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Cisco Smart Install Question.

I am looking to begin using Ciscos Smart Install for remote locations. I have no experience with using it and I wanted to see if anyone in here has experience with it and what their impressions of it are. Is it something worth using or are there any other solutions for a hands free deployment for new switches?

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I hope you're aware of the recent Smart Install/vstack vulnerability.


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Thank you for bringing this up. So many people are not aware of this vulnerability.

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Certless1 point · 2 months ago

/end sarcasm

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I was being serious, but can see how it could have been interpreted as sarcasm.

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It's a good way to get firmware and a base config onto new switches without using any extra tools. You need one smart install director at each site with enough flash to hold firmware and config templates, or you can use an external TFTP server. If you know the MAC address of the switches beforehand then you can load customized configs for each one, or you can do a generic config that's enough to get SSH running so you can configure the rest. You can also issue commands through the smart install director to execute on remote switches. My company is a Cisco VAR and we use smart install to stage switches prior to customer deployment; we process several thousand switches every summer without issue.

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