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Dozens Of Hawaii Tourists Arrested Taking Lava Photos, Selfies In Restricted Kilauea Volcano Eruption Areas

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Well they did tell people not to do it, so of course they where going to do it

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Big i is desperate for tourists. They could handle this better.

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We're not that desperate to risk lives to save lives of people who can't follow rules of safety. Also, it's not worth your life for violating those rules either. They are proposing a safe area to build a lookout for people who want to view and take pics of the lava. Also, this is on a federal level, not just local authorities.

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Yes, and tourists are less likely to visit when they read people are being fined & ticketed. The safe look out area should be the headline! Good luck with federal help. Unless trump owns a hotel in the lava zone expect little help.

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Tourists arent coming here just to see lava. Even prior to this all going down people weren't coming here just to see lava. Most visitors go to the opposite side of the island where there is absolutely no lava activity. Also, Trump just approved federal assistance last week or so.

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