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"DON'T WORRY, HE WON'T GET FAR ON FOOT" first trailer (New Gus Van Sant film with Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Rooney Mara and Jack Black) by altaran in movies

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I disagree with the collective interpretation of that clip.

While I think Bale should have reined in his anger, and that it's never really OK to let yourself lose control like that, he's not wrong.

That DP shouldn't even be on that set if he's walking around like an idiot during a scene. I think most people reacting to that clip simply don't understand how making a film works. You don't waltz around during filming. When you're doing a scene, you sit the fuck down, and you shut the fuck up. Unless you have business in the scene, you're not there. Otherwise, get yourself another job.

The first film to be screened in Saudi Arabia after a 35-year ban on cinemas was 'The Emoji Movie' by OneHeapedAndStir in movies

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Saudi here. I'm gonna watch this movie at the movie theater, next to my friends, and I'm gonna eat my popcorn, and drink my soda, and I'm gonna be annoyed when people talk over, and I'll probably have an enormous urge to leave the theater while watching this piece of shit, and I'm gonna be shitting all over it afterwards. But, I'm so fucking glad that I can finally do that. EDIT: Gold? Thank you much kind stranger.

The first film to be screened in Saudi Arabia after a 35-year ban on cinemas was 'The Emoji Movie' by OneHeapedAndStir in movies

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The ban was immediately reimplemented.

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The first film to be screened in Saudi Arabia after a 35-year ban on cinemas was 'The Emoji Movie' by OneHeapedAndStir in movies

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As someone with Crohn's Disease, seeing poop emoji's is like watching The Conjuring for poop.

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Christian Bale Never Wanted to Star in ‘Terminator Salvation’ and Said No Three Times by BunyipPouch in movies

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I know that his original plan for the movie was that instead of Marcus sacrificing himself to save John, John would die and Marcus would take his place and assume the John Connor name. The idea was that John Connor was never one particular man, it was a banner identity that the humans rallied behind, but the machines never knew this, and it renders their attempts to kill John and Sarah in the past completely pointless. There was never anything special about the original John Connor, the machines were losing because of the hope and will of mankind, not because of some genius commander.

I really wish they had gone with that instead of changing the plot. It would have been a much better movie, IMO.

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Opinion | If Hollywood wants a scapegoat for poor ticket sales, blame movie theaters by iSamurai in movies

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Sorry, your stance is that if only there were more good movies you would go more often? I’m going to type a list below of all the critically acclaimed, original films that came out in theaters this year. 2017 was an unbelievable year for movies. How many of these did you pay to see in the theater? I like movies a lot, I saw 15-20 this year, but I saw maybe two on this list.

  • Wind River
  • Call Me By Your Name
  • Logan Lucky
  • A Ghost Story
  • The Florida Project
  • Faces Places
  • Molly’s Game
  • The Killing of A Sacred Deer
  • Girl’s Trip
  • Lady Bird
  • The Disaster Artist
  • mother!
  • The Post
  • Detroit
  • The Shape of Water
  • The Beguiled
  • I Am Not Your Negro
  • Three Billboards
  • The Big Sick
  • Atomic Blonde
  • Ingrid Goes West
  • The Darkest Hour
  • Good Time
  • The Phantom Thread

My bet is that you saw one, maybe two of these movies in theater, at most. You know what all these films had in common? Nobody saw them. Every single one was $200M+ behind the second installment of the 50 Shades of Gray, the 7th or 8th biggest franchise going right now. That’s a huge range of genres, and all of insanely high quality.

The fundamental financial issue Hollywood has now is that they’re not making enough sequels and remakes. This year the lesson was that people like you are lying. You didn’t go to the theater to see Detroit, or Logan Lucky, or The Florida Project, nobody did. You can put James Bond, Magic Mike, and Kylo Ren all in the same movie, give it the director from Oceans 11, make it a fun action film, and it will not even border the zip code of the 5th Transformers movie.

Off with her Hair! Margot Robbie is unrecognisable as a pockmarked, Balding Queen Elizabeth I by studentpeeler in movies

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One particular scene in Wolf of Wall Street would certainly be less enjoyable if she looked like this.

NSFW evidence of that scene, if you forgot, here and here.

Anyway, good make up.

Eliza Dushku says she was molested during the production of "True Lies" by the stunt coordinator, a guy who still works in Hollywood and most recently did the stunts for "Blade Runner 2049" and "Furious 7" by JournalistDude in movies

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Yeah and when it does Kevin Spacey gets blacklisted immediately and Terry Crews gets an entire subreddit dedicated to him for being a "hero". Meanwhile the top comments in this post are discussing her motivations for possibly lying.

7 Days Into Its Release, Chinese Theaters Abandon 'The Last Jedi,' Dumping 92% Of Its Screenings by USAsucksEUrules in movies

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Man these new numbered Star Wars movies are a disappointment.

I watched TFA, and during the entire time I had this anticipation for something big to happen. I was thinking " YES. Now show me Abrams, what route will this trilogy take? Show me the New Star Wars"

Apparently the new Star Wars way is to rehash old scenes for the nostalgia factor. E.g. Death Star Trench run-Death Planet trench run, Battle of Hoth-Salt planet assault.

Honestly these movies feel like they don't have the balls to be something original, They feel like a kid who is afraid to paint something new and instead just copies his father's work with some mild touches of his own.

Liam Neeson says harassment allegations in Hollywood have become a "witch hunt" by thetittiestsprinkles in movies

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I'm sorry for what happened to you, and I won't comment on your experience in any way. It's entirely your right to explain it and talk about it in any way you want. However, I feel like you're not extending the same right to others, for whatever reason. The whole underlying point of #MeToo is the right to decide, for yourself, what constitutes abuse, assault, or just plain ol' sexism.

A girl who I lived with had put it as her Facebook status and I asked her about it because she knew about what had happened to me and she had the audacity of saying that 'people catcall' her.

I don't know the circumstances of her experiences, but "catcalling" is part of the problem. It's the part of the systemic sexism that allows people like the guy who raped you to believe he can get away with making you blame yourself. If she wants to highlight that in the circumstances, and through the perspective, of #MeToo, why shouldn't she? There's no bottom limit of "the least amount of abuse you have to have suffered" in order to promote the movement.

But I don't think anyone's career should be ruined because they touched someone's knee. We just have to teach the next generation that this isn't okay.

No one has their career ruined from having accidentally touched someone's knee. That argument is a textbook straw man.

Look, I actually agree with you that movements like these can go way overboard, and there's more than a little that does bear resemblence to classic witch hunts, but the overwhelmingly distinguishing difference is that while witches never existed, and the whole activity of hunting them was completely, 100% wasted effort that ruined many people's lives, sexism and sexual abuse is very, very real. The effort to root this problem out is not equal to that of hunting witches, not at its core.

The way we teach the next generation that everyone has their right to control of their bodies is to make examples, to show them that acting in an abusive or aggressive way has consequences, that not even fame, fortune and power makes you immune to a single person speaking out about what you did. That, from what I can tell, never happened for you, and I'm sorry for that, but that doesn't mean we should deny others the chance to make this example in a very public way, especially when all other ways have failed.

I believe it's very important that we both listen to every woman and man when they tell us what they went through (no matter how small, in our personal judgment), and expect decent standards of evidence or testimony before we ruin other people's lives under such allegations. Like you say, we can't simply unilaterally end people's entire careers over just any allegation from just anyone, but we also can't keep coddling people when there's a clear thread of systemic abuse and sexism. They need to feel the consequences of their actions and their choices.

So far, I haven't heard of anyone who has actually fought allegations like these and "won". Most, if not all, of these men (and women) have more or less admitted and apologized for their behavior, but simply do not want to give up on their careers. Well, that's not up to them. When it is known what their character is like, the industry choose whether or not to keep employing them. The pressure of #MeToo is finally making sure that the industry isn't simply waiting a couple of weeks, and then hiring them right back again. #MeToo is finally demanding real accountability and consequence. I think that's great, and I think the risk, both practical and theoretical, of anyone having their life ruined entirely from false allegations is so exceedingly small that there's no reason whatsoever to not continue with this movement.

Liam Neeson says harassment allegations in Hollywood have become a "witch hunt" by thetittiestsprinkles in movies

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Women come out and accuse James Franco of sexual assault


Terry Crews comes out and says he’s been sexually assaulted

Reddit: Terry Crews is really brave! Please guys, let’s all get around him and support him in his time of need.

Liam Neeson says harassment allegations in Hollywood have become a "witch hunt" by thetittiestsprinkles in movies

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yeah but it's a witch-hunt at fucking Hogwarts

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Liam Neeson says harassment allegations in Hollywood have become a "witch hunt" by thetittiestsprinkles in movies

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A few years ago, in my first year of uni, I was raped by someone who I thought was a friend. I never talk about it to anyone but Reddit is kind of a safe space where people don't know who I am so I feel more comfortable to talk about it here. I still struggle with it years later. I never went to the police but I've had therapy for it. This person was in my social circle and he made me feel as if I'd brought it on myself, even though I'd literally said no during plenty of times and was covered in bruises the morning after. I had a boyfriend at the time and that relationship broke down as even though he had seen the bruises and the guy who did it even admitted down the phone that I'd said no- he still saw it as cheating.

I must say though I hate #metoo. Anyone could do it and it doesn't show the severity of what happened. If you're going to come forward with #metoo I think you should at least talk about the experience. A girl who I lived with had put it as her Facebook status and I asked her about it because she knew about what had happened to me and she had the audacity of saying that 'people catcall' her. I didn't take part in it because I didn't want to talk about it.

I think every case is individual and I can understand why a lot of people take years to speak up about this. Sexual assault and rape is a grey area- it's not black and white and that can be super confusing for the victim at the time. But someone touching your knee once or being overly flirty and making you feel uncomfortable in my eyes is not sexual assault. Yes it's something that's brought upon you that you don't like but things like that happen every day. I'm not saying it's right and hopefully one day that'll change- it's the culture we're in and maybe this is the start of that culture changing. But I don't think anyone's career should be ruined because they touched someone's knee. We just have to teach the next generation that this isn't okay.

Edit: thank you for the responses. Im probably going to stop responding and looking at comments now as I'm getting a bit upset. I shouldn't have made a comment in the first place. Im not gatekeeping sexual assault. To those who have a problem with my comment please remember that things read differently online to in person and I'm sure that if we sat down with each other you'd probably get where I'm coming from. All sexual assault is awful and disgusting and yes the metoo campaign has probably helped a lot of people I just think that it's diluted with people who haven't got a clue about sexual assault. Overall I think a lot of people need educating on the subject and that this changes in the near future. I never want anyone to feel less than. I actually mentor people in my city who have been through sexual assault and rape so I am sympathetic to anything no matter how small or big- maybe my friend was a bad example again it's because she had previously bragged about being catcalled which is what annoyed me. Sorry to anyone I've offended. Thanks. Bye.

Edit 2: after getting my emotions together and reading some of the comments. I get what people are saying. I'm 23 years old and maybe my comment was made to rashly. I didn't think this comment would blow up. You've all educated me and I want to thank you for that. I wasn't trying to make any victims voice smaller but I can see that in my post that I was even though I didn't mean to. I'm truly sorry for any offence I've caused. Any form sexual harassment or assault is wrong. After reading a lot of the comments I can see how the metoo campaign has helped and maybe if that campaign was around before I had my experience maybe it wouldn't have happened. I have a lot of conflicting feelings and even though my experience was only 3 years ago I still get confused and have to check myself. I'm truly sorry for any offence I've caused and just want to repeat that any circumstance where any gender feels endangered is NOT okay. Thank you for all your time. It's been an educational experience.

Rebecca Hall Donates Salary From Woody Allen Movie to Time's Up Fund by craig1818 in movies

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LMAO people on this sub finding a way to complain because she’s so wealthy that she can do this and part of the Hollywood elite. Yet Mark Wahlberg asking for 1.5 million for a week of reshoots is smart because no one should work for free was the consensus in the thread about that controversy.

The Dark Knight chosen by Collider as the #1 super hero movie of all time by Tropicblunders in movies

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Haha no it's not. Spider-Man 2 is an absolutely laser focused masterpiece. Thematically it's the most rounded superhero movie there is. Character wise, it juggles every single character so gracefully that even the bit players have arcs and influence the plot and flesh out the themes. It has amazing pacing, and it's also just plain gorgeous and expertly directed.

I love TDK but it's got flaws and is a but rough around the edges. Harvey's arc is a bit too fast, it's somewhat bloated and the pacing sags in the middle, and the action is a bit hokey.

Spider-Man 2 is a much better movie. It's not as complex or heady but it's much tighter and has way more personality and style. It's the perfect superhero movie. I'm convinced that the only reason people on Reddit don't like it is because it's "cheesy." People have become so cynical and are much more accustomed to whipsmart Whedon-esque cynicism and flashy CG that panders to and satiates them instead of really character focused movies that have something worthwhile to say.

Spider-Man 2 doesn't need that because it's so humane, focused on telling a full story first, checking boxes second. It's a masterpiece that says so much more about being a superhero than any film before or since.

It's due for a huge re-evaluation (not that it needs one, more so that people need reminding how good it really is). When all this superhero shit is said and done and we move onto something else, everyone will talk about how Spider-Man 2 already said all there was to say in 2004.

Superhero movies simply don't get better than Spider-Man 2. There are many great ones but compared to X-Men's jumbled and messy character rosters and the MCU's absolutely toothless approach and dull, flat cinematography, Spider-Man 2 just feels like a movie with so much more artistic integrity. It's great.

The Dark Knight chosen by Collider as the #1 super hero movie of all time by Tropicblunders in movies

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Spider-Man 2 at #15? Get the fuck outta here! Below Homecoming, Wonder Woman, X2, Civil War etc...

It's all subjective but that's just plain stupid!

Leonardo DiCaprio To Star In Quentin Tarantino’s Manson Movie by stupidsexyflanders12 in movies

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Tarantino has already asked Margot Robbie to play the role of Sharon Tate

Oh my God, if we got a Wolf of Wall Street reunion and a Django Unchained reunion in the same film I will be unable to contain myself