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USGS upgrades strength of latest Kilauea earthquake to magnitude 6.9; no tsunami

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This quake is almost in the same location as the 7.4 in 1975 which killed 2 people. Keep in mind this is a shield volcanoe so it doesn't have as severe as eruptions as composite ones (St.Helens).

Effusive eruptions from shield volcanos can still be severe in terms of large damaging lava flows, they just aren’t explosive like composite volcanos.

Very true, also badass name

Thanks, man. Just want those on Hawaii to know that we still consider their hazards notable. Evacuation ahead of a flow is great to have, but houses and property are still solidly lost during these eruptions.

For sure, no active volcano is safe. Isn't the lava flow in this case Pahoehoe?

Not sure, but both pahoehoe and a’a are basaltic lavas.

Yeah, when you see pictures of lava fountains, just keep in mind that that's rocks being shot hundreds of feet into the air, and that they are heavy, and coming out in kazillions of cubic units per second. A HUGE amount of lava is released in even a small eruption of Kilauea.

The two fatalities were from a tsunami that it generated. There was a state or county park, and a scout troop was camping there at the time. The quake hit in the wee hours of the morning, and the park was in a remote location, and pitch black. The park is a small jut of land into the sea, at the base of large cliffs.

One survivor told me they could hear the water rushing out for the tsunami, and at the same time, heard rocks falling from the cliff. It was pitch black, and nobody knew which way to run. He ran anyway, and fell into an existing crack that protected him from the tsunami. His back was all scarred up from the rocks that came across it.

I had been attending a birthday party at an old coffee shack that you could probably push over with your hand. There were a lot of people sleeping inside at the time. Amazingly, that shack came through with no issues whatsoever.

I had been caretaking a ridiculously tall and narrow house a few miles away, and just knew that it would be a pile of sticks in the morning. Again, no issues. Crazy.

I've camped near a mountain lake during a storm and the (sand) shoreline has moved 20ft closer to the tent overnight. Can't imagine being in close proximity to the ocean at night.

It depends entirely on the shoreline. In Lahaina on Maui, they built structures right over the water, which is more like a lake shore, because the reef breaks up the ocean swells. I used to sleep in a hammock for a while, and when surf was big, it came right under me. There's not much tidal fluctuation in Hawaii.

OTOH, I took a trip to Long Beach in Washington to check out a storm. There's a high berm that has openings in places so that people can drive on it. Normally, it's super flat and hard sand, and officially, a highway. People drive and camp on that beach.

But this night, there was a storm. When I drove to the top of the berm, the headlights showed raging surf right in front of me. The berm was being eaten away. I get chicken skin when I think of that sight, of the headlights of my car looking out into pure black and white. Blackness of the sky, whiteness of the surf. I came within a few feet of dropping off into the surf. Next day, There was a neat cliff about 10-20 feet high on the berm. And piles of tan colored foam (can't remember what that stuff is called) left by the surf.

After living in Hawaii for 20 years, Long Beach is still my favorite beach. It has a real "there be dragons" feel to it.

Isn't there a possibility of chain eruptions?

It will most like be a fissure vent eruption, where the ground has a rift the lava will find a way out.

Thanks, I'll look that up.

Yeah, and it's a brand new one in a populated area. This a major big deal. I kinda wish I was there, but again, glad I'm not. The eruption has been going on for some 30 years, and this is definitely the most significant development.

Source: former resident of the area for 20 years.

The current eruption series has been going on since the mid 80s, and is by far the longest in recorded history. It's amazing to think that there are people who are now adults, who have lived with it all their lives.

Before, it was big news, big party when the volcano erupted. Eruptions would last a few days, weeks, or months at the most. Everybody would be excited, go up to the summit to look, and it was just fun.

Now, it's sort of taken for granted that the volcano is erupting to some extent all the time. If not flowing with lava, you can always see the smoke.

Is there a reason why we don’t have a live thread to keep up with the ongoing geologic disasters in Hawaii?

My family on Maui said they felt the 6.9 and some of their friends near the volcano on the big island were evacuated by the national guard.

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This is why they're not sending anyone to Guam.

There's more land on the bottom side of the island than the top side, so tipping over is actually not a bad thing. Don't listen to the fake news media. Also look out for any demi-gods which may or may not have been featured in a recent Disney movie.

I am a scientist and this post is correct.

The population just reached 200,000 last month. It's 4096 square miles in area. 46 persons per square mile.

Thats not quite how that works. The Island is not uniformly populated.

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I was responding to the implication that the island is overpopulated.

Lived there for 20 years, so you don't have to tell me how it works, thank you.

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This looks like one of those makarov chain bots

Wait, what's a markov chain bot?

typical liberal PC doesn't let us talk about all the disasters caused by not being good Christians

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I pointed out the facts about the "island tipping over" meme and all you triggered conservatives can do is mock me. bizarre.

Psst. I think you may have the wrong thread.

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Does that make it better?

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There is a link to a live thread on /r/hawaii

Edit: Here is the mega thread which has a link to a live thread in it. Has been going since yesterday so lots of cool videos.

R/Hawaii is pretty active.

r/bigisland would be better, 'cause that's where it's happening.

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For real I never actively look at this sub but I was wondering where the fuck the "volcano erupting in suburbs" threads were

Mods literally just posted one like 20 minutes ago.

We did it reddit!

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You did :)

/r/bigisland is pretty close to that.

Would be nice to have a live thread....Surprised it’s taken this long to see a post about this!

More eruptions? You know what that means? They can finally film an on location sequel to Dante's Peak with real ash and lava.

Someone grab Pierce Brosnan

Finally, in spite of the fact that this eruption has been going on for 30+ years.

This is a new phase, with lava outbreaks in a new location, near homes, so it's a big deal to me.

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I speculate this means something big. Lava spitting fissures, ash out of Pu'u O'o, and two big earthquakes including a 6.9? That seems like we are looking at a big escalation of eruption

Edit: I find it somewhat humorous that the earthquake hazards website is down at USGS

Edit2: I meant volcanic hazards website ...

We may not necessarily be seeing an increase in activity; this may be the mainshock as it is quite large. There is the possibility of more earthquakes, fissures, or other triggered hazards like landslides so people on the island should be prepared, but a large earthquake isn’t always followed by a larger earthquake.

Not to mention the main lava lake drained away.

Did it really? According to a friend, it was overflowing like a week ago. I didn't get a chance to drive over there and have a look :(

Yep, the webcams show it dry as can be. It happened 6 or 7 hrs ago. Its gotta go somewhere too.

Link to webcams? There are some that I don't think are really up to date.

Cant help you till later, I'm out now. I found them on Twitter under the kilauea hashtag.

Yeah, one video I watched showed large chunks of Halemaumau falling in as well. I mean, if you were standing 50 feet from the edge, you could have dropped in. And you know, there is an observer's outpost somewhere right on the edge of it.

Something is going down, down below.

Yup. Pele is gonna put on a show.

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Edit: I find it somewhat humorous that the earthquake hazards website is down at USGS

Try refreshing it every so often.

It seems like it's been off and on throughout the day when I've been checking.

Lava spitting fissures, ash out of Pu'u O'o, and two big earthquakes including a 6.9? That seems like we are looking at a big escalation of eruption

It's more likely that was the big part, and now it all calms down.

That seems like we are looking at a big escalation of eruption

I agree. Ash from Pu'u O'o is an almost daily occurance, however. What is significant is the sudden draining and collapse of some of Halema'uma'u -- the summit crater. And this is a new location, far downslope. This is a more significant event than the flow that reached the outskirts of Pahoa a few years ago, and probably the most significant event since the first few months of the eruption.

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please explain, /not a geologist

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God that is my worst nightmare literally. Ever since we watched a video in 10th grade earth science about that bay in Alaska with the high water line halfway up the mountain.

Me too.

As a kid, I was fascinated by Pompeii and the eruption of Vesuvius, and similar events. I would have dreams about things like that, that weren’t so great.

Still interested in stuff like that now (decades later), but.. after spending some time last night reading updates on the Big Island, I had a crazy dream about visiting Mount St. Helens (I live in the PNW) and things popping off and it being too late to leave.

I hope there isn’t more/worse destructive activity over there throughout this.

I'm fairly certain learning about that incident is directly responsible for every tsunami nightmare I've ever had.

What they should have taught you in the 10th grade was how to tell when somebody's trying to scare you with incomplete science.

It's obviously meant to scare and excite, rather than inform. If it's the one I'm thinking of, which has had jillions of hits on YouTube.

The city of Honolulu, and also such famous spots as Waikiki and Pearl Harbor. Otherwise, correct.

That's scary as all hell, not to mention it would still wreak havoc on the west coast as well.

Currently in Ko Olina for the next week. O_o

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Yeah it's been great here. Actually enjoy when it's cloudy/off season

Extinction happens.

"THE" shelf? Shelves develop from time to time, and fall into the ocean. It's not like there's this one huge shelf with a volcano on it.

Is there any concern of a catastrophic eruption from the volcano? I know this type of volcano is usually more spread out and doesn't really have the type of eruption of taller more recognizable volcanos. Is the expectation that the worst of the eruption is that lava is popping out in all kinds of different places?

This eruption has been going on since 1983 so pressure has been frequently released and major catastrophic events are almost impossible. This week an new vent opened and is releasing lava much closer to homes so that is why this is news.

Back just prior to the LA quake that collapsed the freeways, Darwin was experiencing strong quakes. And now We had one just recent after a gap of thirty years. With all this I'm thinking some heavy quakes in the US in the near future.

Just on an off question has anyone equated dark matter asteroid impacts with earthquakes that dont have an apparent regular matter asteroid cause?

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