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Hi folks! I have a friend who was recently telling me that, according to her boyfriend (who works on a farm that I guess produces both organic and non-organic produce; I didn’t realize there were farms that did both?), organic pesticides are not any safer than those used in conventional farming.

I tend to disagree and would love some sources to cite. My friend and I both studied biology in university so peer-reviewed journal articles and other materials with all the scientific jargon still intact are both welcome and encouraged.

Thanks in advance!


Has your view/confidence in the USDA Organic certification changed over the past 5 years? If so, than in what way? More, Less, Same confidence in USDA Organic? Has the average consumer perception changed at all? What is the future of the USDA Organic cert?


Can you please help me to name a new online marketplace.Prefer a name that sounds happy or inspiring. Also like to have the word organic within the name.

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A community for topics centered on Organic agriculture, this perspective is particularly focused on Organic as a regulated industry, and the issues and interests that surround it.

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