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not to sound like a crazy vegan™️ but nothing ethical happens when you raise animals for slaughter, or raise chickens/cows to provide your their byproducts for consumption. you said you don’t want the details, but even free-range egg and milk and meat companies slaughter their animals when the time comes that they no longer provide the company a profit. What The Health, a documentary on Netflix, provides pretty good insight into the meat and dairy industry without the gory slaughter scenes, just using good science to back up their claims that meat and dairy are unhealthy (being in this sub, you are likely a health-conscious consumer)

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I'm currently needing high amounts of protein as I'm pregnant so going the vegan route really isn't an option. I already abstain from meat completely one day a week and oftentimes several other days and struggle to get through the day. So I'm trying to find the best option of using animal products possible while also maintaining my health. Definitely hear what you're saying and when I'm not pregnant I rarely eat meat but for now I need a temporary solution.

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personally, i think eggs and soup-chicken (meat from animals that were used for eggs) are by far the least problematic. i don’t know where you live, for me, getting eggs from a farmer that i know and trust is very comforting, but my dad has those connections, i know this can be tricky. but when you find a good source, ask them if they sell laying hens sometimes. cooking those out, creating your own stock etc. is imo pretty fun.

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That's a good idea. Thanks!

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Glad to help!

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Still imperfect, but check out "pasture raised" eggs and chickens and "pastured" and "grass-fed" cow products. Also, check out local farmer's markets for good, small scale options.

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Helpful thank you. I need to try a farmer's market.

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This is a good resource to find local growers who will be the most transparent in their production:


If you can't buy from a local farmer who does things really well, or if you don't know how to tell if they do, then look for certified humane and GAP certified products at a Whole Foods or a health food store. High level GAP certification is a good way to ensure the animals have had a high quality life, and I can assure you the requirements are not easy to achieve. The farmers are evaluated with annual audits and there are a lot of requirements. My desire to have ethically raised meats, combined with the environmental benefits of well managed ruminant animals in terms of sequestering carbon, is what drew me into my work.

Here are the certifying agencies to help you understand what things like "GAP level 5" means.



If you are looking for a direct to your door option, I can provide you some more information. Just let me know if I can help.