with when I get off work. It can't be too early and preferably not too late as I want to go home sooner. Movies that have been playing for longer I try to prioritize too as it it'll be gone sooner with less and less showtimes playing

For the bigger blockbusters like Black Panther or Infinity War, I keep my eye on ticket sales and make sure to get good seatings for premium showings like IMAX or Dolby. I'm a first weekend guy with these types of movies and can get really anal with them.

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I am kind of like you, but probably a little bit looser on it.

First it depends on the movie. For Star Wars: The Last Jedi, that was extremely planned. The tickets were ordered in October. And I also planned ahead that I buy popcorn for the movie. (I used to have popcorn or another snack every single time I went to the cinema, but nowadays I only do that on special occasions).

If I am going to see a smaller movie like A Ghost Story I might just see which day I can do it. If I have a free evening slot I might do it there, but then I might think to myself that "heck, there is a screening in an hour. I can just go to it now".

I mostly go alone to the movies, but many times I end up meeting people I know there. The reason for that is that I just find it easier to just plan my own thing due to how frequent I go to the movies instead of finding the date, showing, who is paying, where people prefer to sit etc. And I often have to pick which friend/friends to go with. It's not the same circle of friends that would attend Thor: Ragnarok and Zvyagintsev's drama Leviathan, even though I went to both and really liked both of them. Also some movies I really need to see on opening day/opening weekend, but some movies can wait. So that is why over time I go mostly alone.

I never go to a cinema and just try to choose a movie. I always know what I am going to see, even if I don't know anything about the movie other than it has for instance won The Palm d'Or or is a Best Picture nominee or something like that.

Moviepass has made me make more random trips to the theater.

Not only do people show up with no clue what to see but they also ask for our synopsis list that has the actors and plot for all of our movies and flip through it to find something that interests them. You'd really be surprised how many people don't use their phones and don't follow marketing. That's why marketing can sometimes be so intrusive in your eyes. They have to go to extreme lengths to get some peoples attention.

Idk how old you are, but 15 years ago that was the norm. Show up, buy tickets see the movie. Now with the rise of online services it has changed dramatically.

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I have once. We ended up seeing Dracula Untold. That shit sucked.

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45 minutes is not a long time to wait for a movie to start. it lets you get snacks, get a good seat, and chat with your party before the movie starts, or if you’re by yourself, look at your phone or watch the commercials

I plan before I go. First, I check and see if the movie, that I want to see, is in the theater I am planning on going too. If it's not, I will check other theaters that are farther away, but not by much. If they don't have that movie, then I will skip the movie for that weekend and hoping the theater that I go to has it playing the next weekend. I always go to the first showing of film (it's cheaper) and I never by snacks or drinks (I haven't had a soda in 2 years).

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Having moviepass now, I dont feel the need to plan as much. Sure, I still plan out the major releases for opening night/weekend, but once in a great while Ill just head to the theater. Last weekend I knew I wanted to see TLJ again, so on my way to theater I checked the times and sure enough one was starting in 10 minutes. Win win.

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Well, I go to theatertag two days in advance and figure out the best way to see 4 movies with a minimal amount of downtime and go to fandango to find out which theater each movie will be in so I'll know where to go. I also put down alternative options in case the main one is full. This week was Paddington 2, The Greatest Showman, I, Tonya, and it was supposed to be All the Money in the World, but that was full so instead I saw Call Me by Your Name. Only takes about an hour to figure out the best way and decide which compromise to take to make it work. It's really no big deal.

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I don't see the problem. I used to do it all the time.

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Folks often go out for other reasons too, and tack on a movie as part of their evening / day out. Think of how many movie theaters are in the mall. Think of dinner and a movie.

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I did that with Lady Bird. I was having a terrible week and I just needed to get out and do something. Showed up at the theater with very little knowledge of Lady Bird and the movies I knew about weren’t showing. Ended up loving the hell out of it and cried my eyes out afterwards. Probably my favorite moviegoing experience I’ve had.

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Reserved seats or no movie for me. I wouldn’t take the family to the theater and HOPE we have decent seats all together.

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What is this 1989?

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Won't even go unless I can reserve a seat anymore.

I remember doing this when I was younger.

We'd go for dinner or shopping and then be like hey lets go see what's playing at the theater. That doesn't happen anymore, everyone's pretty up to date with what movies are coming out.

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Nah, actually getting to and from the theater takes too much time and planning to do that.

I can tell you from working in a theater that not many do. Most of the time it’s foreign families or elderly couples.

Now the real shocker is the hundreds of people that can’t fucking believe that a theater would be mostly sold out on a Friday or Saturday night, who then decide that I am to blame for it.

Don’t work in a theater, kids. Your employees/employers don’t even appreciate you.

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Oh I understand the pain and the frustration. I'm a valet in a city, so of course it's my fault that you have to walk to a parking garage, and obviously I'm the one who sets the prices.

Customer service is a much more difficult job than thought!

I watch almost everything, so I often have to wait a while before some new movies come out. If I just go at random, there's a good chance they won't play anything I haven't seen yet. I buy my tickets online, seats reserved and everything, usually on the same day. For new high-profile movies I reserve seats weeks in advance. For Star Wars, I bought my December 14 seats in mid-October.

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Same, for everything you mentioned. I bought my Star Wars tickets early November. Smugly arrogant as this may be, I always enjoy getting my ticket immediately scanned and overhearing people complaining about the only seats available being out of the way or uncomfortable. Yeah, it's because all the good ones were taken two months ago. By me.

When I'm in the same boat as these folks is if the commute to the theater took longer than anticipated. This is the only time I appreciate no reserved seating cause I can still show up 10-15 minutes before showtime and get a good seat cause everyone's on the concession line. Reserved, depending on the time of day, the best seats are already taken that close to showtime and then I'm stuck debating if I just suck it up and take the bad seat or find something to do before my alternative option starts.

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That concession line is insane! I mean, I'm really grateful that my local theater is making money, but still. 10 minutes before the showtime and the line takes 15 minutes to even order? Not worth it.

Sometimes if I've got nothing to do for a couple of hours I'll just go to the movies and see whatever's on.

My dad, brother and I used to do it every week when I was a kid. We'd just go to the movie theater every Saturday or Friday night or whatever and just check out what was on or what sounded cool when we got there.

Of course, we'd also go to watch movies we wanted to go see, but if there wasn't anything we particularly wanted to see or had seen everything we wanted to see already (which happened more often than you'd think) then we'd just see whatever.

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There always does seem to be at least one good "whatever" movie in theaters each month.

It's how I saw such classics as 13 Going On 30 and The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising.

when my wife and i go to the movies, it's typically decided 2 hours before the show starts. If I can, i like to go to see a movie knowing zero about it. I don't want to know the plot or setting. I don't even want to know who stars in it.

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Where I live you basically have to buy tickets beforehand now. I hate it. I like to go at the spur of the moment. Done things I plan, but watching a movie is a break from that. Or it was - it isn’t possible anymore.

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Like by yourself? It's a bit weir I think...I i o that once but it was a bunch of friends. We just finished finals and decided to see the Signal- in a half tired exhausted state and with the weird narative structure we were all laughing our heads off. It helped cause there was no-one else in the theaters (just after 12 in the middle of school term) and at one point I even shouted out " what the fuck is going on???" It was fun I guess but it's hard to get a bunch of people to go along for a movie and possibly waste two hours for a movie none of us had any idea what it was about.

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That sounds like an amazing experience though. And the perfect unintended release from school stress.

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"ok let's see.....theres......nothing playing for an hour besides pitch perfect 3......."

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I find sometimes I will go to a theater if my plans fall through, or if I am caught in stupidly long gridlock traffic and I can afford to disappear into a theater for a few hours to let it pass.

But that’s by myself. If I’m seeing a movie with people it is rarely spontaneous like that.

This explains the underseen masterpieces and cash-grabbing trash that big studios dole out every year.

Usually i dont but sometimes i just need some time to kill and will go spontaneously. Went to see crimson peak with no knowledge of it beforehand except it was from the same guy who made Pans Labyrinth. Thought it was gonna be a horror movie and as it was near halloween i was down. Was a tad dissapointed at the time that its not really a horror film but its a good movie.

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Having worked at a theater, the type of people who would typically show up without any plans would be, let's say, gypsies (like Irish rednecks), and they'd come in big families on a late weekend night. Usually they were pretty painless unless they wanted to start an argument, but they would have me describe every film that's on to them...

I'm sure you get the " Why are there no seats left?" people then they try to demand you relocate the people in their desired seat ?

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Fortunately this was in England so most people understood but made passive aggressive comments about it.

Want to trade I'd much rather deal with the customers you have

Fuck people like this! Want a specific seat, show up. In time to get it.

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Did you work at a theater back in the early 2000s? If so you could have recommended the documentary of their people, Snatch.

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This was last year but yeah they're exactly like the pikeys from Snatch. The kids were the worst. Tried to scam us all the time and punched a co-worker.

Used to do this all the time, seeing a movie was a much more spontaneous event than today. Today gotta book tickets in advance (and god forbid some change of plans come up), then mortgage house to pay for the concessions. IMO it's taken some of the fun out of going to the movies.

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IMO it's taken some of the fun out of going to the movies

That's something I've never considered. So for you, a large portion of the enjoyment is the discovery, the adventure of going to see what's playing?

I can say for sure that a bit of the fun for me has been taken out by the internet culture of teasers, 1st 2nd and 3rd trailers, trailer breakdowns and dissections, and nonstop discussion. There used to be a time when I'd see one trailer on tv or in theaters and that would fuel my sole interest.

I grew up in the late 70's, early 80's, if you got together with friends and wanted to see a movie, grab a paper and look over what theater had what movie and showtimes, then just went. Movies were distributed differently back then, a movie might not show at all theaters, they were booked more like acts. There were far more independent theaters back then too, sometimes just go and take a chance on what's showing. I saw movies like "The Gods Must Be Crazy" like that, would never have gone to seen it if it required reserve tickets bought in advance or slogging through internet promos or trailers.

The thing that really kills the spontaneity of movie-going however is the reserve seating and having to back tickets in advance in most cases, especially if seeing with a large group.

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Sounds like movies back then were marketed much less as a numbers game of "how much can we get in return" and more of a "let's see how well this does/if they like this story"

I also know nothing about the subject so I'm just speaking out of ignorant passion.

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Now, showing up to a theater within walking distance on a drunken whim...that sounds awesome. Total game changer.

I used to do that but with ticket prices increasing and me having less leisure time I always plan ahead. I check the trailers beforehand to see if I really want to watch it or if I can wait till home release, then I check he ratings to see if it’s good (cause I’m not wasting money on a bad movie again), then I check the screening times of the movies to the closest 4 cinemas in my area.

Then I wait until it’s a really hot day, or I’m really bored and there’s nothing to do, or if a friend randomly asks if I want to watch the movie.

I've done this a couple times, but that's for cheapo matinee times at the theatre down the street from me/walking distance full of movies I would never otherwise see. I'll get up and just go, well, they start at 11am let's just pick something. I'd never do that if it involved going out of my way and paying prime ticket prices though.

I haven't gone to a movie theater without first checking for what times are available since I started getting internet at home. Even then, I just chose one of the movies I wanted to see and the earliest time, and just sat in the arcade playing Crusin' Exotica or House of the Dead.

I do this from time to time - just today, in fact. Had to take the girlfriend to the airport, dropped her off and figured I'd go see a movie (thank you, MoviePass!). It was still kind of early in the day so a lot of shows weren't starting for an hour or two, so I just opted for 'The Commuter' which I had no real interest in seeing but didn't actively not want to see it. I liked it well enough, pretty run-of-the-mill action movie - I don't regret seeing it.

Really I've discovered a good number of movies this way - 'Hunt for the Wilderpeople', which has become one of my favorite movies, I only saw because I had time to kill and it was the most convenient showtime (I literally had no idea what the movie was about other than it had a good RT score).

me, but i see showtimes online and i buy online.

Well, I look online usually and just go see whatever movie seems interesting and playing at a convenient time/place for me.

I recently did this. I was driving home from school. It was around 8:30 pm and I knew there was a showing of The Last Jedi at 9, and I didn't really feel like going back home yet, so I pulled into my movie theater.

Turned out, I had confused the showtimes for the standard TLJ showings and the IMAX showings (which I couldn't afford). So, I bought a ticket for the only other thing showing at 9: All the Money in the World.

It was an excellent movie that really surprised me, so it wasn't a complete bust.

I live 90 minutes the nearest theater, and absolutely will not head out to the movies with no prior planning.

It's hard to do that nowadays cause of reserved seating unless you're seeing a movie that's been out for a few weeks.

I don't do it either OP. But since you are on r/movies you have to remember that movies are probably a hobby for you. There are so many people who think of a movie as a 2 hour "pass the time" thing.

Sometimes I make plans, sometimes my car is being worked on and I see what's playing; circumstances are circumstances.

I don't leave the house without a specific movie and time picked, though there have been occasions in the past when I've had to wait for a later showing or pick a different movie after getting there because the one I planned for was sold out.

My new apartment is actually across the street from a theater and I'm close enough to check in with MoviePass from my living room, so I can check showtimes from my computer on a whim, make sure there's a good seat free, then hop next door and get my ticket. I kind of have no reason to ever show up without knowing what I want to see and where I want to sit.

Most of the time, I plan out the movie.

But I date a girl, 8~ years ago that whenever her and I were hanging out with not really much to do, we would just show up at the movies and see whatever was playing next, no matter what it was.

I recently became an avid moviegoer and while I don't just drive to the theater and pick something to see, I have found myself often (over a dozen times in the last couple weeks) picked a movie with decent reviews, found the next showtime that worked for me, and went.

Yeah I never just show up to the theater without throughly planning it out.

I plan all the movie outings for my circle of friends when we go as a group to see something.

But since I got my MoviePass last month, I’ve been just going to a lot of films by myself recently.

I’ve seen 19 movies so far with my MP, it’s just the best thing ever.

I know what movies I'd like to see before hand and I confirm the start time. Even if I decide to see a movie out of the blue I'd confirm the start time. The last time I went to a movie and picked the first available showing I ended up watching a horrible action movie.

I remember when I was younger in the days of pre-smartphone era, my family and I would look up showtimes either at the newspaper or calling the theatre. So yes it was planned. Today, there’s legitimately no excuse not to do so.

I always know the showtime and runtime of what I'm seeing so I was in utter shock when I had the same situation happen.

A couple was asking the cashier to describe the movies available. SERIOUSLY asking an underpaid movie theater employee to describe films like he's the god damn MovieFone.

I try to go to see a movie every Wednesday. The night before I'll look up showtimes to see if there's anything that interests me. Then I'll look up the train timetable to work out what time I should leave at. When I get there I always go to the pound shop next door to the cinema (2 bottles of pepsi for £1 HELLO) and then go get my ticket & sit down inside. I usually time it pretty well so that I miss the majority of the guff ads, too.

(I also like to try and sit somewhat isolated when it comes to choosing a seat).

Movies, funerals, quinceneras- all spontaneous affairs.

I used to do this a lot anyways. But now with MoviePass I just check showtimes for which theater I want to see (3 in my rotation around town) and pick one.

I won't show up to the theater without plans, but I'll frequently catch a movie on a whim.

I live a 5 minute drive from a theater with reserved seating, so I can check from home. If I have some free time then I'll open up the Fandango app, see if any movies start within the next 5-15 minutes, and check how full the theater is. If there's a movie playing that I'm interesting in and the theater isn't too full, then I'll go from no movie plans to sitting in the theater within 10 minutes.

I do this, but much more so now that I have a Moviepass. Sometimes I have time off, and nobody else does, I want to surprise myself. Movies are (generally) a pleasant or rewarding experience for me.

The only movies I plan are ones I want to see on opening night or a special event or cult classic in my area.

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Usually I just decide the day of. Not so much the spur of the moment. Spur of the moment decisions usually revolve around porn. For example, out of the I watched a surprisingly attractive woman suck off a horse.

I've never done that. I usually check showtimes to see how my day would end up.

I used to all the time, but now with how far tech has advanced I usually look online to at least see times for showings.

Most theaters around me got rid of the signs outside where they actually change what movies are showing and the times which is a bummer.

I'm very casual, go with the flow. But I never just show up and hope for the best.

And they were making a fuss about 30 minutes? Geez, go get a drink somewhere and come back. Don't just go to whatever movie when you really want to see movie x. Or better yet, come into the theater early. Chances are you're going to have people wanting snacks and or a bathroom visit, so ten minutes isn't enough time before the film starts. Especially for a big group. Those are the types that demand someone move so they can all sit together, even though the person got there 20 minutes early.

I've known people who go to the movies on Friday night. That's their entire plan. They don't know or care what is playing as the movie is really a secondary part of the night. They just want something to do on a date and/or want to be in a crowded theater so they feel hip or something and/or want to be able to jump into any and all "Hey, did you see...?" conversations at the office come Monday.

I don't go to the movies with people like that but I'd imagine they are some of the ones pulling their phones out every five seconds and going to the bathroom and/or going to get their drink refilled every five minutes then loudly asking "What happened?" every time they sit back down.

In high school I did with friends. Never as an adult.

I'm more or less the same as OP. Going to the cinema is like a very special occasion, even more special now that I haven't gone in almost 3 months. The preparations before departing is the best part of the day IMO.

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