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LOL still trying to get around your school's traffic shaping i see

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Actually no. I wanted to implement some kind of distributed downloading system. Thought I could use the BitTorrent protocol. So I started reading up on it. :)

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Kind of a dumb question but, how in depth do you want to go?

Why not just use a wrapper/script that invokes a Bittorrent binary and off you go?

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I don't mind that. Can you suggest any such scripts? I just wanna understand it a bit and make a simple working distributed downloading system.

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Sure, uh, I don't have the programming clout to do much other than kludge/hack together some REALLY bad code.

But what I am saying is, if you're just wanting to leverage Bittorrent you may just be able to call it in like a shell script or within the environment of the language you're using. Do you know how to do that? Is there an API to call it from within whatever you're working from?

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Are you missing this piece? Then you’re interested in it. Info like this is usually kept in a bit field for easy comparisons.

A peer is choked if your client does not want to transfer anything to them at this time. You only have X amount of upload bandwidth and N upload slots, and your client is trying to get complete pieces to peers so that they can share the upload load, rather than having everyone be partially done pieces (which can’t be verified). Choking peers lets you provide more bandwidth per upload slot than if you tried to be fair to every peer.

Choking is actually tracked bidirectionally. Am I choking this peer, and whether he is currently choking me is tracked individually.

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Got it. Thanks a lot man!