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I recently moved neighborhoods and the only place near me now that has organic produce is Aldi. I have never shopped at aldi and i'm wondering if the organic label here is legit or if they used some other methods to get the label. Has anyone investigated?


Hey I don’t know if I may post this here but at least to me it relates.

Trying to buy new beddings and I always buy natural and organic stuff where possible. So for my pillow the main criteria is that it stays cool during warm summer nights. I had a spelt-filling before and that wasn’t bad, just trying to figure if something is better suited, maybe buckwheat or a cotton/linen blend, maybe cotton/silk?

Any tips appreciated :)

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I am really wanting to learn more about ethical ways of eating. We try to not eat a whole lot of meat and eat mostly organic eggs/chicken/beef is but I wanted to get research on actual companies that treat their animals well and are okay to purchase from. I had thought the organic cage free eggs were ethical but I heard a YouTuber who became vegan recently say that cage free was not an improvement because the animals fight that way. Anyways without learning the graphic details we wanted to work towards eating ethically.

Thank you.

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