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Isn't Alexa quite programmable, with thousands of "skills" or whatever, including making her say custom things? The dude even says he didn't start listening till the latter half of whatever Alexa said, isn't it likely she was saying something like "You set a reminder for 8pm that Every time I close my eyes..." or something along those lines? If someone finds a post-it note that has "I see dead people" will they publish an article about how the post-it wrote that on itself? The news just takes a random persons word for it? If I email these journalists and say my Alexa said "Poopoopeepee makes me go doodooweewee" do I get my own article? Looking at the domains of the websites running this story, probably, seems like they publish any bullshitted drivel that will get clicks.

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It's technology and it's new so we must be scared of it without even trying to understand it.

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And Furbys are Chinese spy robots intended to steal national secrets.

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Impossible, everyone knows furbys are Gremlins that haven't been fed " after midnight"

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This is why I read more reddit comments than source material.

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I'm looking forward to that article

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If somebody found a post it note they'd post it to Reddit and check their carbon monoxide alarm.

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Yeah. It's even getting interactive narratives now. Ask Alexa "Alexa, Ask Jurassic World What's in the box" and it'll go into a sample of this whole interactive story you have to talk with.