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Is Tarantino a good friend?

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Now I can't unsee it

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How do you get the specs next to your name

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On any page of the PCMR Reddit, look for this section of the sidebar. You can hit Edit to select a style of flair and input what you want it to say (you can have it say anything you want), or if you want to get in-depth, you can click "click here for GOG flair and more" for lots of customization.

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There's a link to it in the community info tab iirc

Also commenting to try my flair lol

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Nice case, Corsair carbine spec 04, my favorite case

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30 dollar in store deal at Houston microcenter

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and it looks pretty sick at the same time. although their newer SPEC cases look even better.

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SPEC-OMEGA owner here: it's fantastic, minus the very limited cable space in the back :)

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Microcenter always has some outstanding deals. I got a $550 monitor there for $300 because it was open box.

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RX 580 costs $500 at Microcenter when on Amazon it only costs $289

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The refurbished and open box items are where the deals are at.

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I like my computer new. idk why

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Hi fellow Houstonian!

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I did something like this over a year ago... that bastard hardly gets on PC to play.

He confessed he only uses the PC for watching hentai, the last time I confronted him about it.

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Doki doki might be something he would like

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Good for you!

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Every time that I make an upgrade I give the spare piece to a friend, we are internet friends. Past week I sent to him an Radeon RX460. I've already ascended but I feel that I must help him to do the same.

I preffer play with him than have some cash on my pocket.

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That’s so kind of you. Faith in humanity restored.

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For me MasterRace is not all about the best hardware or 60+fps, is about play with your friends too.

Someday I will meet him, I swear!

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Well how do you know he isn't a serial killer? Faith in humanity? think again.

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That’s true,you got me.

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Lol I tease, but you never know...

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It’s okay for me being killed by who tag me in wholesome memes. At least he think about me, right?

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Lol its all about perspective, but sure why not.

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Same with me and my friend in Florida.

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aka built a new PC

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Technically I kept my case ram and secondary HDD

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Ah the good old "I upgraded. What I actually mean is I literally put a new computer in there and reformatted the hard drive"

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Ssshh don't let the plebs know.

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The world needs more people like you, /u/hobovirginity.

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Is that a 1992 chevy stepside ur driving?

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Close. 93 Ford ranger single cab PK body style.

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Looks exactly like my cab lol

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Specs on setup?

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I'll post both PCpartpcker lists of his build and my new build when I get home from work in 5 hours

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That was really cool of you dude. Bet you're the real winner, you have a co-op partner now.

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OP is the anti /u/HDMICable1

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What did that user do?

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AutoModerator doesn't seem to like the links that would give context. If you Google search his username, you'll find a bit more info.

Basically, the VP of AMD personally sent his 10 year old kid brother an AMD care package as he was gaming on a low end machine. The care package included an R9 380, a 1440p 144hz monitor, and some AMD merch. Instead of helping his little brother install the new goodies, /u/HDMICable1 took them for himself to upgrade his own machine. He even used the new monitor in his eyefinity display. When PCMR got upset, he was full of excuses. He even had the gall to give his spare parts to a friend instead of handing them down to his little brother. It was shitty, some AMD reps chimed in to express their dismay.

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Wow. What a fucking douchebag.

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If you upgrade ALL of your old parts, can't you just say you've built a new system?

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Technically I kept my case ram and secondary HDD

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Then, technically, you didn't upgrade all of your parts. Doesn't matter though, just teasing you mostly, since you worded it a bit silly.

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Crap just checked my title I did word it oddly.

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Username checks out.

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I have 2 brothers that also game on PC so giving my "old" parts to them is always an easy excuse for me to upgrade before I really need to.

Congrats on the upgrade OP and keep passing on what you can!

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You're a good friend

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Friend zoned

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Thats an interesting cpu cooler, do you have the name?

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Cooler master hyper t2 I think

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If people traveling with their PC tower with the GPU still hooked in becomes a daily thing on /r/pcmasterrace I'm going to need to unsub. Its too cringy.

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Your a good fucking person mate, a good fucking person.

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Thank you so much!

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Upgraded all my parts

So you're saying you bought a new computer, aren't you?

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Except my case and ram and 2nd HDD. Sorry for my poorly worded title

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man.. put a shirt on

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Never tell a man this handsome to put a shirt on.

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Remove the GPU and heatsink!

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As much as i agree for short and careful journeys it is usually fine, and even better, lay the case on its side and there should be very little chance even over longer journeys. GPU is the most important to remove, never had issues with coolers having had a Hyper 212 and a Noctua NH D-15 in car journeys before, though my GPU was removed for both.

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About to go pick up this case at the Dallas store for 50 bucks!

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Tell him that he looks very friendly and that I'm happy for him. Great gesture to give him your old parts!

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I send all of my old parts to someone I’ve never met in person that lives on the opposite side of the country(Maine-Florida) because we have played games for years and they don’t have the means to upgrade. It’s always a good feeling to help someone who isn’t in the same situation you are and might not have the expendable budget you do.

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too bad i dont have friends, I have a computer!

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I love my computer because all my friends live in it.

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I have the same PSU. now we are friends

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Fred is that you?

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What case?

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Here's a PC that looks like an apple.

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Here. Have some upvote, son.

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I posted a pic of my face to this sub, and I was mercilessly bullied, you do it, and they're downright nice to you, maybe I do look like a serial killer

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That's my friends happy non serial killer face not mine lol.

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On one hand - you're a good guy for doing that for your friend, they're lucky to have a mate like you, on the other I have an overwhelming urge upon seeing your facial expression to either Photoshop on a green suit and a box of lucky charms or transpose you into Mordor and hand you a ring.

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he looks so happy! im glad that you can bring joy into somebodys day man!!!

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Best way to reuse old (but still good) hardware! Also, you get a new gaming pal!

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He only has a HDD?

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Looks like somebody I used to work with in Hawaii

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I wish I had friends like this.

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Awesome! Enjoy and welcome!

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I always love posts like these, especially when the person receiving the item is in the picture. The look on their faces makes me happy :)

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OOOU what a beauty. Great pc btw

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Actually how I got my PC. All I had to buy was the PSU, sad, and upgrade the GPU later on. As a person that's been in the place your friend is.. thank you.

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Love that feeling. Gave my girlfriend's uncle my 980Ti and 6700K when I upgraded to the 1080Ti and 8700K and he about cried man. He works, but just makes enough to maybe buy a game here or there, so I like to help him out and toss him my old parts.

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i did this for my sister... too bad she accepted the gift but didnt actually take the box to her house even after i reminded her about it...

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I have the same CPU cooler

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nice. just make sure to transport it lying down or take out the GPU.

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That is the delivery photo. He was holding it lying down the whole 10 minute ride from my place to his.

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good to see that some people know how to care for their hardware properly