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With ASA, the secondary IP is always reachable, just like the primary IP.

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Perhaps I'm not explaining correctly.

I have on ASA1 the management interface configured with and on ASA2 it's configured as whenever failover was configured and I'm consoled into ASA2 it seems as if the replication has changed the ip from to

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Yes. This is normal. You need to configure your interface to have a standby IP. Don’t try to set a different config on the standby unit as it will just be overwritten by the primary.

Set your management interface on the primary like follows:

ip address standby

Your primary unit will be accessible from and your standby ASA will now be accessible from

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Ah! I knew I was forgetting something. Perfect thanks. I needed the standby IP.

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It’s easy to confuse primary/secondary with active/standby. Wherever you have primary above, it should say Active. Primary/secondary role stays with the unit it was configured on, whether it is active or standby.

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Did yoy configure the ASA1 is stand by, and ASA2 is active? For the failover change.