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Fast high quality cable labeler recommendation

I am in need of labeling a large set of cables Ethernet and Fiber 1000+ and was wondering for those that have cable labelers what you would recommend that prints and cuts various custom labels fast, readable, cost effective and easy to maintain.

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Brady 100%

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Have an el cheapo dymo now but the labels aren't very sticky and often fall off. Looking at the Brady bmp21 plus which runs around $90 on Amazon but not sure what the difference between the vinyl and cloth labels are. Which one's would you use for cables and which ones for standard labels like for the front of servers/devices.

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For cables on the BMP-21 use the self laminating vinyl. It prints on the white area and you wrap the rest around the cable. I usually use 0.75” for fiber and 1.0” for Cat5e/6 patch cables. For labeling equipment, the nylon ones work great. The cloth are OK too but they tend to leave residue behind if/when you pull them up. Nylon is more rigid and durable, cloth is more flexible. Both look good though.

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CCNA2 points · 7 days ago

Seconding. We used Brady (TLS2200) for years and even in Florida heat and humidity self laminating labels never came off, ink never faded, device labels stayed put etc. And they will service the printer if needed.

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I can’t stress Brady enough. My BMP21 has been kicking around in my toolkit for 6 or so years and hasn’t skipped a beat. The vinyl labels work really well (I use M21-750-595-WT). I use the wire wrap feature rather than the laminated wire tape, it’s too fiddly.

Yes it’s expensive but the sheer joy of its ease of use makes you want to label literally everything.

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I can’t agree more, best labeler I have used hands down.

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I've got a brother bluetooth label printer that kicks ass. You create what is essentially a spreadsheet (you can literally import .xlsx files) into the label maker software and print an entire column of labels, each one will be centered on either a label that fits the text, or a specific size label.

You can also adjust the print to be justified right/left or top/bottom, or some combination thereof, if centered doesn't work for you.

I really like the fact that you can setup the files, connect to the printer, set it all inside a box or something to catch the labels and walk away from it for 20 minutes while it does it's thing.

You can also print one offs from your smart phone with an app.

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3 points · 8 days ago

The Dymo Rhino 4200 does a great job for cable flagging, especially at its price point. it prints different orientations/directions of text and the actual ribbon is a semi - flexible vinyl material that lasts a long time, doesn't tear and doesn't easily lose adhesion.

After the job I had where I was introduced to it, I've ended up purchasing one for every company I've worked for since. Great for labeling cables as well as server/rack equipment bezels etc.

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Does it need to be portable and what type of labels are you wanting to print?

Use use a desk based bbp12 with self laminating label stock and none of the handhelds come close to it.

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It's not the network!1 point · 7 days ago

We use the BMP51. I like it because it has a Qwerty keyboard and takes pretty much all sizes needed. For printing a few hundred labels, I have it hooked up to a PC and use Work/Excel to keep track. I didn't want to buy the LabelMark software which would have made things easier instead of fighting margin sizes. I did manage to get things working by making sure the printer readjusts after every label or things will get off center. Now I can make tiny labels with QR codes.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago


Do you use the BMP51 Label Printer Voice and Data Communications Starter Kit?

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It's not the network!1 point · 7 days ago

We just buy the BMP51-KIT-AC. I would have to check at work to see what labels we bought to go with it.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Thank you for the suggestions, mobile hand held device would be preferred, no wifi/bluetooth/mobile phone app needed, if I can get these printed out quick, put on the cables, and they look professional then it is a win. Connecting it to excel is a nice feature, would help with the organization of printing out the 1000+ labels for each end of the cables.

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