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[CISCO] Mapping AD Users to DNA Center Scalable Groups

Sup guys

I am having a hard time finding out where and how i can map a AD Group (or specific AD Users) to Scalable Groups in my DNA Center. I think this needs to be done on my ISE, not really on my DNA.

ISE and DNA are already integrated - no problems here.

My AD is already joined to my ISE and i imported 3 groups to my ISE under ISE:

Work Center > Network Acces > External Identity Sources > Active Direktory Join > Name of my AD Join > Groups.

But i can not find out where i map those groups (or users) to belong to a SG which i can finally integrate to my virtual networks in my DNAC.

Thanks in advance and regards!

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Your auth-z rule. Ie

Dot1x and external group (AD GROUP: HR) assign profile + SGT HR.

Or mab + group level 2 printers = profile printers + Sgt printers.

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