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God I literally burst out laughing when he got to the “jungle children” part 😂.

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Laughing?! That's sick. Dende was an innocent child. RIP

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Let us pause for all those kidnapped by baboons

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What a find Jack Garbarino was. Surely not a high percentage of people could do what he did, as well as the willingness to do so.

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I forgot how good this guy was at telling his fake story.

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I love how he just brings up the ridiculous biography stuff on his own and manages to breeze right past it without anyone questioning it at all.

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That was hilarious! I forgot how he was friends with Steve Jobs!

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Read the 1 star reviews, it is hilarious!

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good call

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This book proudly sits on my bookshelf. I've never made it past page 2 however, it is absolutely unreadable.

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Wonder if the guy standing by the nice car ever found out