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I recently uploaded Introduction to VRF's.

It's the first video in a four-part series. This part explains what VRF's are, why we use them, and how to configure them.

Includes two downloadable labs

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Tagged, so I can watch them later.

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5 Reasons Why You Need Network Diagrams. With computer networks becoming ever more vast, abstract, and complicated, diagrams are the beating heart of good documentation. Here we look at five reasons why.

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Not a blog, but a webinar available for this week for Cisco migrations.

I'm leading a webinar next week on a proprietary solution for expediting ASA to Firepower migrations with my colleague Joe Schreiber. If you're an MSSP that has a Cisco migration project coming up, or internally are considering moving to Firepower, you should find utility in attending.

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A lot of hacks and data breaches happened in the month of April: https://www.garlandtechnology.com/blog/cybersecurity-threat-breakdown-april-2018

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not a blog post, but I gave a talk recently on P4. always interested in hearing feedback (including "it sucked, you suck, and you should feel bad")


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No comments on the video, but your flair intrigued me so I did some googling.

Looks waaaay too complicated for me lol