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Saddle Brook is #24

Parsippany is # 33

Clifton is # 36

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Always interested in how honest these people come up with these lists. Is it opinion? Just can't tell. I grew up next to Parsippany and tried to avoid it at all times, yet it's listed at #33 in the country? I could name 50 better towns in nj.

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It's very data-driven, you can see our methodology here: http://time.com/money/4939980/choosing-best-places-to-live-2017/

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Yeah, I'm curious as well. I grew up in North Arlington and while it has its charm, there was nothing outstanding about it where it would place 8th in the country.

Such a random place to pick.

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lol theres not much to offer in North Arlington, take away its proximity to NYC and it wouldnt make the list at all.

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The Money Website is like cancer to my computer, so I couldn't even begin to explore their methodology.