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An interesting article on another way to run fiber outside instead of burying it or hanging it from poles. Gluing the fiber to the ground.

By Gluing Fiber to the Ground, Startup Thinks It Can Slash Broadband Installation Costs for Local Government

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Well that will save the backhoe the effort of searching for it. No more rutting and foraging for hours on end to sate their appetite.

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I just pushed a new release of ip-num a library for working with IPv4, IPv6 and ASNs

Wrote a little post about the new release here: http://www.geekabyte.io/2018/07/ip-num-110-is-released.html

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As any business grows, it’s management must constantly concern itself with dozens of daily details that it had never considered before. Although the new Business Technology tools can help streamline your daily working and managing life, it is worth looking at what kind of management systems you will need to employ to have your system work for you, not the other way around!


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9 Considerations to size your Routing Domain (IGP) - Number 9 will surprise you !

This article was specifically written to help network engineers find answers for what to consider when design their own IGP domain.

First off, almost all existing large Service Providers and Telco use OSPF or ISIS as their main IGP protocols.

There are many areas you need to tackle to assure the optimal IGP design and area size, so the first thing you should do is to prepare a list of considerations that you need to take care of while designing your network...

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