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Fate of the Furious was on HBO tonight and it made no fucking sense

The biggest problem I had with it was towards the end it got kinda wacky. Like when the fuck did Dom have the time to get help and contact all these people to help him out in New York?

Also, he legit just became best buddies with a guy who killed an old friend of his and with his brother, a guy who tried to kill his sister and nephew!

I get that it’s a movie about cars and shit, but so much of this movie required way more suspension of belief than the others given how trapped the characters were, at least in my opinion. Too many leaps in logic.

Otherwise, the action was alright, not as good as the last one or the fifth one though.

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1.4k points · 5 months ago

It's all about the family, you don't stop family, he may have hurt the family but redeemed himself by saving the family. Don't underestimate the power of family.



Awkwardly held at the tip of neck like he has never had a beer before.

134 points · 5 months ago

Gotta show off that label.

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LMAO I never noticed that!

34 points · 5 months ago

I mean, better than holding it at the bottom and warming it up if you really have to hold it

22 points · 5 months ago

You're drinking it too slow.

16 points · 5 months ago

Well during summer it gets warm really fast and i'm not trying to get wasted im trying to enjoy it so yeah i'm drinking it slow...

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Even for this shaw guys that just killed our best friend last movie and tried to kill us too.

Didn’t they use bud in this one? I normally wouldn’t notice such a thing but I was waiting for corona to make an appearance when instead they pulled out buds.

We Are Family plays in the distance

Modern Family plays on a nearby TV

49 points · 5 months ago

Vin Diesel carves swastika into forehead- wait, no.

12 points · 5 months ago

Fast Nein: Fuhrer Drift.

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Brad Pitt carves a swastika into Vin's forhead

Fast and Family

The Family and the Furious: The Fate of the Fam!

21 points · 5 months ago

Fam and Furious


All in the Fast Family

I furiously got your back, fam.

ah, my favorite drinking game. every time someone says "family", take a shot.

In other news, 23 members of the website Reddit were admitted to local hospitals around the world with what is reported to be alcohol poisoning. One member stated that they were doing it for “family”.

And then had to take another shot.

5 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

It’s actually not that many-37 I believe over eight films.

Edit-my numbers might be off as different websites suggest different numbers.

That’s only 4.5 times a movie. I’m surprised. I thought it was like 30 times a movie.

It went up in the second half of the Octology-Fast Five had more than the first 4 combined. Six had bringing back Letty, seven was the emphasis on Paul dying, eight was the whole baby storyline.

18 points · 5 months ago · edited 3 months ago

deleted 0.4266 What is ^^^this?



Fast And Murious

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Just 8: The family

Han is resurrected... AS A ZOMBIE

People loves zombies

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It's about family, and that's what's so powerful about it.


Omg the whole family shit was so.. Ugh?? Idek but it wore me down.

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355 points · 5 months ago

You're talking about the movie where the team saves Vin Diesel from an exploding submarine by driving in front of him?

219 points · 5 months ago

Family is about protecting one another. In cars. From explosions.

47 points · 5 months ago

And then a meteorite hit...

And they ran as fast as they could...from giant cat monsters...

Dom just flex-deflected it back into orbit

14 points · 5 months ago

With his car. For his family.

I got your reference...

At this point the next villain could probably fire a nuke at one of them and the entire fam will shield against it with a purple Ferrari and another muscle car. That or the Rock will reroute it using his bare hands again.

I'd watch it.

They used a power rangers formation, we all know that'll block the heat and debris from an explosion

I kinda expect a ""twist"" that Han didn't die somehow in 9.

This is the series that could do that.

83 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Dom visits his grave- sheds one tear that soaks through the soil and casket. Han receives the tear and his love for Familia and Corona jump starts his heart and he is now alive again- obligatory, "I didnt sign up for this!" quote will be inserted as necessary. Pretty simple solution that the franchise could get behind

12 points · 5 months ago

Honestly I would be completely fine with that, just go off the rails entirely.

Well, I mean---they could make it realistic in the F&F universe. "After years of being a mechanic Dom has saturated his lacrimal glands with NOS which was able to stimulate Hans sinoatrial node which restarted the conduction system in his heart and revived let's get back to Family folks!"

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He’s going to come back as a cyborg with amnesia.

Cypher has programmed him to attack the crew because he knows all their weaknesses but in the end Dom yells family at him and it erases his amnesia and then he turns against Cypher and helps the crew win.

Optimus Han

“And you know,” he added carefully, hinting that the next two sequels will retroactively revisit the circumstances of Han’s death, “that whole episode has not fully detailed exactly what happened. I’m not going to say anything more than that! But [writer-producer Chris Morgan] likes to annoy the fans and please the fans and get all these angry protests. So, more to come.”

Both Jason Statham and Chris Morgan have basically insinuated that very "twist" will happen, so I wouldn't be surprised if it does lol.

The Phantom of the Garage, starring Han. We could even be treated to Dom screaming "HANNNN!"

8 points · 5 months ago

I' actually be down for them to revisit Tokyo...but then again a lot of that culture has died out. Times are different I guess.

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132 points · 5 months ago

The Fate of the Family should have been the real title.

Because it's Family... and you don't turn your back on Family. Because Family.

Next movie should just be called Family Nein

F9: split screen and projection

Also, he legit just became best buddies with a guy who killed an old friend of his

The good old Dragon Ball trope

Underrated post

4 points · 5 months ago · edited 3 months ago

deleted 0.8130 What is ^^^this?

Yeah but do you remember the time Piccolo killed Krillin, or the time Vegeta killed every Z Fighter except Goku? Because thats what we’re talking about.

Well technically Nappa killed all the Z Fighters but the point still stands

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I feel that with Rock-Vin's infighting, whatever glues this series together went with Paul Walker, everything has been going down hill since. And I agree most with this statement:

Also, he legit just became best buddies with a guy who killed an old friend of his and with his brother, a guy who tried to kill his sister and nephew!

Original Poster144 points · 5 months ago

I just don’t understand how any person can forgive someone who killed their friend and have dinner with the person at the family table. I would have had no problem if it was an anti hero type situation where Shaw did what he did and left, but no, he sat at the BBQ table and people just forgot about Han. Shaw had some cool scenes but the writing was piss poor.

$5 says next movie adds Charlize Theron into the family and they forget all about how she almost killed Dom’s son.

At the end of the movie before this one, they have a barbecue to celebrate that Vin got his girlfriend back- and nobody brings up that Han's girlfriend just died. Not even Han.

60 points · 5 months ago

She didn't die. She just had to drop that cover identity and start a new life as a curator in Paris.

In this franchise, I'd buy that

But it's okay because he's finally going to JAPAN! Hell yeah! We were supposed to be excited about that for some reason.

18 points · 5 months ago

Because it meant he was going to die. RIP Han SeoulO.

Then Tokyo Drift happens but everyone acts like it was 10 years ago

Han's girlfriend just died. Not even Han.

Vin is in talks trying to get gal back in the movies, as ridiculous as it would be we might see her again.

I love the idea that nobody went back to find Giselle's splattered body on the runway, they just accepted that she was dead so she can potentially come back.

Yeah, it'll be the most ridiculous plot hole, like where has she been this whole time? But I'll enjoy it.

And in this one, Dom and Letty are all smoochy smoochy after his wife and baby-mama just took a bullet to the head. This franchise has very little empathy for dead characters other than those named Brain Walker.

Pinky and Brain Walker.

27 points · 5 months ago

I think they are gonna resurrect Han, so that would mean Shaw never killed him.

What about han’s girlfriend that the younger shaw killed?

Gal Gadot?

Wonder Woman made $800m, they are just gonna resurrect her too, lol.

Highly unlikely that's gonna happen. They clearly wrote Cypher to be the main antagonist of the final trilogy (8,9,10), so I don't think they'll pull a "Shaw" again.

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If that happens that sadly I have to consider this movie series ends at Furious 7. No way I'll let them insult Brian and Han like that.

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You forget that he did those things because he was avenging his family (brother).

Dom is all about family.

Mother fuckers act like they forgot about Han

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The 6th film didn't make a shred of sense either, and it was long before Walker's death. Just a Mission Impossible spoof with cars. The reality is that the series is just ridiculous and doesn't care at this point.

I felt like 7 was terrible as well. I saw it once and the only good part of the movie was the Paul Walker tribute. I used to be a huge fan of the franchise, but I'm done. I didn't even bother with 8.

...the 9/11 revisionist symbolism of Americans going to the middle east to crash their cars into Arab buildings was so inspired I wanted to hum the national anthem.

Holy shit this is gold.

I liked 7 on the first watch. But on the second time through, as you get past the Paul Walker situation, it really isn't that great.

The box office definitely took a bump for being Paul Walker's final film

7 was a soap opera.

"Remember? We did get married."

But 8 is the one where they race a nuclear submarine with a Lamborghini on ice.

6 points · 5 months ago

Which one was the one with the 50 mile long airstrip?

That one was the point where they went from 'mindless fun' to 'awful' in my book.

That was the 6th one. The best one imo after 7 and 5.

So... the 3rd best one?

Which one was the one with the 50 mile long airstrip?

That was part 6.

32 points · 5 months ago

Vin is just jealous. I never liked him. Dwayne as Hobbs is better than Toretto has ever been and the upcoming spinoff with Statham/Shaw sounds better than any previous Fast movie (besides 5)

It doesn't help that Vin Diesel has the emotional range of a pork chop either.

Watching him trying to act against Theron was like watching a gold medal Olympic figure skater lead a child around the rink by the hand.

A caveman trying to ice skate

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4 points · 5 months ago

An overcooked pork chop, at that.

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Too many characters. I still say Vin Diesel and Rodriguez should go off and do a darker more violent violent movie like Logan was compared to the other X-Men movies. They can call it "Toretto". Tyrese Gibson, Ludacris, and Nathalie should do a spinoff that's heavy on the comedy and is set somewhere like in Detroit mostly with a black cast (or an Asian country with mostly an Asian cast) that's primarily about racing, and Dwayne Johnson could have his own XXX kind of movie with Eastwood and Russell based around big vehicles and power over speed. Maybe set somewhere in South America or Africa where he is up against a Dictator or Cartel.

Then after the 3 movies they can come back together for another large cast movie. It would certainly help with the sequel fatigue this series has and also give them 3 certain box office hits in the time they would usually just have 1. I'd also enjoy the variation in genres and getting to see the characters develop a lot more than they can in a huge ensemble movie.

I like this idea if we link Jason Statham’s Transporter series as being part of the Fast and Furious universe.

Shaw is just one of Frank Martin (The Transporter) many aliases.

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Next up: Carrrrrr Raaaaacess innnnn Spaaaaace!

16 points · 5 months ago

It's only a matter of time till they're in space. Furious 11 maybe. or 12.

20 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

Apparently someone asked the director of 8 if that would happen he he basically said anything is possible. Can’t wait to see them drift the Charger in orbit and have The Rock punch an incoming asteroid.

10/10 would pay to see that

And somehow managed to intercept Thanos from invading Earth. Marvel Furious Cinematic Universe

Can't wait to see what the Jedi role will be in all that

They will appear alongside Paul Walker as force ghosts telling Dom to not give up on family

with just a little bit more NOS Dom can ramp it to the moon

And Dom makes The Kessel Run in less than 11 parsecs.

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They have to do a crossover with Transformers first.

I guess you could combine the concepts.

T'was 2019.

After drifting on the surface on the moon, Vin Diesel takes one big gulp of air, rolls down his window and dives headfirst into a rocket fired by Charlize Theron to push it away from a space station.

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The series peaked around Fast 6 in my opinion. Gal Gadot and Sung Kang were the power couple I cared about and when they got killed off storywise, along with Paul Walkers death, the series just went to shit. There's also that drama behind the scenes with Dwayne Johnson and Vin Deisel that just made me go fuck it, nothing good will come from this franchise again.

Fast Five was the mountain top, imo. The story was fun and contained, the chemistry between the characters felt real, the action was good as were the cars and the pretty girls. To put the icing on the cake there was no Michele Rodriguez.

Also, the Rock looked like a brick shit house on HGH.

Five was actually a very good action/heist film. I was shocked, to be honest. Only went because the gf liked The Rock and Vin Diesel. Ended up really enjoying myself.

I'm 90% sure they took the script for the planned-but-ultimately-scrapped The Brazilian Job (sequel to The Italian Job) and just rewrote it with the Fast & Furious characters. Caught it on HBO one night and found it very enjoyable. Definitely the best of the franchise.

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I like Michele Rodriguez, the issue is Letty is a terrible character. And in 8 she's carrying some stupid mall ninja gun with no spare mags and is a terrible fighter.

Letty is the character she plays in all her movies.

Yes, I know. I think she's pretty useless in the more recent movies.

Fast five was definitely the best because they had the Cubans as well

42 points · 5 months ago

I wonder how much they're kicking themselves now for killing off Gal Gadot's character.

As if on screen death would stop any actor from returning to FF.

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Lol, they can just bring her back fans don't really care, we just want Han and Giselle back. Plus it's not like she's getting much other roles unfortunately.

It's definitely possible because they're basically gangster super heroes at this point.

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7 points · 5 months ago

If they brought her back, Tyrese would blow his gasket since she's now more important than him.

I know that The Rock and Tyrese have beef but he has beef with Vin too? Mannn........

True, F6 was just perfect imo. Justin Lee is the only one that knows how to make a FF movie. I'm so glad he's back for F9.

That famous director Justin Lee

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towards the end it got kinda wacky

It was wacky way before then

Best buddies? He didn't become best buddies. Shaw saved his fucking infant son from being murdered. You expect him not to show any gratitude after that? I mean, damn dude. That's just ridiculous

41 points · 5 months ago

Having food and laughing around the 'family' dinner table is pretty close though.

48 points · 5 months ago

He might have killed one of their friends, but he's family now. And that's most important.

“You killed a member of the family...but then you saved a member of the family. That makes you family now.”

  • raises Corona *

Its like the CW Nikita show, where the entire main cast has tied to kill each other but still wok with each other.

One character actually asks if its his turn for someone to try killing him

The family could always use an extra bald, grunting tough guy.

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They should have had him hovering outside and Vin goes down to meet him. Thanks him, but tells him all is not forgive, even though he's grateful. End it there.

I feel like they are just going to retcon Shaw in the next film to make him Jason Statham’s character from the Transporter series.

I love that people think movies have to make sense.

Fast and Furious is a fucking ludicrous franchise with plot holes up the ass....and every time I watch one it's the most fun I have that week.

The movie literally contains ludacris.

The movie contains ludacris amounts of ludacris.

yo dawg

19 points · 5 months ago

funny fact. Ja Rule was supposed to be "tej's" character. they were going to use Ja Rule's character from 1 in place of Ludacris character but he thought he was too big for the franchise and wanted more money. Jokes on him though

We should find Ja Rule! I'm not sure how I should feel about this issue!

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29 points · 5 months ago

A good popcorn movie doesn't have to make sense. It has to be good enough for you not to care

I watch them because they are terrible, fun, and entertaining.

13 points · 5 months ago

I honestly think F8 was the most fun I had in a theatre all year.

Same. Went with a bunch of my buds with a six pack of beer on opening night. Amazing experience

7 points · 5 months ago

That prison breakout sequence with rock and statham. Doesn't get better than that

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Original Poster17 points · 5 months ago

Oh I agree with all this. I just couldn’t get over how this one made little sense. None of them are the pinnacle of film making but the others at least made some sense.

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I love that people think movies have to make sense.

Here's a hint: People expect different things from you in movies. And that's okay.

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15 points · 5 months ago · edited 5 months ago

YTF didnt Dom use a condom/birth control with that Brazilian woman?

I feel like the answer is obvious... family.

Sure, you can grow your family by absorbing former rivals into the annual barbecue, but the old-fashioned way to get family is to get rawdoggin'

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series peaked at five

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These movies are incredibly stupid and schlocky yet they're very well crafted with good performances of the so bad it's amazing scripts and well directed action sequences. That's why I love them.

You're absolutely correct but that's why I enjoyed the movie. M

I feel like Vin Diesel isn't aware that the movies are idiotic and takes it very seriously. Which makes it even more entertaining.

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Shaw killed Han. Are we just glossing over that fact? I mean I'll still go watch the Shaw and Rock movie because I have a weird emotional attachment to this series. And I'll probably enjoy it. But what the fuck man?

Shaw (portrayed by Jason Statham) killed Han. He’s a bad guy.

Frank Martin (portrayed by Jason Statham) from the Transporter series is a good guy. He is also Shaw’s identical twin.

It’s clear that after Shaw killed Han that Frank Martin killed Shaw and assumed his name to escape the people chasing him in Transporter 3.

The big reveal in the next film will be Shaw revealing that he is The Transporter to the group.

Cinematic universe assemble!

And blew up a f’n hospital after killing what looked to be like 30 federal agents!!!!! Wtf?!?!

those movies are sooooo much better when you analzye the shit out of it. then it just becomes a comedy

get baked and watch that movie. its so entertaining haha

99 points · 5 months ago

They’re movies made for people who think bud light is a good beer.

Original Poster226 points · 5 months ago


Comment deleted5 months ago(1 child)

Does he furiously fast of fasts furiously?

Post Malone in shambles

he was also on the soundtrack

this goes deeper than we thought 🤔

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33 points · 5 months ago

real talk though... corona is a perfectly drinkable beer

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8 points · 5 months ago

At least i know i'd never want to hang out with you.

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i thought this was gonna be about the network somehow fucking with the movie. true

You're saying a Fast and Furious storyline isn't realistic? Now I've heard everything.

It is just getting crazier and crazier in each installment. In the previous one, Michelle Rodriguez having amnesia was a really lame excuse too.. After seeing the trailer for that, I was expecting a strong reason for her to work against Dom.

It's a soap opera crossed with a superhero franchise. That's basically it. They're all superhuman, but you can expect the drama to be the most contrived you've ever heard. People get amnesia, come back from the dead, forget what they believed or did in the last movie, switch sides. Anything can happen.

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i watched it on scamazon stick

but i heard a podcast describing the movie

and it was like "world famous dreadlocked hacker named cypher needs dom terrato for an international heist" and i was like yea this shit is ridiculous now

The movies have a lot of fun and clever action and very charasmatic characters, without anyone stepping on each other's foot. It's hard to balance this many actors and keep the energy this high. Plot falls to the wayside. Would the film be better with a smarter plot, of course it would. But just because it doesn't have one doesn't mean it's a bad movie.

Compare it to the transformers movies. Any decent leading man in those has to play second string to a robot. And these robots are bland as fuck. They are basically all the same and any attempt at personality just comes off as annoying. They action sequences are also the same over and over again. The fast and Furious movies introduce cool new characters in each installment and keep trying new things with the action scenes. An army of self driving cars and racing against a submarine on ice were new, they didn't do that in the last movie (although they did race a plane once so I guess that's similar to the sub). I'll be the first to complain when the franchise gets boring and starts to repeat itself, but so far it's at least keeping itself fresh even if it's plot was written by a 12 year old

I'm perpetually bothered by the fact that the movie wasn't called F8 of the Furious

It was advertised that way, wasn;t it?

Oh look, someone who is serious about the Fast and Furious franchise aside from Vin Diesel.

I’m pretty sure Jason Statham blew up a hospital a couple movies ago... but he likes babies so it’s cool!

My dude, one does not watch a Fast and the Furious movie hoping it makes sense. They never make sense. You watch them because practical car chases and explosions and decent cast chemistry and great cheesy one liners.

And as a general rule, if an antagonist lives long enough in the Furious universe, they will become el familia. If Cipher comes back, fully expect her to be saying grace with them at the next barbecue and dishing everyone up the side salad.

The very first race he wins driving backwards and on fire.

Everything about those movies is ridiculous.

the very first movie was actually a serious movie. Sure it was just a rip off of Point Break with cars but it was a decent enough movie.

Everything after that has been silly.

I love 2fast2furious. It's the worst movie of the bunch but it sets the parameters for the rest of the series. Physics? Who needs it?

As long as you can put a chick in a bikini and flip the NOS, you have a hit.

These movies are designed to appeal to the teen-30s male market. It's a fantasy movie that went off the rails.

Your second point is something Ive argued with everyone who loves this movie. No way do you become friends with someone who killed someone in your crew. Especially when part 7 is the motivation for just that.

The rest is just movie magic.

2 points · 5 months ago

What I want to know is, when audiences go see movies like this, how do they enjoy it? The best action movies put characterisation front and centre. Fun dudes and dudettes who you wana see make it through in one piece. One liners you'll quote for months. Setups and payoffs.

I love stunts as much as most movie goers but none of the characters are interesting, the plot is all over the fucking place, nothing makes sense. Are our kids growing up to be mindless automatons swallowing whatever cut and paste bullshit Hollywood will feed them.

Is there any hope?

Stares off into the void

2 points · 5 months ago

I know this is the wrong movie but whenever I think about this movie I imagine someone screaming


I watched it with a bunch of people that were really into it... After like half an hour of pointing out absurdities and plot holes I just stopped and thought 'god I'm cynical'

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I don't know about you, but I got a sudden urge for a Corona

I've really lost interest with this series now that Walker's gone. He was the heart of it, in my opinion. Now it's just Vin Diesel talking shit. The inclusion and the redemption of Shaw was It made no sense.

Looking forward to The Rock/Statham spin-off though. They were the one good thing about FF8.

Look if you're going to see a Fast and Furious movie with a brain, you're gonna have a bad time.

Turn off your brain and you'll gonna have a lot of fun. Seriously, deactivate your inner critic and you'll enjoy this movies more.

You're watching a Fast and Furious movie and thinking at the same time? Amateur move dude.

The series was about story in the beginning with action thrown in, now it's ridiculous action with whatever tracked well in the last movie and someone saying the word 'family' every 12 seconds.



what did you expect

The F&F movies usually make a certain amount of sense story-wise, and I agree that F8 really doesn't compared to the others. F7 had huge tonal issues after they reconfigured it to make Dom the audience surrogate - there's usually some distance between him and the audience, which made him interesting. F7 all takes place from his perspective and it's...weird.

IMO everything after F&F6 is just bonus content.

Thing of it like an American Shonen Anime

Stuff falls right into place. Statham = Vegeta

the last few movies have been shit. anything after tokyo drift went from racing movies to action movies.

My biggest question is, when did Dom impregnated Elena ? I mean shouldn't Hobbs knows that Elena is pregnant because they worked together ?

When the best scene in the film is The Rock & Jason Statham in a prison riot, you just know the franchise is getting stale.

towards the end it got kinda wacky.


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