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Waitress calls cops after man tries to pay with credit card that has her name on it

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read the article, the guy is somehow WAY dumber than the title makes him out to be

In addition to the card West tried to pay with, officers searched West and found a driver's license, other credit cards, and a social security card all belonging to the woman.

Pine Bluff Police said in a news release, "As a side note, the driver's license, as all do, had her picture on it. Therefore, you would think he should have known what she looked like. Yet, he still handed her own credit card to her."

West is being held at the Jefferson County jail and is being charged for Forgery, Theft by Receiving, and three additional outstanding warrants.

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In addition to the card West tried to pay with, officers searched West and found a driver's license, other credit cards, and a social security card all belonging to the woman.

tbh, if you looked at my drivers license (or even my personal ID card), you would not be able to recognize me as i look completely different more than 10 years after the photos have been taken.

Where do you get a drivers license that lasts ten years? I was excited when I moved states and went from 4 to 5 years.

198 points · 26 days ago

Germany. Never runs out (btw. the license is from 2003 .. the picture probably from then i was 16 or 17 ... :)

Ahh this makes sense considering how much more thorough the licensing process is. I hear all the instruction costs quite a bit too.

102 points · 26 days ago

in my opinion it doesn't make sense as anyone who was fit once is allowed to drive, even if they are not longer able to because they are old and have to take many drugs .. There are many bad accidents that just happen because people that are no longer fit to drive still think they can do it ..

37 points · 26 days ago

It’s not that controversial that it doesn’t make sense. But countless entitled old people want to drive and are willing to change their vote to make sure they can, or to punish the politician who made sure they couldn’t. So oh well.

This was a South Park episode

Don't mess with AARP!!

We just need to get the old self driving cars up and running for the elderly but something tells me they will not be early adopters of the technology.

Nope. They say the only reason self-driving cars exist is because young people are too lazy to drive themselves. Source: my Grandmother

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Are you kidding me? Your drivers license Tests in the USA are fucking dangerously easy. You Guys should actually have proper tests.

He's from germany

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1 point · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

Younger people actually cause more crashes than the elderly. Here's the data from the USA, but it looks like it's the same across the western world.

The best way to reduce crashes might actually be to prevent people from driving until they're 21, but that would cause a similar political shitstorm.

I'm not saying we should, by the way. I'm just saying that's what the data suggests.

Edit: same in the UK too.

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about 1000€ when I did it. it is a bit controversial since there gotta be something after like 20-30 years to check if you can still properly drive. car accidents by elderly are just too common. usually when an accident happen especially the heavier ones.. it is usually an elderly. not always ofcourse but enough that you notice the trend.

2 points · 26 days ago

Younger people actually cause more crashes than the elderly. Here's the data from the USA, but it looks like it's the same across the western world.

The best way to reduce crashes might actually be to prevent people from driving until they're 21, but that would cause a similar political shitstorm.

I'm not saying we should, by the way. I'm just saying that's what the data suggests.

They’re talking about Germany specifically though.

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If you have some medical problems like vision, hearing loss etc in some eu countries you have to retake it every 5 or 10 years. Of course only driving part of exam, not academy nor written, but still. Also they are trying to make sure older people have to retake them at certain age as a lot of non drunk accidents are caused by them

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That actually makes zero sense.

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7 points · 26 days ago

Same for me, my picture is me at 15, ridiculous that that is still valid :D

7 points · 26 days ago

I was finally forced to update my photo on my ID when I turned 30. It had my photo on it from when I was 15.

In rhe united states, I believe you need a new one at 18/and or 21

Many US states use a vertical format for licenses/ID for people under 21 years old.

Your license doesn’t necessarily expire on your 21st birthday, but it’s a hassle being questioned every time you use your ID to prove your majority with the vertical format. As a result, many people get a new license around 21 to get the traditional horizontal format.

I was mistaken, the license says "under 18/21 (not sure) until 'date'"

That too.

Being old, I just got caught when they first started putting the “Under 21” printed on the still horizontal licenses, and ended up with a license that would say I was “Under 21” until I was 23.

Having teenagers now, I’ve seen a lot of the new vertical format.


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3 points · 26 days ago

Arizona is good for like 40 years I think, someone confirm?

2 points · 26 days ago

Didn't i read recently that they've now put an expiry on them in Germany?

2 points · 26 days ago

I’m in California and have been renewing by mail for decades. They just keep mailing me a new card with the same picture from when I was 20. I’m almost a member of AARP

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Arizona is a new picture every 12 years but the license is valid until you're 65 iirc

Arizona licenses last like 50 years.

From Arizona. I went to DC a few years ago and naturally to a bar. Got carded at the door and the bouncer looked at it and said "Fucking AZ licenses never expire. Never get used to it". Having lived here since before I could drive that was the day I learned it's not like that everywhere.

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My state is 5 years, I believe most are, but they give you the option to update your picture at the DMV

6 points · 26 days ago

Mine expires in the year 9999. But not really, it's valid until 60 days after my separation from the military.

They're gonna be fucked when y10k happens.

If we don't have self driving cars by then, we screwed up badly. I'm already questioning whether my kids will ever get a license

In the state of Washington you can renew your drivers license online and they just use the last picture that they took. My picture has to be at least 10 or more years old at this point. I am not sure if they make you come back in for a new photo.

6 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

I'm 31 and have a picture from when I was 17 and don't have to get it updated until 2020. I went online to renew my license in Virginia and it didn't require me to get a new picture back in 2012.

I've had my driver's license for exactly 10 years in California with the same picture. I'm 26 now.

This is the reality with my passport (it finally expires this year) and I always get pulled aside for questioning in a small white room. 18 year old really fat me doesn't look like 27 year old adult me whatsoever. Thanks passport.

congrats on losing and keeping the weight off though!

Thank you Academy!!! I humbly accept this award but I couldn't have done it without you and also MyFitnessPal who is with me every day of my life because if I don't hold myself accountable I balloon up lmao

I'm in the same boat. I just planned my meals for tomorrow and I'll be having tons of comfort food while still hitting macros and being under my calorie goals. MFP for the win!

2 points · 26 days ago

which reminds me, i need to get back on that app. using i lost 10 pounds in the first month, mostly water weight. stopped using it and after 2 months or so, im back at my constant 228

Man I just moved to arizona. My license will expire in 2056. It's nuts.

2 points · 26 days ago

Licenses in Arizona are good like 40 years.

Illinois is every every four years, but if you have a good driving record, they'll send you an updated one, just pay a fee online. But you have to then get a new one in person every 8 years.

Oddly they don't give you the card at the DMV anymore, you get a temp card and the new one in the mail a week later.

Arizona, USA. My lisence won't expire til I'm 65 and I'm only 24 now

2 points · 26 days ago

California, my picture is age 16, I'm 25 and my next renewal is my 30th birthday.

South Carolina

My license from AZ expires in 2056...50 years from issuance.

2 points · 26 days ago

In 2008, in New York State, drivers licenses lasted 10 years. My new one is only 5 years, though.

But also, they didn't require me to get a new picture taken when I got my regular license in 2008, so it had the same picture that was on my "Under 21" license, which had the same picture as my driver's permit.

So I had the same picture on my license from ages 16 through 31.

Arizona! Mine expires in 2048.

Arizona lasts for like 40 years

in Alabama you can renew online every other time so you can go 8 years without getting a new picture taken

In NY it's good for 10 years.

In Florida it’s 8 years.

Lasts ten years in nc. Also we can renew online since the last time I renewed and I’m pretty sure they use the old picture.

1 point · 26 days ago

My drivers license is valid 50 years, but they recently changed the law to issue shorter ones. I think they’re 10 years now? Finland, for the record.

I’m in California and turn 25 this year, my picture is from 2010. I get people saying how I don’t look the same at all

Also Arizona lasts til 60 if I'm not mistaken.

Arizona. Mine never expires. Well, in 2068 or something.

Arizona it doesn’t expire until you turn 65...

Arizona licenses are good for about 45 years before you need to get a new one.

Texas is 10 years, and you don’t have to get a new photo if you mail in the application, so you could have the same photo for 20 years.

lol Arizona lasts 50 years

Yep, as many other comments said, most states let you renew online and require a new picture only if you show up in person

An Arizona driver's license expires only when you turn 65. For newly licensed drivers turning 16, this means many last 50 years.

A Georgia drivers license is now good for 8 years. It seems like they used to offer a ten year license, but not anymore.

Arizona lasts until your 65th birthday, just need to do a new picture every 12 years.

Mine lasts 7.

Here in New Mexico you can get one that either expires after 4 years or 8 years.

Excited? To visit the DMV? I’ll take my 10 years

My florida license lasts 9 years

Im 29 and my Florida license has my 17 year old picture on it.

i live in texas and the picture on my ID is the same as when i got it 8 years ago

My drivers license doesn’t expire until 2063

Even still

Mine isnt even 2 years old and I look totally different

Sure putting it up to my face you can tell it's me, but a haircut and beard trim later makes a helluva difference

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Wow, where do you live? In my state you have to renew your license every couple of years, and you have to have a new picture taken every time, note any weight changes, shit like that. And if you're of a religious minority that refuses to take pictures, you have to do that any time there's a significant shift in the way you look to update your detail profile.

4 points · 26 days ago

Germany. It never runs out for cars :)

they Changed that... Most will run Out in 2033, after that they will be valid for 15 years

3 points · 26 days ago · edited 25 days ago

Only for licenses issued before 2013, now they only last 15 years and you also need a German ID card which lasts for 10 years

3 points · 26 days ago

yes, that one has a little newer photo on, but still, you would not recognize me from the photo.

And TIL about the drivers license. Well, 2027 until mine ends.. until then, i will keep my old :)

2 points · 26 days ago

You don't have to have your id card on you though, so you can end up presenting just your driving licence with you as a 15/16 year old to a police officer if they stop you.

id cards are only required if the police charge you with something and you need to show id card/passport at a later date.

Where do you live? What religious minorities there refuse pictures? Just curious, I’ve never heard of it. I guess we may have a population in nc that refuses pictures but it’s not large enough that I’m aware of it.

Utah...I thought. But maybe I'm confusing it with Pennsylvania, where my cousins live. I know that it's the case there because of the Amish. There's also a few other Christian minorities that believe it's a violation of the Second Commandment to have their picture taken.

Do you look like a woman too?

That's my thing. I get someone's looks my change over time but he's clearly a dude and I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the waitress probably doesn't look like him, since she's a female and all. Like was she even the same race? Going off of what little I know about this dude, I wouldn't have been surprised to find out the waitress was some older Asian lady or something else just as opposite from him.

It's just irony mate you don't gotta explain it

i made the wrong citation. my comment was hinted at that he was way dumber because he had an id with a photo of her.

True, but at most restaurants the server tells you their name and/or they have a name tag. You’d think he could have made that connection if nothing else

That's pretty old school, I haven't been to a restaurant like that in a while.

My picture is when I had no facial hair at all and my hair was bobby hill short

Now that I actually have hair and a large beard I actually get analytical looks when I go to the bar or at certain liquor stores weather that toddler is actually me.

Big same. I’m clean shaven now, but had a damn sea captain beard when I had my license photo taken.

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Basically the cops rightfully called him a dumbass

Fucking Kevin

As soon as I read Pine Bluff, I was "Oh god, that's my home state. Damnit."

4 points · 26 days ago

Pfft. That's my home town.

I'm sorry.

Anyone know about the other 3 warrents

To be fair, he could just be face blind. I'm face blind, so I literally can't remember a face even a second after I've seen it. My roommate had a guest over once and I thought the guest was my roommate. I don't know how quickly regular people memorize faces; the idea that he could have her license and just know her face seems like such a foreign concept.

He could also just be dumb.

Pine Bluff...

The waitress is also a dumbass for carrying her social security card around.

Holy shit that's my hometown.

309 points · 26 days ago

The nerve!!

I hope he left a big tip.

For calling the cops on him? Hell no. I call that poor service. He should've left a negative yelp review as he was being read his miranda rights

Sounds like a blonde joke. He leaves her a large tip on a bill he payed with her stolen debit card and she thinks to herself.. at least I got a big tip 😍😍

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My father shops at one hardware store constantly and a strange woman came into the place and tried to use his name on a credit card then claimed to be his girlfriend. A sign you should avoid small towns with this crap.

There will always be criminals but im glad how some of them are dumb as hell and getting dumber every year

42 points · 26 days ago

There have always been incredibly stupid criminals, it’s just easier than ever to report them and publicly shame them now

I mean, the smart ones don't let you hear about them.

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Low rent criminals with low rent moves. Lol

He won't be paying rent in his new place I imagine.

12 points · 26 days ago

We will be paying his rent I guess

I'm OK with that. The more people like him in prison the easier for the rest of us to live out here.

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What are the chances lol

in a small Arkansas town...probably more likely than you would think

Not just small town but Pine bluff Arkansas. Chances are very high.

"You'll never find a more wretched hive..." i have a few friends who grew up in PB. They have nothing good to say about it.

I’ve heard quite a few people refer to it as Pine Box.

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2 points · 26 days ago

Early nineties is when things started getting worse.

We're all about 30, so anecdotally that checks out.

Beat me to the comment. Pine Bluff man and Florida man are obvi cousins.

10 points · 26 days ago

We cant accept this card its maxed out.

Its your card!

Thats how i know!

10 points · 26 days ago

50/50 either it happens or it don't

5 points · 26 days ago

That is not how it works...

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Is there any reason to have your social security card on you? That's just asking for identity theft.

When I first turned 18 I escaped my abusive childhood home and literally rented one of the first, cheapest rooms I could find in an apartment that someone else was renting with their name on the lease. I did not know the woman past meeting her when I interviewed for the spot to rent. When I lived with her, and a couple of apartments afterward where I didn't know the other house residents well, I would always carry mine and my birth certificate because I feared them stealing it since I didn't know them. Super dumb, and I don't do that anymore but between like 18-20 I never knew anyone I lived with well enough to leave something like that home 40+ hours a week while I was at work. 70+ hours a week total if you consider the time I spent commuting to and from work, to and from college, and at college at well.

Edited to add I found these living arrangements via Craigslist.

12 points · 26 days ago

Man, that's a lot of work to handle right off at being 18, good on you for pushing through.

Hey, thanks. It wasn't pretty but I think I managed through alright in the end. I wasn't very stable because I came from a repressed abusive situation to stumbling into attempting to function as an adult with no support network. I was scared into thinking I needed to be in college or I'd become homeless or something, that I enrolled. I am thankful for that because my busy schedule kept me mostly out of trouble. I had mental stability issues and a brief substance abuse situation because I was so overwhelmed with stress and hadn't dealt with my emotions from my childhood. But considering where some people ultimately end up, I am doing a pretty ok life now. And its really just because I kept myself ultra busy all the time. I sure wish stuff like Uber and Instacart existed back then though, holy shit would it have helped save some time in life.

Yeah, when you have roommates and especially if they invite friends over then it's best to keep your wallet and SS card and all that stuff on you at all times. If you have a safe place then that's great or you can also get a safe deposit box at a bank.

This is exactly what I was wondering! I've seen so many people just casually have their social security card in their wallet/purse. I feel like if you ever need your physical card, you'll have more than a moments notice to get it.

I keep mine in my wallet. It's safe though, it's inside a little plastic baggie.

8 points · 26 days ago

Sometimes I do when I know I'll need my number and I'm too much of a dumbass to remember it or write it down before leaving

What? Are you an adult that doesn't know their SSN?

You should really have it memorized by the time you leave high school.

One thing I was told is that it is still very easy to steal identity without needing someone's SSN. I have no clue how true it is, but I'm not in the business of either end of identity theft.

Everyone else has my identity at this point, no need to worry about carrying it.

I'm glad justice like this happens in real life now and then.

A similar thing happened to me when I was bartending. Guy comes in with his gf, I check IDs. She hands me hers and I read the name and look at the photo. It belongs to a girl I used to go to high school with and I just start laughing. I go "I went to high school with Lindsay. Next time you see her tell her I said hi." she was super embarrassed. Her guy asked if she could stay in the bar and just not drink. I again, laughed, and told him no. He's more than welcome to get a table in the dining room, but she won't be drinking. They left. Of all the sushi restaurants in all the world...

I posted this same story here few days ago and got flagged by mods for not being oniony enough or whatever :/

Can we all be bros and give this poster the karma that they didn't receive, but rightfully deserve.

After reading the title, I assumed it would turn out that it really was his card, and he just happened to have the same name as her. My assumption was incorrect, but I could certainly see that happening.

That was what I expected too! I thought that both of them somehow had the same name lol

Hey you racist cop. Elizabeth is a unisex name!

As someone born and raised in Pine Bluff, this doesn’t surprise me.

I too grew up there. I am always happy to hear of someone else that got out.

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What's the probability of this?

For this guy, better than even odds.

2 points · 26 days ago · edited 26 days ago

Pretty low, relatively. The gas station where the card was stolen from and the restaurant where it was used were within two blocks of each other. Considering this happened in a relatively small community and most people frequent establishments within a small geographical area it's not that big of a surprise. Probably something on the order of 1 in few thousand.

An old "Ripley's Believe It or Not" story told of a Canadian bank teller who knew the check he was being asked to cash was a forgery because the check was his own personal account.

hopefully she learns not to bring a social security card around in her wallet from now on.

8 points · 26 days ago


Well I have heard a similar story of a guy using a credit card at a grocery store.. went to a cashier.. turns out the cashier was the wife of the person who the card belonged to..


2 points · 26 days ago

"According to the police report Unfortunately for this light-fingered fine diner, she called rang up police instead of ringing up the bill."


Totally missed his cue to say “Is this your card?!” and just backpeddle-bow our of the restaurant

3 points · 26 days ago

This happened to me, but it was my dad. He was in some bad times and saw that it had my name on his credit card. Turned out his business was in my name too. My credit isn’t great now.

Restaurant apologizes for racism, and will be holding implicit bias retraining sessions for all employees who wont lend their credit cards to customers just because they are black.

Waiting for someone to blame this guy's crime on "insert political reasons here"

He was a good man. Out spreading the word of Jesus Christ. I am certain this is systematic racism. /s


Alright Judas how many times have I told you not to internet.

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When this happened at Starbucks the waitress got fired. We all need to do our part to fight against injustice.

Thought this was gonna be another Starbucks story for a sec

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oh snaps hes black

Sneak: 100

Oof,thats tuff

Don't get me wrong they guy is a jerk but I think it's odd she called the cops because the credit card had the same name as her you know how many people in the world have the same name

I don't know if the the nottheeonion part is because of coincidence or that a developed country still uses such backwards ID system.

Shirley you must be kidding

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My driver's license doesnt have her picture on it. I think I got scammed...

This has to be proof that karma exists right? Don’t be a jerk to people you guys.

This happened in my home town, not as dumb.. but in the same ball park


He still looks confused as to how he could've been that stupid.

My brother was once caught trying to pay with a cc with his ex-girlfriends info on it at Barney’s. Bad move. Dude isn’t that bright.

""As a side note, the driver's license, as all do, had her picture on it. Therefore, you would think he should have known what she looked like. "

I'll be completely honest- most of us dont look like our drivers license photo. I know I kept renewing mine by mail for freaking YEARS despite having been 38 and the picture being when I was 25

How can anyone be this fucking stupid

Well at least she got all her stuff back easier than having to call and tell all those companies.

Like in runescape were you steal the goods from a stand then try and sell them back to the guy running it and he calls over the guards.

But he identifies as her.

What are the chances of this happening

Someone promote the God damn MVP who put everything I needed to know about the title in the thumbnail.

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