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Welcome to the New r/orisamains

Now that reddit is pushing out it’s new design to more and more reddit-pages. Orisa has finally been updated too!

Now there’s still many users that have no access to the new design.

But that will happen sooner or later...? So for now, have a sneak peak!

Have ideas for improvements? Submit them here in this thread.

Did you write an awesome Orisa Guide? Submit it to the mods and it will be added in the New Menu.

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Patch Notes: V.1.0

Added: New design - (Current style: Rialto)

  • During new events, skins, the OrisaMains Reddit will change for the duration of that event.
  • Added Post Flairs: Discussion, Guide, Blizzard Official, Highlight, Spoiler, Moderator
  • Menu items linking to PlayOverwatch Orisa page.
  • Upvote/Downvote Icons (Bongo / Null Sector)

Upcoming in V.1.1:

  • Flairs and Orisa Emojis
  • Improvements based on User Feedback.
  • Guides can be submitted! These will be added in the menu.


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I am CANAS1AN. I usually make educational Zarya content, but today is all about my favorite main tank, Orisa. Orisa is in a decent spot right now given that Fortify negates all Crowd Control affects and her Halt ability creates space between you and the enemy team.

After countless games where no one locked main tank, I started to lock Orisa because I think she is fun to play and can really punish enemy teams if played well. Especially Halt. I love pulling off good Halts.

After awhile, I started to get pretty good with her and I wanted to make an Orisa Guide similar to my Zarya Guides to help others improve with the hero. Unlike my Zarya guides, I tried to put all my Orisa knowledge into one singular guide.

How to Play Orisa: In-Depth Guide

I also do Orisa Vod Reviews for free on my Twitch and YouTube channels.

I really hope you guys like the guide and find it helpful.

Thanks for watching and have a good weekend everyone.


Hey guys and gals, been awhile.

Been busy with life, but I am trying to get out reviews when I can. I am not accepting vods at this time.

Anyway, today's vod is a great Orisa vod in my opinion. As usual, the topics covered are:

  • Ability Usage
  • Reload Discpline
  • Target Selection
  • Positioning
  • Ult usage

The vod is split into 5 short parts so to not be an hour plus slog. Hopefully it helps and you all enjoy the content.



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

If you want more condensed Orisa tips, check out my Orisa Guide

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I mainly place my ult at the beginning of a team push, but I like to call it out so my teammates can line up their ult. However most the time my teammates either don’t use their ult during Supercharger, or they just run away from the totem and it does no damage.

I end most comp games with ~500 damage boosted.



When do you think they’re going to fix the interactions with Hammond and Orisa’s fortify?! I have a growing hatred towards this stupid dive hamster


Hey there folks,

while I've been playing loads of Reaper since the season started, I like to play main tanks and I'm getting really comfortable with Orisa. The problem is that, since the season 12 started, I'm dropping as though I was halted in the Rialto bridge, and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. My main point of worry is that I'm dying a lot, some 12/13 deaths per game according to overbuff, and this means I can't really function as a tank, especially since Orisa is rather slow on the uptake. I play silver, so I'm aware that the heals will be scarce, but I think the issue lies on my performance. I'll be making a VOD for OverwatchUni, but maybe you good people have a couple tips to die less often and make Efi happy about this?


Bf and I talking about orisa and just curious what everyone thinks are the best/worst maps for orisa. She has a lot of utility but I’ll agree maps like oasis city center isn’t the best. Curious if everyone’s opinion


Tossing your shield right above you when you can anticipate the EMP coming will not effect it as it not a deployed shield yet.

(It will drop in the same location you toss it STRAIGHT up in the air)


I just wanted to post this tidbit, which is only a small part of the amazing in-depth guide by u/CANAS1AN. At 21:00 into that video, He goes into Orisa's gameplay loop. This one tip alone helped me improve my Orisa gameplay significantly.

Orisa's gameplay loop:

  1. Shield
  2. Shoot
  3. Halt
  4. Fortify
  5. Repeat

Hey Orisa Mains. I did some research for a reply over at r/OverwatchUniversity that I think might help others here.

As you would know Orisa has the longest reload in the game. Good reload management can be the difference between you or your team getting untimely deaded. Habitually hitting reload at every chance won't cut it. Therefore, compared to most characters, Orisa's reload habits are quite unique.

There's an interesting synergy in her kit you might not be aware of :

  • Shield, Halt, Melee and Bongo all cancel her reload.
  • The only think that doesn't is Fortify.
  • Emptying Orisa's entire clip takes about 13 seconds
  • Fortify has a 14 second cooldown (includes the active period)

This means that if you fortify when you reload you will ALWAYS have it ready by the time your next reload comes. Additionally, Shield and Halt will always be up by the time you reach the low clip sound around 50 shots left.

Why is this important? You can use this in a few ways:

  • as you hear your clip getting low, throw a new sheild down to cover your team, then move towards cover to let the reload go through and move out to take position again with a new shield by that stage.

  • if you are being pushed and need to reposition, Fortify and start reloading. This achieves two things : you move fastest when not shooting so reap the benefit of reloading while running at top speed; Fortify will mitigate the damage being returned as you retreat.

  • Avoid using your other abilities during reloads. Use the low clip sound to spend them before you reload as they barely interupt your flow of shots. Try to be patient and let the reload happen, even in the thick of battle, rather than prolong it by throwing a punch or halt.

Essentially it's important to remember both sides of the coin:

Orisa's magazine is ridiculously huge and gives almost 15 seconds of full suppression fire BUT Orisa can't do her job for the 2.5 seconds it takes to reload, so plan cover and cooldowns ahead.

So think of Orisa's job in terms of a tempo. After 10 seconds of fire do you know where the next move is for you and your team?

  • Are you taking ground? Throw a forward shield for your allies, take cover and reload.
  • Are they taking ground? Call on comms, Fortify, reload and retreat at top speed.
  • In both cases you have a new position and another full magazine of suppression.

Hope this helps save a few lives.

[Edit: Bad English]


It has to be fixed in a later patch, I have faith in Blizzard, but in the meantime I will be annoyed. >:(


I am a newish orisa (3 or 4 weeks of solid quick play) I'm doing really good with her. However, I cannot for the life of me pull people off maps. I know it is not supposed to be the main use of her halt, but when I'm on defense Rialto or Ilios I rarely can pull people off these open maps. 95% of the time I'm pulling them right to the edge and they just hop back onto the ground.

Anyone have any tips on getting better pulls?


Just hearing it splinter off my fortified horsefeet makes me happy.


I mean, it makes sense, right? Anyone else who uses a shield or is bubbled by Zarya isn't able to be hacked, so why is Orisa able to be hacked when she is using her best damage mitigation ability? Just my thoughts.


So basically, I'm new at the game, just finished my placements playing a mixture of Orisa and Genji and I got 2552 SSR.

Which at first I was happy about, then I realized I have no idea what I'm doing and i barely know any hero names nevermind what they're supposed to be doing.

I'd just like to know basically what I should be doing as an Orisa in this ELO and is there any hero I shouldn't pick her against. I kinda feel bad because my team expects me to know this already but I just sort of do what I think a big fat tank should be doing, which isnt always right.

Any general tips or anything would be appreciated. Im sure there's probably a sidebar for this but I guess I want to know is there anything specific to the ELO I've been placed in that I should focus on. So far i havent dropped below 2500 and haven't gotten above 2650.

Thanks & Sorry if this isn't the right place for this.


If your stuck in the sky due to a boop or a full hog blasting you in a corner upwards and have super charger at your disposal, placing it down while your mid flight will make it insta drop to the floor. (Same thing in low gravity arcade)

Just a friendly tip!


hi guys, so im curious which orisa skin u think is the best? i personally think Immortal is just because it looks different than all the other skins (in terms of orisa's weapon), lemme know, ty!

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