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Questions. Questions that need answering.
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Is tha rate of homosexuality among the blind equal to the proportion of homosexuals in the rest of the population?


It’s nighttime and I’m stuck in a swing. How do I unlock this? Please help.

I sat in it to chill and closed it, now I can’t open it. What do I do?


When and why did everyone start calling their dog “Doggo” on Reddit?

Same with “Puppers” for puppies?


Should you continue to pay for WiFi after moving out?

My lease ends August 30th, but I am moving out at the end of July. I will continue to pay my portion of the rent until my lease is over. I have 2 roommates who will continue to live in said apartment.

The WiFi bill is in my name, so I asked my roommates if either of them would want me to transfer the WiFi to one of their names on July 31st so they don’t have to deal with reinstallation and the costs that come with it.

They feel that I am screwing them over since I will not continue to pay for the WiFi for the month I’m not there.

Reddit, do you agree with that logic? I signed a lease and therefor I will happily pay my portion of the rent for the month that I’m not there, but should I be paying for WiFi for them while I don’t live there?


On 9/11, how did the hijackers know which new heading to turn in order to reach their targets?

This is has always baffled me. The piloting hijackers only had some experience in a single engine Cessna, not commercial jets. The autopilot was already set on a course as they were at cruising altitude when hijacked. However once in control of the plane, the terrorist would have had to change the heading the autopilot was set at. They would first HAVE to figure out their current location, and then change heading in the direction of the target. Once close, they obviously flew manually. How they even got there confuses me.


Has there ever been a chemical added to a pool that will change colours when it comes into contact with urine, or is it a completely baseless tale

Wondering if a pool has actually put chemicals that change colours into a pool at any point in time ( I’m not a pool pisser, just curious) and what would be the legal ramifications if they did put that chemical in?


If you wear glasses and you go to prison, do you get adjustments every so often?


Why do I often see the same construction machines left for months or even years on end at a site?

I’ve noticed throughout the years in my area some of the same excavators and bulldozers left in certain lots/sites for many months, and some for even years without being moved. Is there a reason for this or did the construction company just forgot about their machinery? Some even have vines growing on them since they’ve been there for so long!


I just rewatched "Titanic" and I think I'm going crazy...?

I watched the movie 3-4 times before and I could have sworn to you, with 100% certainty, that there is a scene where they shoot up the flares and the ship closeby (I don't remember the name) sees them and the captain says something along the lines of "oh it's the Titanic, they are probably celebrating and lighting fireworks."

Well I just rewatched the whole thing and that was NOT in the movie. Am I wrong? Making things up? Or is anyone else certain this is in the movie?? Is this some Mandela effect type thing!?


What are the best microwaveable frozen foods?

My stove and oven are broken and I haven't eaten all day. I like to cook so I don't usually eat nuke meals but I'm exhausted and don't have the energy to concoct something. What's some frozen food that I can microwave that isn't garbage?


Where can I hire a Butler for life?

Not that I will have one in the near future, I just would like to know, is it still possible to get a Butler, a guy that's your chauffeur, your waiter, etc. etc. All the fun stuff we've seen in the movies, sort of like the Butler's from Boardwalk Empire or Home Alone 4., where would I go to find a person that is willing to be my Butler for the next 40 years? And how much would they cost a year generally?


Can you cook chicken breasts in the oven in pyrex?

Can I use my pyrex bakeware to cook chicken breasts in the oven?

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