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/r/Oneliners is a Trending Subreddit!

Welcome to all our new subscribers! We are thankful that Reddit made us a trending subreddit for the 3rd of September, 2017. As a result, /u/KudosInc has created new CSS which is a refined version of the previous one. This was designed as a celebration of being trending, and to commemorate reaching 20,000 subscribers! Now onto what /r/Oneliners is...

/r/Oneliners hosts a variety of funny, one line jokes in a well-moderated, friendly community. We hope that everyone tries to contribute to the subreddit and that you all treat eachother with respect. I suggest you look at our top posts of all time to get an idea of what oneliners should look like. The sub currently has 5 moderators:

As moderators, we have been trying to grow and promote /r/Oneliners in an attempt to further expand the community and prevent this place from become stagnant. We currently have a monthly 'Oneliner contest', with the most recent one being stickied on our front page. September's contest just started, and can be found here. Read more inside that post for details about topics and prizes!

We hope we can work together to continue this!

Please feel free to either message the moderators here or comment below what you'd like to see from /r/Oneliners. Also, if you enjoy the content here, please remember to subscribe!

(p.s. look out for some Halloween CSS coming soon!)



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A variety of funny, one line jokes in a well-moderated, friendly community!

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Rules TL;DR
  • Entire joke should be in the title.
  • Offensive or disrespectful content is not welcome.
  1. General Reddiquette must be followed.

  2. Mods reserve the right to remove or keep content deemed inappropriate.

  3. On a similar note, if a post does not make sense or offends you, report it! If a post is reported multiple times the mods will review it and it should be removed.

  4. Use the search bar if you think your oneliner may have been posted before.

  5. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to message the mods.

What is a oneliner?
  • A oneliner is a succinct, funny or witty remark. This should all fit into the title.
  • Generally, if your joke would be more funny if it was split into a title and body section, its probably not a oneliner.
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