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Don't worry about converting cidr, just know what it is and maybe memorize a couple of regulars /8 /16 /22 /24 /30 /32

DNS does not count as networking please stop escalating DNS questions to me, it's getting fucking annoying. (Not directed at you)

You have been working with linux for 6 years, congrats your now a senior linux admin. Never call yourself junior again, you can doubt yourself once per day, but you must never say it out loud.

Look up some reference architectures and build them as close as possible in a lab, use VMware or some other virtualization.

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I’ve been working with Linux in junior type positions.

Like I said, there’s more stuff I haven’t done/learned than stuff that I have.

I have no experience patching, packaging software, deploying software to a farm, etc. all the things admins should be doing have all been done by top senior level admins (architects, really) at the places I’ve worked.

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I can feel the self doubt in your words. You seem to think that those guys have some magic power or know something you dont.

At one point someone asked them to package an app and they said "ok sure" then they googled how to do it and just did it.

You may not do it 100% perfact your first go, but your second time will be better and by your third time, your an expert. That's how IT works, never say you can't or you dont know.

I'm not sure how to update linux either but you can probably Google "centrally manage linux updates" and get a ton of information.

I dont work with linux at all except the rare occasion of a virtual appliance malfunctioning but I would be willing to a tell a client t I can do all of stuff you mentioned without missing a beat.

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DNS does not count as networking

Maybe not, maybe voice doesn't either, but it often falls under our domain.

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Only in Cisco world, and I have access to fix some phone stuff, I dont usually have access to domain controllers DNS servers.

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I dont usually have access to domain controllers DNS servers.

That's where DNS often lives, but in my current role we use Infoblox and are responsible for it.

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No windows domain? Your a service provider?

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Windows Domain yes, service provider no. Infoblox is the only DNS solution approved by Microsoft other than their own.

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