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Cellular meshing

This could be an incredibly dumb question but with features like wifi assist on Apple products and every modern smart phone capable of receiving wifi and cellular data at the same time, is it now possible to mesh with client side internet access?

ie. create an AP that has no connection of its own but every client benefits from every other clients connection stability. I’m sure you’d want to include traffic ratios like torrenting.

I’m legitimately surprised this isn’t a thing yet, and if it is why everyone isn’t aware of it.

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mostly battery life. AP's have big strong radios and cell phones have tiny weak radios to conserve power. Your download rate is always going to be faster so going through a cellphone to an ap will not be very fast. It would kill batteries on mobiles because then they have to start routing traffic and have high output radios. Most AP's have switch chips to handle packet forwarding, cellphones would have to use the CPU to bridge interfaces.

It could be done, certainly. It's just engineering at this point (radio chains, protocols, etc). The stickier part is the business side. Who pays for bandwidth? What is the compensation model. What is fair use, etc.

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Ahh shame. I live at the top of a hill and can see literally 50+ domestic wifi connections across the valley beneath me. Wire shark and common sense tell me I could probably host a hundred or more handsets on a fair weather day. I would have done a mesh of there was something out there worth doing it with, but I’d not want to host traffic for privacy reasons.

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