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Why don't you go ahead? I want to see what sites you cite.

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It's best for people to correct their own erroneous beliefs. Before I do this for you, I need to to truthfully tell me that you weren't able to find anything on your own.

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Nice try. You made the argument; I'm not the one responsible for supporting it. Please back up your own claims.

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I didn't make an argument, I made a statement of fact. All you need to do is truthfully say that you weren't able to find anything on your own, and then I'll "google it" for you.

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No, it's always listening, same for a number of apps on peoples phones.

That's an argument, or a claim, or statement, of whatever you want to call it. It's not my job to prove it for you. You want to convince me that you're right? Back up your claim with evidence.

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I'm not the one making an outrageous claim here, you are. The statement I made is one of fact, with an abundance of evidence to support it.

As you're the one making the outrageous claim here, namely that apps on your phone don't track and listen to you even when they're supposed to be off, you have to provide evidence for that.

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