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Are there any buffs/QOL changes you would like to see Orisa have

I personally think a movement speed boost when you pop fortify would be nice.

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Maybe give the Supercharger a bit more health, but not much I can think of besides that. She's in a pretty good place IMO.

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i would change her ultimate, actually reverse it. when Orisa would ult, she would simply reach up and turn the drum on her back on. she wouldn't place it down. and her ult would be area wide damage reduction for everyone within say 20m. that would allow orisa to fill an anchor tank role for her team while trying to take objectives more than having her stand off to the side desperately trying to defend a 200hp stationary target rather than her teammates. basically she would be able to extend her fortify ability to her team with in a large area for like 10 seconds or so. blizzard could adjust how much the dmg reduction/area/time/ult charge up time for balance reasons but i think it would make her a much more effective 'tank'.

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In my opinion I would like to see her able to deploy her barrier and reload at the same time. Constant pain in my ass!

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I would give her an extra 50 health and I think that’s more than enough

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Yep, then she'd survive a scatter arrow on full health because of the 5hp damage reduction of armor.

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Like /u/TheJambrew said, infinite ammo when ult is active, and maybe a health buff for supercharger, maybe just change it to armor or shields instead of just health.

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Make her able to move at full speed while firing when Fortify is activated.

Or change her ult completely. It's underwhelming.

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I think giving her infinite ammo while her supercharger is alive would be a nice modest buff. No more placing ult then wasting 1.5 seconds reloading, and makes her more oppressive for the duration, but it's still as vulnerable as it currently is.

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Ult rework, rn it’s just a worse mercy ult

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