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Thank you for the reassuring words. It helped me a lot just to get over the mental block that I have been dealing with lately.

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If it makes you any better, I didn't get my digits until 10 years into the field.

You just have to put in the yards and the LABBING. You have to be able to clear the INE and C360 full labs with your eyes closed in 4 hours. Then you know you're ready. Also TSHOOT dear god that is what fails most people. Your troubleshooting methodology has to be SPOT ON with each technology - you should be able to find the problem via drilling down 3-4 show commands - there is no time to log in and stare at multiple show runs hoping to spot the error.

Speed speed speed. Get your speed up. Read the scenarios top to bottom before you start a single conf t. Then notepad that shit in one pass e.g. setting up OSPF, might as well turn on ip mpls as well and run up your LDP in a single pass. etc. Also learn the famous TCL troubleshooting script where you basically ping everything from everything, run that constantly to make sure you haven't messed anything up and catch it right away.

Plus second time round you'll know exactly whats coming... its like you paid 1500USD for an official dump :) The details may change but the basic scenario is going to be the same.