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Updating….Executing Pre-Reddit Routines….

System Health, Stablizing.

Orisa. Online.

Welcome to the New r/orisamains

Now that reddit is pushing out it’s new design to more and more reddit-pages. Orisa has finally been updated too!

Now there’s still many users that have no access to the new design.

But that will happen sooner or later...? So for now, have a sneak peak!

Have ideas for improvements? Submit them here in this thread.

Did you write an awesome Orisa Guide? Submit it to the mods and it will be added in the New Menu.

Do you wish to submit an Orisa Emote? Submit it to the mods and it will be added as emote/flair!

Do you wish to have your art featured on the reddit in the sidebar? Submit it!

(Must be made by you or permission owner)


Patch Notes: V.1.0

Added: New design - (Current style: Rialto)

  • During new events, skins, the OrisaMains Reddit will change for the duration of that event.
  • Added Post Flairs: Discussion, Guide, Blizzard Official, Highlight, Spoiler, Moderator
  • Menu items linking to PlayOverwatch Orisa page.
  • Upvote/Downvote Icons (Bongo / Null Sector)

Upcoming in V.1.1:

  • Flairs and Orisa Emojis
  • Improvements based on User Feedback.
  • Guides can be submitted! These will be added in the menu.


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I am CANAS1AN. I usually make educational Zarya content, but today is all about my favorite main tank, Orisa. Orisa is in a decent spot right now given that Fortify negates all Crowd Control affects and her Halt ability creates space between you and the enemy team.

After countless games where no one locked main tank, I started to lock Orisa because I think she is fun to play and can really punish enemy teams if played well. Especially Halt. I love pulling off good Halts.

After awhile, I started to get pretty good with her and I wanted to make an Orisa Guide similar to my Zarya Guides to help others improve with the hero. Unlike my Zarya guides, I tried to put all my Orisa knowledge into one singular guide.

How to Play Orisa: In-Depth Guide

I also do Orisa Vod Reviews for free on my Twitch and YouTube channels.

I really hope you guys like the guide and find it helpful.

Thanks for watching and have a good weekend everyone.


"Orisa main? I didn't know those existed!"

Before the recent meta change (hanzo, deathball) I thought it was more or less the consensus that Orisa was the better pick over Reinhardt. She would alway win the shield war, could get picks from mid range, easily control space, and so on.

What I've realized is that these things are still true, it's just that the synergy Rein/Zarya/Brig have make Rein appear to be stronger because his buddies can help him out when his sheild breaks/their synergy together is crazy. But there are so many matches where the enemy isn't running that comp, or are not altogether in x duel, and all of a sudden Orisa's strengths come back instantly.

I'm in diamond and when I shot call I tell people: shoot Rein's sheild and we will win the shield war everytime. A good Orisa can absolutely shred the enemy's frontline. It happens so frequently in my matches/wins yet when the next one gets booted up it's can we get a Rein all over again. It is crazy to me that they've all forgotten she's actually the stronger hero.


I love being special people always hate me when i play Orisa in dm why is she so good haha


seemed kinda ridiculous for damage blocked so I thought I'd post here. It was a comp game and we had a leaver so we ended up losing but it was still fun. Shoutout to my bastion *nut* buddy

... get it?

update: got 58.2k on rialto, 20min game, i'll just update it here...

also shameless self upvote


What are some good keybinds for Orisa on Xbox??? I've only been using her for a few weeks and I enjoy her but don't like the standard keybinds.


What console do you guys prefer? Xbox, PS4, or Computer?

I prefer Xbox, I'm just wondering.


Hey guys,

Plat Orisa here trying to learn her as my main, but the biggest problem I seem to have is when a rein on their team pushes through my barrier and then starts swinging and follow up by his team and I’m dead, should I give him more space or go aggressive against him?


When i have played my first match since season 9 i had (competetive) on lunar colony 32,000 damage blocked And 15,000 damage done it was SO satesfing

Posted by
17 days ago

The setup: playing as a balanced team, 1 tank (your RoboCentaur), 1 off-tank, 2 support, 2 DPS.

The match: your team gets stomped.

The stats: you pull gold/silver medals on every single damages category (kills/obj kills/damage).

I only ask because, in the last 4 days, it's happened to me 6+ times. Including, hilariously, a match in which one of the other players asked me to switch to Rein halfway through. I declined politely, rather than by saying "you know, given that I'm currently the leading DPS on this team, I don't think I should switch to someone who does little damage." Also included in there is a match where I blocked 28K in damage in an 8-minute match, which is far and away a personal record.


DVA was ulting, and I got behind my shield to protect myself, milliseconds before the mech explodes my shield despawns. DVA gets a quad kill and I get yelled at by team for repositioning my shield during a DVA Ult. Luckily it was only qp, so not devastating, but still really annoying.


Orisa now has a bug against bastion that causes her halt to no longer work against a Bastion in sentry that came with the new Symmetra changes. I found out about this in a QP game and it is easily replicated by going into a custom game and halting a Bastion AI / friend playing Bastion.

The halt will show a green line to the bastion until it is activated / hits a wall in which the line will vanish and Bastion will not move.

1 comment

I just played my first game since the update.... Defending Dorado, I got my ult four times and then a fifth time just as the round ended; just outside the second point. The enemy team obliged with no shield tanks and a few ult batteries in the form of Roadhog, D.Va and Bastion but I've fought that lineup before and never got my ult more than a coupla times in a round like this.

Great update so far... Looking forward to getting those damage buffed numbers up.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Hey guys, I'm back again this time with an Orisa Vod Review. This is your typical review with good and bad moments.

As usual, the focuses are

  • Positioning
  • Target Selection
  • Ability Usage
  • Ultimate Usage
  • Reload Discpline

Thanks for watching.


(compared to 50 on dva, 18 on rein, 12 on hog, and way more on support/dps heroes--180 on mercy, 140 on ana, 90 on pharah, etc)

i dont want to orisa in comp because i dont have a good handle on my abilities and cooldowns and such, but playing in qp just makes me switch because i feel so useless, unless its bastion sailboat comp on attack where people group up by default. the rest of the time the team is everywhere but my shield, mercy cant keep me up on her own, i get burned down by the enemy team, and i feel useless and frustrated.

idk how to practice without risking comp SR.

lately been hearing people saying that orisa's projectiles are hard to use but personally i like the challenge of it, altho i wish the 'spread' on them was a bit smaller, as its very difficult to hit small targets like widow, altho i guess its supposed to be difficult since thats not orisas job more or less, idk.

so idk what to do

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