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That's a 3M Volition VF-45 socket.

EDITED TO ADD: Look at the shutter design on this image from here. It's got the same angled wedges in the corners of the shutter.

The odd thing is that VF-45 is designed as a duplex connector and the fibre in the OP's image looks very much like it's single core. Maybe it's a retrofit of existing fibre plant to use bidi optics?

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If you look closer, you can see the fiber cables splitting into 2 strands on the back of some of the connections.

There is a "funnel" shaped bend-radius protection sleeve that gets installed on the back of these connectors, which makes it look like it's only accepting a single strand, when in fact, it accepts a sheathed pair of strands.


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wow thats some fbi level reply right there

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If you look closer, you can see the fiber cables splitting into 2 strands on the back of some of the connections.

Good eye. I missed that, thought it was strange that these were single strands.

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But it was literally my first sentence in op :p

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Who reads anyway?!

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We used those at a past job and had horrible reliability issues. If you bumped the panel half of the connections would slip. We ended up replacing them all.

We called them "Violation" instead of "Volition"

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Nice find! If you zoom on the picture you can see that there are actually two fiber strands going to the connector.

Now if I only could find a european reseller of these... :)

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Ah, right, I hadn't spotted the twin cores.

If it was me I'd get those fibres re-terminated into duplex LC connectors. Even if you find someone still selling VF-45 patch cables today there's no guarantee that they'll still be selling them in five years' time. It was never very popular even when it was new and it's completely obsolete now.

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Just adding to this:

See the images on page 4 of this PDF.


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Nice work!

Never seen em before.

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I've never seen them in the wild but I do remember a consultant trying to sell me on the idea of flood-wiring a building with them back in the mid-2000s as "fibre to the desk is the way of the future."

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Can we see a male connector up close? It looks like MT-RJ but that would have duplex zip cord on the front.

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I don't have a male connector, that's the problem :) I tried make a LC and SC fit, but no go.

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Pull one of the ones on the back off the panel

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I was going to say exactly what your suspicion is, some type of proprietary 3M LC connector .. I googled the shit out of it and came up empty