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Bundle vs Install mode - Image mounted in RAM vs FLASH

I just read some Cisco documentation that states in bundle mode the image is loaded in RAM (what we are used to). However in Install mode the image is now mounted and read from Flash. Does that mean I can not delete active packages? I could have sworn I've done this.

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You should've enabled port-security1 point · 3 months ago

I believe after the package is unpacked you can delete the old bin. I run install mode on some 3850s and have preloaded packages a few times before rebooting to upgrade, however I only removed a secondary bin not the active. That said it seems after you preload the new file you could remove the old one because when you verify with show ver it will show the new package as ready [forgot exact wording]. HTH

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I was trying to figure out what the advantage is over install mode vs bundle mode (.bin).

My guess (and this is only my guess) is that with the unified code now... that over time the image may grow larger in size. So maybe the .bin that loads fast now.. may load slower in the future as the image grows and has to unpack more crap into memory. But when I compared .bin loading verse package mode I didn't see any advantage. My .bin stuff is loading super fast on 9300 closet switches for example.

So for my current installs I blow out the install stuff (packages) and stick with the .bin. It's easier for my team to see what code is available for booting on devices (what is ready as a backup in case the primary image fails). I just load the bin, set the boot, and go. Done... no dicking around with packages and all that mess in the directory.

But that is me.. and I'm still kinda old-school


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install mode boots way faster during an upgrade. With the growing size of the bin files, I got an error saying not enough RAM for bundle install and was forced to do install mode for the larger 16 code.

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Rumor has it.. there is a cisco live session (some breakout session) where they talked about the differences. Maybe some day I'll google it and find out more information. Right now I see no need for it.

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Advantage of install mode is faster boot times (you will notice it eventually) and, if memory serves, some of the cool patching features are not supported in bundle mode. Install mode has some commands for quickly showing which packages are installed; it takes an adjustment but I think it will be worth the change in the long run.

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