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Posted byForeman10 days ago
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To prefix this question i'm letting you know that ALL work is going to be contracted out. If I had a standard bid for a 12x12x8 bedroom at $650. Split it 60/40 . 60% Plus cost of mats to the contractor and 40% profit to my company. Am I missing something here? If work is being contracted should I try to bid rooms higher? So much confuse!


Hi all, I’m about to paint a small room and I’m wondering if I need primer in addition to paint with a built in primer.

The current wall color is a horrible dark brown with hints of green, the previous owner said they mixed all their other paint together to paint that room. The walls are textured and bumpy.

I’m using BEHR Ashberry (N550-4), I haven’t decided on what BEHR brand to use yet because I wanted to figure out if I need additional primer.

Any and all help greatly appreciated!


Hey folks,

I recently bought some high-end paint in order to repaint our stucco house. Unfortunately, after purchasing it, I did a bit more research and now I'm wondering whether I should have purchased elastomeric paint instead. What is the preferred type of paint for painting over stucco? Given that I've already dropped quite a bit of money on top of the line paint, would it be worth it to buy the elastomerics? Am I likely to be able to tell the difference in appearance? Thanks!


Hey guys, I hope this is the right place to ask for help. I have a wall with the gray paint you see on the left side of the picture. I had to plaster some holes that were there from the previous owner. I brought over a paint sample to home depot to get it to match. On the right side of the picture is the stick I use to mix the paint, and behind it is the paint when it's applied to the wall. See how the stick is the same color as the original wall so the paint must be right, but the paint comes out more brownish when it's applied on the wall. I originally tried to apply the paint directly on top of the plaster then I tried applying an oil based primer (spray) first then apply the paint. Both yielded the same results.

I'm not so sure what I'm doing wrong. Any advice would be very appreciated.


Looking for help with the grease/oil/tranny fluid stains along the bottom portion of this wall. It's drywall though so my options for simply washing it are limited, no? I was told by sherwin williams that using a stain blocking primer should work but this stuff is really bad..

The section behind the red dolly along the floor has been splattered with oil and thick grease so it has texture to it.

Anyone ever do nasty mechanic shops?


Hi All,

I've walked into an ongoing project that appears to be a disaster and I'm looking for advice. My elderly grandmother has been working with this contractor for quite some time, and I'm honestly concerned he may be taking advantage of her kind nature.

We hired this contractor to erect a wrought iron fence (including two gates) and paint it. The fence was delivered to our contractor pre-primed, but the project has been delayed several times and we are now seeing some peel on the fence. For example, the fence pictured below has been up for at least two weeks, with primer only, and has not been painted.

The contractor claims he will add primer where there are issues, but I'm concerned this will not really solve the problem. I understand some of the peeling is due to the welding of the fence and scratching from delivery, but there are also parts where there looks to be no primer remaining at all.

Please find pictures of the fence here:


Just moved into a new construction home, and not sure what interior paint would go well with my light floors. I was originally looking at SW Blonde, or Restrained gold, but I’m worried those colors will be too dark. I am only painting the walls, I intend to leave the ceilings and trim alone. Any suggestions would be great!


I bought my first house and I was planning on painting the entire house the same color, Revere Pewter. Now I'm curious to know what color my wall art should be, and some other color palettes that would go well with Revere Pewter. I've considered painting the bathroom a different color as well, but not quite sure what color I would go with. Any tips work, thanks!


I have a 1200 square foot, single story house. I would like to purchase a airless paint sprayer, I don’t know what I should purchase. I will rarely use it. I’m handicap ( nerve damage ), hopefully not anything too heavy. I’ve never used a sprayer before. Thanks for any and all advice


Hey guys, need some input on what roller to buy for SW ProClassic to paint shaker style door.

Last time I used Purdy White Dove 3/8 and it felt like paint was disintegrating roller, and I was getting tons of roller hair on the door.

These doors are asking to be rolled :) Sadly don't have spray gun to do them.


How do you guys and galls bid a cabinet painting job if the client wants the inside of the cabinets painted, including the shelves and inside of drawers? I've only done a handful of cabinets, and previously did a linear square foot cost. just curious how y'all work it up.


I definitely want the Navy wall matte, is doing the other three gray walls in eggshell a good idea or will it look weird? I'd think all matte would be bad considering the colors are so flat on their own, so a tiny bit of sheen on the gray is what I want. I think. Idk. First time homeowner lol.

Also this room is roughly 11x13. The Navy wall is the longest one and has nothing on it (door and closet are on other long wall, big window is in one of the short ones). I asked my mom for paint advice and she suggested maybe not doing the whole wall such a dark Navy because it's too small? Idk it doesn't seem small to me, but I've spent most of the last 5 years in a college dorm lmao. Anyway do y'all think I'm fine with the whole wall or should I do a stripe or half wall or something else?

Edit: Also which brand should I use? I am trying to be as affordable as possible but if one step up from that cheap Walmart brand is worth it then I'll go for it.


I’m doing an art project and just realized I have no heavy body paints, and can’t go to the art store since they’re closed. 😩😩😩😩


I am going to be painting my entire downstairs and trying to figure out which paint to go with. I want to stay around $30-$35 a gallon. Is there much of a difference between Behr Premium Plus Ultra, PPG Timeless, and SW Ovation? They are pretty much exact the same price. I don't really care how many coats I have to do I would just prefer to get the most durable and easiest to clean paint brand (using eggshell and satin). I know lots of people say Behr is crap and to go with SW but is the lowest end SW better than the middle tier Behr? Any advice would be appreciated. I can get 30% from SW if I purchase it before the 30 but the way picking colors is going who knows..


I have touch up paint for my car's color, and I want to go to home depot to match the color. It won't have the metallic bits that make up the "pearl" part of the name, so I'm thinking of maybe adding metallic powder and a high gloss agent. Will this work? At $100 a pint for the real paint, I'm hoping to go another route. It's not meant for my car. It's meant for a painting.


hi! i was wondering if there is another facemask cartridge tban the 3m organic vapor niosh compliant one, as bim smell and fumes seems to get through pretty fast. Id like to know if you guys have any suggestions beside adequate ventilation. thanks


Got a full basement to paint and need some recommendation for ceiling paint.

It will go on new drywall, flat, no texture, primed with SW Drywall Primer.

Want to avoid SW Eminence ceiling paint, didn't like it last time I used it.

Not looking to save a buck, just looking for quality paint.


Hey folks, I'm having my home interior painted by some professionals, and I've noticed some weird brown/discolored spots, mainly on the trim and doors. Some samples here (look by the blue tape):

I noticed the same spots on a light can in the kitchen and asked the painter about them. He said it was probably just mildew on the can itself that would be covered with another coat of paint. However, I'm noticing spots like these on most of the doors/trim in the house... none of which should have had mildew on them to begin with. Any idea what this could be?


Nineteen year old guy here, never really painted before but I'm sure it's not very hard. Just few questions regarding small areas in different parts of my house that I need to repaint. First off, for the water damaged "paint flakes" areas do I just scratch it off to a smooth finish, primer, and then white (that is the color of the bathroom)? Or is primer just for colors? In my downstairs bathroom there is a large greenish-white spot in my purple painted bathroom due to water damage. Same thing as the white upstairs bathroom? Clean excess debris, primer, color?


Hi Everyone. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I've got a ~1500 square foot ranch style house that was built in the mid 60s. Half is (I believe) clapboard siding, and half is brick. I'm looking into painting my house, and I'm wondering how I can do it as cheaply, intelligently, and quickly as is reasonable for a quality finish.

As a new dad and new homeowner, time and money are absolutely at a premium. That said, I don't mind getting my hands dirty and setting aside a few weekends with some help from parents to look after baby to get on a ladder and get things done. I've got quite a bit of peeling paint on the gable ends of the house, as well as a bunch on the soffits (my gutters aren't quite pitched correctly at the moment, but that's another story).

My questions are...

  • Can I spread this process out across multiple weekends? Like, one day I scrape the gable and then wait a week and work on scraping one section of soffits? If so, do I need to put primer or paint on that section to protect the bare wood from the elements?

  • I'm told I should NOT cheap out on paint, and I'm heeding that advice. That said, what are your thoughts on primer?

  • In a perfect world, I would remove the paint on the brick...I'm told that's going to be damn near impossible. I got a jug of citristrip to test out, but when I tested it, I really had to scrub with a wire brush to get any paint off...any thoughts here? Should I go ahead and paint over the brick and call my dream of having exposed brick on my house a pipe dream?

  • I've also seen that I should power wash with some sort of detergent. Is this necessary? recommended? I'm not looking to be on the cover of better homes & gardens, but I do want something that will look nice from the curb, and keep any wood deterioration away.

  • Anything I'm forgetting or overlooking?

Thanks so much for your time, and look forward to reading your thoughts :D

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