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This tennis racket slicing through jello

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2.7k points·8 days ago


I recognize it by Dan dirty lab coat lol.

I’m Dirty Dan!

92 points·8 days ago

Dan the man!

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No, I'm Dirty Dan


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aaaaaaaaaaaand I expected nothing less as a response to that comment sir. take my upvote.

my life is a spongebob reference, on the reals. 100% completion in childhood

Dirty Sánchez

Do it with dan



More like completely destroyed

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Right, I'd recognise that lab coat anywhere lol

It’d be nice if the gif bloody matches the frame rate of the video

more like SLOMOCREW these days

Well, the show ended so they're just the Slow Mo GUYS again.

It used to be brilliant when it was just Gav and Dan in their backyard. YouTube have managed to take something organic and turn it into a factory produced bore fest.

You missed the most recent one then. That’s over now and they’re back in their yard on their own again. So if you unsubscribed, you should get back on board.

Superb! Thanks.

As an aside, the SlowMo Show YouTube Originals was always in my recommend feed. This one wasn’t. The algorithm is clearly influenced.

I like the Slo-mo Show they did. I thought it was awesome they were able to scale up some of their favorite shots.

While smashing caravans with wrecking balls and watching sumo wrestlers destroy Dan is fun, it just doesn’t compare to 2 guys dicking about in their garden with weather balloons, trampolines and expensive cameras.

Yeah, most of it felt too clinical for me. There were a couple I enjoyed - the one where they were using a trebuchet to launch bowling balls at a car felt like classic Slow Mo Guys but on a larger budget - but for the most part it just felt a bit lifeless. I absolutely don't blame them for doing it, though; it's the sort of thing that seems like it'd be a great experience to film! It just doesn't make for as good viewing as their back garden shenanigans. I'm glad they'll be getting back to that.

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2 points·8 days ago

Fair enough

Looks like spaghetti squash

I honestly thought it was molten glass at first glance.

Almost every slo mo guys episode has a very satisfying moment

They’re my favorite YouTube channel. Not only are their experiments awesome with the slow motion and everything, but those guys are pretty hilarious together. They deserve a tv show.

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Source for those who want to see the other angles/ colours.

Comment deleted8 days ago(11 children)

Those aren't Australian accents! The Slo Mo Guys are English!

Comment deleted8 days ago(0 children)

Gavin works for rooster teeth and frequently is in Texas.

Well he lives in Texas so I'd hope he's there frequently

Either way I'm not wrong :)

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19 points·8 days ago

They're English, though most of the content is filmed in the US. (Gavin lives in the US, and Dan flies over to film.)

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There is something quite funny about how Americans often have trouble differentiating between English and Australian

Trust me, most Americans don’t.

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Credits to Slow Mo Guys on YouTube

Nice. Now all we’re missing is a video of a 1000 degree red knife cutting through It

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Now do it with potatoes so we can start mass producing French fries

there really is an xkcd for everything

No its not?

Ed Edd 'n' Eddy right there

You could feed an entire village with the potato on this skin!

This is pretty similar how French Fries are made. The potato is in a pipe and is sent through a slicing mesh just like the jello through the racquet.



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This comment is oddlysatisfying better post repost it

This comment is oddlysatisfying better post repost it

I'm glad that didn't keep going

Happy cake day!

Thank you!

I’m glad that didn’t keep going

That’s the titlr of Amy’s sex tape!

This comment is oddlysatisfying better post repost it

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17 points·8 days ago

Look at all those hyperlinks omg :0

Happy cake day

The last time it was posted was 7 months ago. A lot of new people will see it. I'd understand if it was last posted a couple of days ago, but 7 months is a long time on the internet.

My issue is that OP posted a much lower rez and shorter version of the gif, hence low effort.

Better version:

That is so much more satisfying

Or you could link to the non-gifbooted video which is available in 1080p

Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

Never seen it before. Thankful to see it now.

Yep. Same. Been on reddit for years and never saw this

same. not all of us live on here

Also, who cares if a user is reposting for “free karma”?

I had never seen this gif before. Are people really upset that other users just get karma by reposting? What a waste of a concern.

I have nearly no life outside Reddit and I never saw it before.

I've a 5 year stamp on my original account (u/skeezyrattytroll) and this is OC to me.

Reddit is complex enough and deep enough that it is easy to miss stuff, even after multiple reposts.

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The bigger issue is these are all higher quality than the postage stamp OP posted.

Every single one of those is about 4x the quality too.

Same time next week?

this is the first time i've seen it so thanks OP!

Mate who gives a shit

If you’re complaining about reposts, you need to spend less time on Reddit.

4 points·8 days ago

Nobody gives a fuck

I care about Jello

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People bitching about reposts are worse than reposts. If thousands of people upvoted the repost, they obviously haven't seen it before. Like get over it, the world doesn't revolve around you

Thanks for your time putting this together, but the laws of supply and demand my dude... if he gets the updoots it’s because it’s worth the updoots. Give the people what they want. More jello squishing for the masses! You want new content? Find it and bring it to us! We’ll give you the updoots.

add one to the list

Every ecosystem has its recyclers I guess

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Real life Mario tennis

Take your upvote and stay out of my head.

Source on this fire tennis?

SloMoGuys on YouTube

5 points·8 days ago·edited 8 days ago

Wasn't that backyard scientist?

Edit: no that was slowmo guys, but backyard scientist did it too:

TIL Mario tennis has basis in reality. tenstoriestall beat me to it while I was hypnotized.

Please give credit to the people who made this or at least give a link to the video somewhere

Somehow posting a low-res copyright infringing gif is somehow preferable to posting a link to the actual 1080p video that they put up.

What is wrong with some people!

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Repost and this is originally by the slow mo guys

It looks like the side of a flower after it goes through the racket

Like a mango turned flower.


Came here for this. Thanks.

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You literally just recorded a slow mo guy video

My personal headcanon is that it's very hot glass.

I want to see this with blown glass now.

To shreds, you say

Tsk tsk tsk. Well, how’s his wife holding up?

This is wildly satisfying

I want to see the jelly noodle aftermath

I want to eat it

It looks a lot like a pile of jello

Sadly I'm thinking about the cleanup

This is one of those things that I might think about trying just to see what would happen but then not do it because it's too much work. The magic of the internet is that now I don't have to wonder what would happen

Now thats what I call a sticky situation

I shall impress my guests next time I make jello salad!

I had always wondered what was the best way to serve Jello.

The best way to serve it is frequently

Thought it was molten glass at first

Credit the slow mo guys atleast

It looks like a boob.

The jello looks kinda like comercial fries

Ryoma Hoshi, Ultimate Tennis Pro.

This looks like a blooming flower.

Is this how Outback Steakhouse's Bloomin Onions are made?

And now for the clean up. Bring in the ants

This makes me so uncomfortable.

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I wonder what made them think to do this

For some reason this made me angry

Was hoping it was lava.

I thought this was hot glass for a second, fuck I’m retarded.

You know they shot this shit in HD right?

You should put him in Custardy

So that is how gummy worms are made.


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Did you hear that joke about jello?

It took a while to set in, but I sure enjoyed it.

This one really does it for me, I could actually just keep watching this. 10/10.

Needs more Jpeg

Needs more Jpeg

There you go!

I am a bot

There's always room for jello.......

I didn’t initially read the headline and I thought it was molten glass.

Someone please reverse this and put it in r/reversegifs

damn thats hot

I'm going to watch this so many times today. So satisfying.

This is how I crush my forehand too.

Poor Dan and Gavin.

Where can I get a jello tennis ball?

kinda looks like dandelion blooming

Jello fries.


Jello spaghetti should be a thing. I know whats for dinner!

(●´ω`●)1 point·8 days ago

We are losing quality, how is that satisfying?

This is grate.


Reminds me of the Ed Edd and Eddy when they make french fries

Ok I gotta try this

Now I want jello

At first glance I thought this crazy muhfuh was about to hit molten metal

Credit to SlowMoGuys on Youtube. Give credit when deserved.

I keep staring st it like 29 times

Looks like glass before he hits it

Absolutely ZORNCHED the thing!

Now THIS is oddly satisfying

Imagine cleaning that!

Finally I can stop internetting, because I don't there is anything better than this out there.

Am I the only person who didn’t read the tire and thought this was something molten?

Everything about this looks 90’s as fuck.

Shouldn't it come out in a W shape like on the tennis racket?


Once in AP Bio my best friend Corey Henderson who is on the Tennis team, he took his tennis racket and our other friend Jenny was eating a backed potatoe and Corey Took his tennis racket and he threw the potatoe into the air he smashed it all over the place and our AP Bio teacher Mrs. Flanigan was all like WHAT THE FR*CK

Is this how gummey worms are made?

I didn’t know I wanted to see this until I saw it

To shreds you say?

Like buttah

The ball of jello looks like some sort of molten iron in the thumbnail. Now I feel unsatisfied.

Anyone else a little disappointed cause they thought it was molten lava at first?

So that's how gummy worms are made.

OHHHHHHH that's how they make candy worms.

Need more Jpeg

Need more Jpeg

There you go!

I am a bot

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I looked without reading the caption, thought the jelly was a ball of molten glass, severe cringe upon impact!

This makes me happy

I guess Gallagher can scratch that one off his list.

Everything looks better in slow mo


that's how top chefs like wolfgang puck make jello spaghetti

I'd like to see the view from behind


sports strainer.

TIL you can earn some serious karma by making a gif of a slomo guys video

This video was inspired by something on Reddit and now it's on Reddit. Shit really came full circle.

Jell-O-Sketti for dinner tonight, boys.

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