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Posted byJack of All Trades2 months ago

iPad config editor for Juniper

Is there an iPad config/Tex editor that supports Juniper config files (prefer set commands)? Would be nice to have coloring and highlighting. Thanks!

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I'm wondering what highly unlikely series of events has lead you to be in a position where you need to ask this question?

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2 options.

1 - I simple shower thought 2 - out of town, only has ipad, is completely fucked.

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Jack of All TradesOriginal Poster2 points · 2 months ago

Actually it's both! If I'm out of town with an iPad I'm wondering how feasible it is to be able to work from it in a pinch.

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You can find SSH clients for in the App Store. I’ve been able to log into my home lab appliances and configure them via cli on my iPad at home before. As long as you can come in from an IP allowed in your ssh filter, it works fine.

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Made me chuckle.

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Textastic can import TextMate-compatible syntax highlighting rules if you can find one for JunOS.

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