Rules for r/personalfinance

Rules that visitors must follow to participate. May be used as reasons to report or ban.

R1. Submission guidelines

Posts only
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Please treat others with respect, stay on-topic, and avoid self-promotion.

Notes, definitions, and best practices are in our wiki.

Posts must be a personal finance question or discussion with a descriptive title and not:

  • Non-English
  • Generic or hypothetical questions
  • AskReddit-style questions, surveys, and polls
  • Success stories (use the weekend thread)
  • Meta posts
  • IAMA/AMA requests or posts
  • News or information without a discussion, quote, or summary

R2. Self-promotional advertising or soliciting

Posts & Comments
Reported as: R2. Self-promotional advertising or soliciting

We don't allow:

  • Advertisements or any promotion about a company, site, blog, video, app, or product
  • Accounts with promotional profiles or usernames
  • Promotion of anything owned by you (or anyone affiliated with you), even if not monetized
  • Offering referral, invite, or affiliate links/codes
  • Soliciting business or recruiting
  • Repeatedly or prominently stating finance-related credentials
  • PM requests

Okay if pre-approved: open source tools, Google Docs, customer service replies

R3. Unhelpful or disrespectful

Posts & Comments
Reported as: R3. Unhelpful or disrespectful

We don't allow:

  • Circlejerking or karmawhoring
  • Posting purely for upvotes or humor
  • Insincerity or dishonesty
  • Trolling, loaded questions, loaded language, or provoking unproductive conversation
  • Memes and low-effort images/videos
  • Clickbait titles
  • Excessive large, bold, or spaced-out text
  • Bots and bot summoning
  • Novelty accounts that post "in character"
  • Insubstantive or ephemeral posts
  • Requesting votes/fewer votes
  • Excessive profanity
  • Poor reddiquette

R4. Asking for handouts

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Reported as: R4. Asking for handouts

We don't allow asking for handouts. That includes:

  • Asking (even indirectly) for gifts, loans, or donations for yourself or on behalf of any organization or person(s)
  • Any mention of a fundraising campaign even without a link
  • Requesting a job
  • Asking for loan cosigners
  • Soliciting for investors

R5. Legal discussion

Posts & Comments
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We don't allow:

  • Discussions that are predominantly legal issues
  • Content that would be better suited for /r/legaladvice

R6. Politicizing

Posts & Comments
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We don't allow:

  • Moralizing issues
  • Petitions
  • Political discussions
  • Political baiting
  • Soapboxing

R7. Lawbreaking information

Posts & Comments
Reported as: R7. Lawbreaking information

We don't allow:

  • Suggesting another user perform illegal activity (or an activity that is illegal in most jurisdictions)
  • Linking to illegal content or lawbreaking information
  • Asking for advice on how to commit fraud, evade taxes, etc.
  • Suggesting the use of piracy, warez, software cracks

R8. Personal attack or abusive language

Posts & Comments
Reported as: R8. Personal attack or abusive language

We don't allow:

  • Personal attacks:
    • Raw criticism without any constructive feedback
    • Name-calling, flaming, shaming, or otherwise harassing another poster (or person being helped)
    • Telling a user to harm themselves or others
  • Abusive language:
    • Intentionally rude or very harsh language
    • Hate speech targeting a group or individuals as members of a group
    • Suggesting sex work, stripping, camming, or exchanging sex acts for money or support
    • Retaliating in response to an affront

R9. Relationship or personal advice discussion

Posts & Comments
Reported as: R9. Relationship or personal advice discussion

We don't allow relationship or personal advice discussions. That includes:

  • Content that would be better suited for /r/relationships
  • Recommending a poster end their current relationship or start a new relationship
  • Posts about suicide or violence
  • Posts asking for advice on how to convince someone else to change their behavior
  • Relationship drama not essential to a question or discussion
  • Job or school selection questions
  • Medical advice

R10. Other bad behavior

Posts & Comments
Reported as: R10. Other bad behavior
  • Missing-Disappearing after posting a discussion, posting for another with inadequate information
  • Pumping-Pushing speculative, volatile, illiquid, or meme investments, especially flippantly, tersely, or implying huge returns
  • Rabble rousing-We're not your personal army
  • Doxing-Posting or seeking personal information, dox attempts or threats
  • Flooding-Posting excessively frequently
  • Duplicates-Reposting news or information
  • Plagiarism-Not giving credit properly