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Networking topics relevant to cybersecurity/ethical hacking

I am a young college student, and (very luckily) got my first job in the cybersecurity field. I am going through the training right now, and while I would consider myself competent for an entry-level position, I am being held up by some of the networking- related material, which is substantial (ie network/port scanning) and I am often feeling myself getting lost.

Which networking concepts are most relevant to cybersecurity or ethical hacking, so I know what to review in particular?

If you also have any learning resources to said material they would be greatly appreciated.

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Get nmap and wireshark. Watch a couple YouTube videos about how to use them and have some fun. You will start to understand port mapping and the osi model pretty fast.

Understanding packets makes all the rest of networking easier to understand.

I would go as far as to purchase the ine wireshark class, knowing packet analysis is almost a must these days.

Why? Packet analysis is great but it's always the last thing I'll reach for to solve a problem. It rarely gets to this stage either. I'd recommend programming or Linux over packet analysis if given the choice.

Learn HTTP headers. Lots of snort/suricata rules that will use header values as inclusions/exclusions.

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If you can purchase it, I studied in college with an O'Reilly Network Security Assessment book. I'm still a student, but I'm done with the technical courses. Enumeration of hosts and port scanning was rather fun for me, and books such as this have a ton of useful information. Don't be afraid to ask questions, and especially don't be afraid to research stuff Cyber security related. It also might be helpful to search some 'live capture the flag/hacking' streams. Anything port scanning you'll find in those as well as other useful security related items.

Good luck to you. I'm still fresh in this stuff too. I don't have much to give, but hopefully I'm a little bit of help to you.

I was banned from an ISP back in around '99 for port scanning. I was also using trojans but they didn't detect that, so yeah. Do ISPs still ban users for port scanning? I was thinking it would be a pretty common thing these days.

If you're doing anything like that from AWS, you have to basically fill out a permission slip, or they'll slap you around.

Hehe. That reminds me, back around that time I was proxy scanning and didn't limit my search parameters so I hit some government IPs. My ISP called the account owner (my mom) and she freaked out thinking I was doing some dark shit. I was around 11 or so.

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Oo the live stream is a great idea

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Rfc 1918

RFC 1925

Check out and

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