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New Deadpool 2 Poster by crazydv in movies

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Not everyone is involved in your comic book fanboy war, sorry to say.

We’re the Broken Lizard team from “Super Troopers 2”. Happy 420. Let’s AMA. by -SuperTroopers-Super Troopers 2 in movies

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I loved Super Troopers so much so that both my psn and xbox gamertag are carramrod. And this is the first time I've got to an AMA on time and been able to ask a question and I don't have one.

Edit: GOLD thank you kind stranger!

We’re the Broken Lizard team from “Super Troopers 2”. Happy 420. Let’s AMA. by -SuperTroopers-Super Troopers 2 in movies

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Starship Troopers. Has anyone done that?

Incredibles 2 - New Official Trailer by Johnny_W94 in movies

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Incredibles 2 (or as I like to call it “More Incredible Yt Pepo 2”) continues the tired stereotype that proud Women Of Color are nothing more than shrill nagging voices to be heard but never seen, driving their husbands away and into the arms of the super nice and super cool yt family down the street. Why can’t we see Frozone’s wife? Why can’t we have a WOC Superhero? We have plenty of yt pepo superheroes in the film, both men and women, young and old. We even have a Man Of Color: Frozone, the Incredibles’ sassy black sidekick and ice minstrel, coming to help his masters at their every beck and call. But Frozone’s wife? Not only does this proud WOC not get to join the team and develop her own super powers, she doesn’t even get seen on screen. Why? Is she too shapely for their little superhero team? Does her naturally voluptuous figure somehow threaten the sexual appeal of twig-like yt woman Invisigirl? Maybe it’s time for a fat black woman superhero. Also, can we talk for a minute about how Frozone’s wife’s entire character is nothing more than a single gag and not even a funny one at that. The audience LAUGHS at this beautiful woman’s pain as she just wants her husband, her man, to stay in with her and fulfill HER needs for once instead of going out and playing superhero with his yt friends. The audience LAUGHS at her for trying to stand up for herself and express HER needs. It’s disgusting. I walked out of the theater literally shaking with anger and pain for this poor Woman Of Color. Trapped in her home while her husband is out with another woman (a yt woman nonetheless and her entire yt family). Listen, I am not asking for much. My request is very simple. Disney/Pixar need to kill off all the yt Incredibles and introduce a new family of beautiful humans with a 👏🏾 little 👏🏾 more 👏🏾 melanin 👏🏾 in their skin. Also, ditch the very aggressively yt european name “The Incredibles” and change the last name to something more modern and ethnically sensitive for this new family: Something like the “Those Fantassyquess” or something. That’s literally all we’re asking. Is that really too hard?

A Quiet Place Review - YMS by thejokerjackson in movies

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This comment happens like clockwork on this subreddit literally every time I criticize a well-liked movie. Also, I don't "support bestiality". I don't think it should be encouraged at all and I've never even close to implied otherwise. Here are my extremely detailed opinions on that controversial subject if you're actually interested in knowing them instead of blatantly misrepresenting them.



I'd encourage you to read all of the responses in those threads because I do address every concern presented. Unless of course, you're not actually interested in fairly representing my opinions on this controversial subject and you're actually just mad that I didn't like a movie that you did. Grow up.

First Poster - 'The Equalizer 2' | Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Bill Pullman, Melissa Leo by Johnny_W94 in movies

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Sahara 2: Saharder

Seriously though, with Raise the Titanic already a movie, i’d like to see Deep Six get made. The story is still realistic with our relationship with the Russians and Chinese today.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Final Trailer by Johnny_W94 in movies

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Nah, it will take place in a future where humans are now extinct and it will be called Jurassic World: No Homo

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Final Trailer by Johnny_W94 in movies

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Can a T-rex get any cooler?

You bet Jurassican.

Finally watched True Lies. The Jamie Lee Curtis dance. Wow. by Annanel in movies

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It's still a fucked up scene. He abducts his wife, tortures her, then makes her think she's going to a hotel room to fuck a powerful criminal.

How did she ever forgive him?

How well do you think WALL-E holds up today, nearly 10 years later? by Jamey4 in movies

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A lot of people misunderstand this movie. They think it has an environmental message. OK, so what does a love story between two robots have to do with "Stop littering"?

The movie is really about the conflict between duty (mindlessly do what you were made to do/told to do) and self-authorship (figure out what you are really meant for & what your life's purpose should be).

Wall-E lives in a world of trash where he mindlessly compacts and stores trash. This doesn't help anyone (there is more trash than he could get through in a million lifetimes, all the other trash compactor robots are dead, and the humans aren't even around anymore). So right from the beginning of the movie we are shown a [wordlessly] absurd situation. But Wall-E keeps working because he lacks the ability/initiative to question his existence until he gets that spark from EVE. Later aboard the AXIOM he meets a bunch of other robots programmed to do silly or futile tasks. The robots go rogue because they eventually understand there is a higher calling than duty. Meanwhile, the humans have wrecked Planet Earth because each human being was passively fulfilling their role/duty as a consumer without thinking about larger consequences (a sort of "No drop of water thinks it's the ocean" situation). When the humans run away aboard the AXIOM, they still continue their lives as passive consumers. They don't even lift a muscle to consume food and entertainment. People think the message is "The AXIOM is a dystopia because everybody's fat" but it's actually "The AXIOM is a dystopia because nobody is thinking about the purpose of their lives." They are letting the machine of society, in this case a literal conveyer belt, shuffle them along a consumer lifestyle. Everybody being obese is only one more way the movie hammers home that everyone has become passive.

In the end of the movie Wall-E literally fulfills his purpose. He was made to clean up the earth and he ironically does that by going rogue, leaving his task, and bringing the humans back. So the true theme of the movie is something like "You have to break out of your rut to really live."

A secondary theme of the movie is a criticism of work & effort. The movie is critiquing the narrative that anything which saves effort is a good thing. There's a recurring motif in the film about the contrast between clean and dirty, or used and brand new. Aboard the AXIOM everything is clean and shiny yet humanity is [literally] adrift. At the end of the movie the humans all become farmers, which is the most labor intensive kind of work there is. They are literally restarting civilization without technology. The message of the movie is not a "We should smash all the tech" anarchist message, but it's saying that you have to do work (and not care about getting a little dirty/sweaty) to accomplish something that has meaning.

The humans did not NEED to go back. They weren't about to run out of anything aboard the AXIOM, and in fact life is easier out in Space and harder back on Earth. The reason they needed to come back was not material but spiritual. They needed to break with dependency and reconnect with purpose.

When you put all the themes together, the movie actually turns out to be even more direly anti-capitalist than its right-wing critics understood at the time. Walmart (excuse me, "Buy N Large") and the larger capitalist system is not the villain because capitalism creates trash. Buy N Large (capitalism) is the villain because it constantly satiates our short term impulses, provides for our every need, and turns us into passive consumers. Living a passive life is easy and comfortable, but could also be seen as a serial avoidance of responsibility & self authorship.

How Things Have Changed Since 2005... by notsubwayguy in movies

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I can't look at Star Wars objectively because of how much it has meant to me my whole life, but I can honestly say that I much preferred the prequels. They tried something new, showed me new corners of the galaxy, told an interesting story about the downfall of the republic. The execution may not have been the best, but I love the overall story and themes.
The ST just bores me. They aren't doing anything new, it all takes place over the course of a week, we've seen like 4 new planets which are ultimately just tatooine 2.0, hoth 2.0, endor 2.0. Not just that, but the story itself has come down to rebels 2.0 vs empire 2.0. There is just so little scope in these new movies, exemplified by the fact that the entire plot of TLJ was just a slow moving, unexciting chase sequence that felt so contrived. I can see why people like it and agree that the new movies may be better made films, but to me they just aren't good star wars films.

R. Lee Ermey Has Died by justdefi in movies

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Submission to psychological abuse is essential to human development, and he dished it out with mastery and even a little bit of humor.

Which actor or director's filmography covers the largest period in history? by Guyfromnewyork95 in movies

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Actually it's longer than that. It goes from 10,000 BC to April 18th, 2018.

You forgot about The Day After Tomorrow.

R. Lee Ermey Has Died by justdefi in movies

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He definitely had the common courtesy to give a reach around. RIP

Since it was Friday the 13th a couple days ago...Tucker and Dale vs Evil is a hilarious misunderstanding on the classic horror film type murderous hillbillies in the woods. This is the trailer. by kylekatarn3 in movies

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Man this movie holds a special place in my heart. I recommend it to everyone. My dad was sick on chemo a few days before he finally passed and he was feeling real tired. A coworker had recommended it to me so I brought my laptop to my dad's bed and we watched it together laying there and laughed so hard! It's one of my favorite memories.

Why The World's End is Wright's most complex work, and possibly also his best - 25 more pints by KantusThiss in movies

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I'm a huge Simon Pegg/Edgar Wright fan but... I didn't like The World's End.

This article does make some excellent points about how the movie was structured and what it all meant, I still don't think it recovers it to a point of liking it.

The story was far too dark, and not even the unhappy ending but the entire thing. Everything was a tragedy, the only moment of happiness in the entire movie was Sam and Stephen getting together. Ever time I laughed at something I felt guilty about finding humor in the terrible things that were going on on-screen.

Garry King was an insufferable man-baby. And while the article points out good reasons for why this was in the context of the story, I was just unable to root for him. Hell, by the time he ran out of the King's Head I was cheering for the Blanks to get him. A movie about someone I cannot sympathize with in the least holds no appeal. This says you have to watch it again to grasp all the double meanings, but I don't care enough about what happened to the protagonist to want to re-watch it.

The story didn't make any sense! Sure, if you peel back the layers as this article has and you can find deeper meanings behind what happened, but on the surface it is completely laughable. After their first encounter with the Blanks any reasonable person would have gone home or gone back to the bed & breakfast to sleep off whatever they'd already drank. Maybe Gary would have gotten Blanked in the process as he wasn't likely to stop, but the other four should have been fine. And why would you turn down the Network? You want to make the world a better place. Sure, there's some issue with mulching people who misbehave, but overall it sounds like a good deal, I'd have happily thrown in with them voluntarily. And why would they listen to Gary King, the guy who just recently escaped from a psychiatric facility? How does he convince them that humanity is beyond hope when the rest of humanity had clearly thought he was a failure as a human being? Then you get to the end and supposedly the world's been plunged into the dark ages by the departure of the network and all of the Network's technology disappearing. The network had only been there for 20 years. We'd still have vacuum tube computers, radios, internal combustion engines, jet engines, a space program.

Plus... they couldn't do 12 beers at 12 bars in like 8 hours? (They started before sunset in the autumn, so probably 5:30-6:30, if they'd gone to a 2am closing time it would have been 7.5-8.5 hours) Fucking pussies.