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I wanted to post here because I've been experiencing weird symptoms lately and I'm not sure whether they're due to my diet change or an underlying illness.

After I heard about the Monsanto case I naturally became suspicious that a large proportion of our food supply could have traces of carcinogens. Sure enough, my research affirmed that glyphosate was nearly everywhere, as well as other unlabelled GMO's, endocrine disruptors, and assorted microscopic evils. I resolved to go cold turkey on all non-organic food, as it seems that if a food isn't labelled organic, one can assume that it's either genetically-modified or laced with harmful pesticides.

For the past 3 days, I have not eaten a single non-organic food. However, the results have contradicted my expectations. I've been horribly depressed and in a mental fog. I've also experienced near constant nausea today (though worst in the morning), and have been so fatigued that yesterday I was ready to sleep at 8, and today I had to take a nap at 6.

I'm not sure if it's the diet or something else. It seems like I have the symptoms of pregnancy, but I haven't had sex! I wanted to see if anyone had similar experiences switching to organic before going to the doctor, as my insurance is literal shit and I don't want this to cost me money if it doesn't have to.


I do not mean in the way of feeling healthy over a long interval of time, but rather can you feel any immediate physical sensations when eating organic food versus non-organic food?


I have been buying "Non-GMO" products whenever I can because I can't always find organic... but I recently realized that most non-GM crops are sprayed with Glyphosate right before harvest to make it easier to harvest -__- Glyphosate avoidance is what I am after....


I've worn organic for decades, waiting for designs to get better - more creative/interesting. And yet they are still just basically yoga and baby clothes. When will this industry change?

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A community for topics centered on Organic agriculture to keep GMO, pesticides, and other synthetic (artificial) additives out of our foods, and drinks; this perspective is particularly focused on Organic as both regulated industry and the issues and interests that make it essential for a sustainable food-chain and environment.

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