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VXLAN ebgp routing from nexus 9000 TOR to NSX Edge

Hi all has anyone had any experience with running ebgp peerings (external connectivity) to an NSX edge virtual machine. Not sure if there's a way to create a bgp peering with the anycast gateway address from the 9K to the vm over a VLAN.

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Our border leaves peer w/ nsx edge in the overlay vrf on p2p links. Default goes in, nsx subnets come out. No need to use the anycast gateway for peering, not sure if this would even work.

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Yeah use a dedicated IP on each switch. Asking for trouble if you try to use anycast GW.

Other than that it should work fine, but NSX doesn’t support EVPN so you’re stuck with IPv4 unicast peerings in each VRF.

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Original Poster1 point · 7 days ago

Thanks for this guys.

Just to clear this up I just need to remove Fabric forwarding mode anycast-gateway and keep the VLAN config as below.

Leaf 01

Interface VLAN 10

Description NSX-ESG

Vrf member Tenant1

Ip address

No shutdown

This will peer with ESG-1

Leaf 02

Interface VLAN 20

Description NSX-ESG

Vrf member Tenant1

Ip address

No shutdown

This will peer with ESG-2

VRF of Tenant 1 needs to talk to 3 other external VRF's so I guess I can just import and export routes from the 3 vrf's into tenant 1.

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