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Thanks for posting. My Discover It card was my first credit card and I only put one charge a month (Netflix) on it, but this is good to know.

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My hope is that they raise their default % to 2% return. I shifted most of my spending to my Alliant Credit Card because they give 2% on everything and only use the revolving 5% on the Discover.

The only other time we used Discover was BECAUSE of the return guarantee/purchase protection, without that there is little to no reason to use it unless it is a revolving 5% category.

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It might be worth calling. They have a number of different types of discover accounts and it’s possible they are removing it from one product but it’s still available on a different one and they can move you over

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Discover says they are discontinuing it entirely. They slipped this in on my last statement as well, and when I called, they said none of their products will offer these benefits after Feb 28.

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Hmm do you know if Amex still carries these things

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AMEX is great with these benefits, their purchase protection progrM is top notch.

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They do. Possibly the best in the industry. Citi and Chase offer most, if not all of these, as well.

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I'm looking into other cards too, Discover IT card was my first too

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Are past purchases still grandfathered in for things such as extended warranty?

Say I purchased a phone on December 2017 with a manufacturer's warranty of one year. The extended warranty extends it to December 2019. If my phone's motherboard fries on June 2019, will Discover still help me, or will I just get an unavailable tone with a "haha sucka!" jingle?

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Read the terms, very likely they will grandfather protections for older things.

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At least they still have price protection being offered. What a shame

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I’ve used the rental car protection twice in 10 years for minor dings (~$300). It’s been a very painless process with MasterCard (I don’t own a personal vehicle so don’t carry personal car insurance, though it will cover your deductible if you do have it, and a few cards actually serve as primary insurance).

The only time I would’ve used my Discover card for a rental is the limited times auto and transportation comes into the 5x category. Definitely won’t do so even in that case now.

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Guess it's new.

Discover was my first 'real' CC. Not a debit one. It's still an active account but I've moved away from it to one that offers basically 2% on everything. Even tho the 5% on certain places per quarter would be nice, I actually don't bother having to remember to bring my Discover card along just for those purchases every few months.

So I got a mail saying cause I haven't used the card in awhile, my account will be closed. I supposed its not big deal. Saves me from having to remember to carry another card around for those few times I may want to use it at those places, and reminding myself that I have check the balance for another account every month as well.

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I cancelled my Discover card a few weeks ago. They were charging me for payment protection, which I called in and cancelled. Next few months, no payment protection charges. Then suddenly I see another $20 charge for payment protection. Call in... they reversed the charge after arguing and speaking with two different people. I decided screw it- not worth my time to go through this nonsense and called again and closed the account entirely.

I wonder how many millions they rake in by sneaking in this useless garbage.

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Honestly, if nobody was using these benefits then I don't blame them. Did you ever use these benefits? If not, then this really doesn't impact you.

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I have used the purchase protection benefit before, not with discover though. I don't think I will make any electronics purchase with Discover going forward, even if you don't end up using is like having insurance.