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Help: Hypothetical SDN Network Solution


So I this year I am studying a BTech in Communication Networks which basically is a Bachelors with a heavy Cisco network influence. One of my modules is a project/mini treatise. I decided to explore a solution that makes use of SDN (yes I understand SDN is quite an umbrella term but that allows free reign in my case).

One of the chapters is the proposed solution for a section of the network.

My questions are:

  • What tools can I use to design a proof of concept network? I was thinking that if I used something like GNS3 and configured a network using it then I can just play it off as the virtualized part of the network?

  • Does anyone have any material on SDN that could pose useful? I've read so many journals at this point I feel like my eyes want to pop out.

  • Where can I find some kind of catalog of SDN based devices, like the controllers and the bare bone packet forwarding devices? Reason being is that I need a cost sheet.

  • I have skimmed over Cisco DNA (Cisco's proprietary solution I believe). Should I look more into DNA or stick to the more open source 'Applications'?

Any information would be awesome!

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3 points · 8 days ago

Along with other info others will no doubt post you should at least be reading these:

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3 points · 7 days ago

If you are good at the Linux console/networking you can use mininet, is what everyone uses (along with EveNG) to make network simulations.

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GNS3 is fine for this.

Play around with OpenDaylight maybe.

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network automation dude | BS MS2 points · 8 days ago

You have two choices: traditional SDN or SDN by API/CLI

Bullet 1: Vagrant + NOS (example:, GNS3, mininet -..- combined with a controller, automation platform, python script.

Bullet 2 + 3: use this as a starting point and branch out. you will be reading a lot more.

Bullet 4: stay with the open software. cisco has an open controller but i won't speak on how useful it is

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The Ubiquiti Unifi controller and their whole UniFi range of devices sound perfect for this. They don't use a licensing model and the range is relatively small, which would make it easy to put together.

Unless you must use Cisco for the project.

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You should avoid comments like this. It helps no one and actually annoys me, too. Help or leave.

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