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Rant Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! Time to get that crap that's been bugging you off your chest! In the interests of spicing things up a bit around here, we're going to try out a Rant Wednesday thread for you all to vent your frustrations. Feel free to vent about vendors, co-workers, price of scotch or anything else network related.

There is no guiding question to help stir up some rage-feels, feel free to fire at will, ranting about anything and everything that's been pissing you off or getting on your nerves!

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23 points·6 days ago

My favorite subreddit doesn’t sticky the Rant Wednesday post but DOES sticky the Moronic Monday and Blogpost Friday posts then goes on to preach about automating things and consistency

7 points·6 days ago

done happy?

10 points·6 days ago

Thanks bby <3

Yay thanks! Can they all fire at midnight utc?

Meow 🐈🐈Meow 🐱🐱 Meow Meow🍺🐈🐱Meow A+!3 points·6 days ago

Sigh. The truth hurts.

It's the automod config that's fucked, since Automod is a piece of crap. Sorry for blaming the tools.

2 points·6 days ago


19 points·7 days ago·edited 7 days ago

MotherXXXXer denied my change because I misspelled his stupid applications name. This change is about to be his problem.

Customer acting like I am bothering him because I’m gathering requirements for his DRaaS that he’s begging for help on.

A steady stream of aggregate route haters lately. You do you. I’ll do me.

Who needs to spend money on a VPN when we already have this firewall that we punch port forwarding holes through?!

Amazon reached out and I’m kicking myself for at least not exploring the opportunity and gaining the experience. Odds are I would just end up a small fish though. Curious if I’ll look back and regret this.

My server won’t connect to the domain... it has to be the network. The error message reads “No local DNS servers set”.

Vendors over invoicing us!

I think carpal tunnel is starting to set in.


Network Engineer6 points·6 days ago

Amazon reached out [...]

From what I've heard, Amazon is a toxic place to work. But that is just hearsay :) So maybe you made the right choice there.

4 points·6 days ago

That is what I have heard as well. Thanks! But the technology and experience may compensate for that at least for a year or two.

Their abuse of "contractor" positions for full time laborers is more than enough for me to put them on my "places I won't work" list.

Meow 🐈🐈Meow 🐱🐱 Meow Meow🍺🐈🐱Meow A+!-1 points·6 days ago

But that is just hearsay

It is indeed. And unfounded.

Network Engineer5 points·6 days ago

I wouldn't say it is completely unfounded.






Of course, I've not worked for enough Fortune 500s to know if this is typical of larger companies.

A steady stream of aggregate route haters lately. You do you. I’ll do me.


It places the packet on the wire or else it gets the hose again.1 point·4 days ago

I think carpal tunnel is starting to set in.

Sorry to hear it. A colleague just had surgery on both his arms to correct severe carpal tunnel last week. He's going to be out for at least another month! Sigh, the hazards of being a keyboard cowboy...

Thanks. The have heard and the research indicates that this could be fairly unpleasant

DRINK-IE and LINKSYS-IE1 point·11 hours ago


Wow...just wow....

Call it want you want. Managed backup and recovery... Set it up and run a restore test every so often. If they are willing to pay for it, I am more than willing to charge for it. There is an unbelievable lack of talent in this market that just want to check boxes on their compliance sheets.

DRINK-IE and LINKSYS-IE2 points·9 hours ago

Oh sure sure. I am not at all disparaging you for your initiative for making money. I am just so dismayed at the lack of care by business to do anything correctly anymore. So few take their IT seriously.

Oh yeah, its unreal. It all goes back to the business saying "We're not an I.T. business, just mark those check boxes on that compliance sheet."

DRINK-IE and LINKSYS-IE1 point·8 hours ago

It's always checkboxes. Then when everything fails, we check the checkbox of the business failing too....

I am being overly dramatic but you know what I'm saying.

I work for a company that supplies many services nationally and we operate mostly an MPLS core over our own Transmission network for this business partner. This particular business partner operates and maintains their own hardware, with their own vendor support contracts. We both use different vendors.

This business partner escalates an OSPF neighborship issue to us, I look at the issue for only a few minutes and note that half the ports on the line card are down. The port descriptions clearly show all ports that are down are on the same line card on their router which i highlight to them. Turns out their line card died...

How is it they raise a layer 3 issue to us when layer 1 is completely fried?

The escalation came from their senior engineers -_-

Good times...

Network Engineer5 points·5 days ago

I've definitely been there. You get so hyper-focused on the higher-layer troubleshooting, you forget layer 1.

CCNP R&S / CCNA Security6 points·5 days ago

Oh yeah. Story I tell when this comes up. One time, I upgraded my motherboard for my main desktop PC to a much spiffier one, using the same case and PSU. Hooked everything up, hit the power button, fans kicked for a second, then shut off.

Spent three hours troubleshooting, trying different RAM, different CPUs, swapped power supplies, etc. and all I could ever get, once in a while, was the fans kicking. I was about at my wits' end and seriously considering putting the old board back in when my wife walked in and said "Um, you know that your power strip's hanging out of the wall, right?" The plug was barely in the socket.

Always start with the lowest layer possible.

Oh, upgrading firmware one minor release version caused a show-stopping outage? Certainly the answer MUST be to upgrade to a different major (Beta) version of firmware, right?

Thanks, but no thanks, Meraki.

Network Intern/Higher Ed Helpdesk/MDU Tech1 point·4 days ago

What firmware? What exactly did it do?

MS Version 9.36 has a bug that can cause one or both members of a virtual stack to stop passing traffic on the MS420-24. The bug may have been present in previous firmware version, but we hit it 3x in 2 months on 9.36.

I used to manage networks. Now I Install printers for a living.

Dont forget scanning and faxing!

How.... Do.... You.... Know.....

Network Engineer2 points·4 days ago


What the fuck does that mean?

I'm not sure if you are trolling or if you are serious.

Network Engineer2 points·4 days ago
Network Engineer2 points·4 days ago

Dude. I know what PC LOAD LETTER is. I was referencing Office Space. I even linked the video :P

whatever man, I'm just so tired of this job...

Network Engineer1 point·1 day ago

Been there. Keep your head down, get your shit done, find somewhere else to go. Really the only way to move forward if you can't find happiness where you are.

I wish you the best of luck.

LESS ANGRY AND HAS A NEW JOB9 points·6 days ago

Frustration at my situation, again. I'm stuck doing the work my colleague doesn't want to do, with no end in sight.

By itself, that's fine. In the words of Mike Rowe, it's a dirty job but someone has to do it. There's just never any progression out of it. I could knock every single little task out of the park and all I'd continue to see are the little things.

I know how arrogant this sounds, but I can't think of a better way to put it: I'm more talented than my colleague is. I've done much more challenging and meaningful things than I am doing right now in other roles. Yet, I'm relegated to being the junior.

I've been looking for other opportunities with no luck. Things have gotten to the point where I'm eyeballing an opportunity to jump ship to our security team next fiscal year. Other than keeping my head down and doing the best I can until then, I don't see what else I can do.

CCNA R&S7 points·6 days ago

Bro... I feel your frustration. I've been trying to knock out the small insignificant projects to make time for me to really jump into the big important stuff.

I feel like everytime I make progress, they find more shit to add to our list.

It's infuriating also watching my colleagues say "Nothing going on today". You fucking kidding me?! We got mountains of work we haven't even started!

LESS ANGRY AND HAS A NEW JOB5 points·6 days ago

Yeah, that's about half of my issue. The root of mine seems to be that I get handed the little things and he keeps the big things. And that's not going to change.

Case in point, he's been sitting on a WAN project for almost a year now. The most meaningful work that has been done on that was me taking the initiative 8 months ago to reach a major milestone while he was out on vacation and couldn't put the kibosh on it.

I'm clearly capable of handling it, yet it stays on his plate to rot.

IT security wants to block the entire domain for a popular network monitoring / diagnostics company because they don't like how much traffic it is generating towards their SIEM. They already received an explanation of the limitations of FQDN objects on our edge ASAs and since they didn't like what team members overseas explained, they are asking for a meeting....

One of the security people on the thread making the request has a CCNP R/S and CCDA and claims "network" as his background. It's amazing how fast incompetence can become the norm in infosec organizations just by losing 2 or 3 people who actually know wtf they are talking about.

CompTIA A+2 points·1 day ago

Sounds like its time for a good old packet broker. (to the first statement)

Fortinet code quality. How anything makes it out of QA is beyond me.

"I'll just edit that policy" <three random policies below lose their destination addresses and the only way to resolve is to reboot>


Probably drunk | Moderator7 points·5 days ago

The thing that really pissed me off when I worked with Fortigates, besides the code quality, was the feature releases and UI changes between minor patch releases. Maybe someone should tell them that point releases are for bug fixes, but features.

CCNA3 points·5 days ago

Are you sure they have QA?

We are the QA.

CCNA3 points·5 days ago

Yeah that seems to be the industry standard these days.

CWNE ACDX7 points·6 days ago

I'm ranting today as I try to find the balance between being a motivated employee but having a clear balance between work and home. Surely not every project is a fire drill, but in my haste to help out teammates I'm allowing things to get to me, probably more than I should. My sleep and family life are suffering as a result.

Don't touch th...2 points·6 days ago

Not a fun boat... Going through similar now. Although instead of motivated, at this point I would just take sanity.

CCNA RS/CCNA Sec/CCNP in progress6 points·6 days ago

SonicWall strikes again.

All of a sudden our Meraki APs at one location won't let authenticate laptops over RADIUS.

"Fragmented IPsec packet dropped" logged for RADIUS traffic or APPFLOW traffic from random servers... Clearly WiFi vendor issue...

Related to a SonicOS firmware update by chance? We had fragment/MTU issues that broke a vendor’s VPN because someone upgraded to a feature (beta) release two weeks ago. Fixed by downgrading to the latest GA.

CCNA RS/CCNA Sec/CCNP in progress1 point·6 days ago

We were on and it's been working great until firewall started rebooting by itself.

SonicWall engineer provided us with (which is not publicly available) that fixed the problem. That was week ago.

I think our issues started then but am not sure...

7 points·6 days ago


.0.0 release



CCNA RS/CCNA Sec/CCNP in progress1 point·6 days ago

Well, we've been running it at 5 different locations for ~5-6 months without issues.

Those always appear at our hub for some reason :/

Woke up thinking its Thursday. I was happy for a moment before I realized it was Wen 3:20 am, and still, have a day filled of spoon feeding to do.

CCNA2 points·6 days ago

I woke up thinking it was Tuesday, and I overslept (I had to get up nearly 2 hours earlier yesterday then today).

I had to deal with a WAP that was causing dropped packets on the wired network simply by being powered.

I always thought that was just how Wifi worked as a technology...

2 points·6 days ago

Shots fired!

Sysadmin3 points·4 days ago

Xerox printers have gone to shit. Any time anyone goes to print pictures without pasting them in a word file, it comes out as a corrupted file and runs the 8.5×11 tray dry. Shitty thing is we pay $.10 per copy in exchange for free toner and such. Bill jumped to $5000.00/month.

Problem Symptoms

If the Nexus 7000 linecard (listed in the Products Affected section) has been in continuous operation for approximately 24 months, then the Nexus 7000 hardware might fail to boot up due to memory failure during a power cycle event. This is caused by one or more of these actions:

  • Upgrade the software

  • Reload the entire product

  • Reload after installation

  • Online Insertion Removal/Replacement (OIR)

Corp speak for: Don't fuck with it.

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