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If someone struggles for days on an issue, then they have too much of an ego. If I can’t figure something out in an hour I start pulling resources. Most projects I’m working on can’t wait a day or two for someone to figure something out. Part of being a good engineer is when to know to ask questions and get help.

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Damn right! If I can't solve it in a couple of hours I ask for help. Simple as that. I mean it depends on the situation too... I'm the only Palo guy in the whole office that knows it to the level that I do... I know if there's something that's out of my knowledge base and skill level. If I come across that then I'll call Palo directly for a solution. But I'll be damned if I don't get them to explain exactly what they did to fix it so I can know for next time.

Just to add if doing networking for about 4 years now and there are people I speak to that are networking wizards! It keeps me grounded and I know there's so much to learn. Routing and switching I'm ok with but firewalls I'm better at.theres just so many areas and u can't be an expert at all. At least not a wizard. As it's always changing there's room for improvement in every aspect. I would say find what u enjoy about it and learn constantly. I don't have the patience or the love for it so I will never be the best but I'm cool with that :)

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