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Can we get a wiki for, "So your bank account/phone/email/etc. has been hacked"?

It's been distressing to see how many posts there have been in r/personalfinance recently about people dealing with the fallout after their phone was ported, bank account compromised and/or email account hacked.

Why not create a wiki with tips on how to resolve (and even better, prevent) financial accounts from being compromised due to hacking/ID theft?

If this kind of resource already exists on this sub, why not make it as easy to locate as the PF prime directive?

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The identity theft guide the automod just spit up seems decent, but generally I agree with you. Stuff is getting slightly more complicated (ported phone numbers, skimmed PIN numbers resulting in BoA/WF denying fraud claims, even my nightmare scenario, people wiring ten of thousands of dollars in closing costs to the wrong account due to simple email fraud). And sometimes people need a lot more technical assistance, which may be outside the purview of this sub. (But then where does it belong?)

TL;DR, a lot more ways for the unwary to lose their cash these days. This is to say nothing of the damned Bitcoin scams.

If this thread is the start of a guide, I would like to add a few gems;

1.) Use a google voice account as your phone number for your financial accounts where they only have SMS 2FA. Although the weakest, the best way to mitigate potential damages is to use a google voice account number for the financial institution to send you the code.

Sincerely asking, how is this better than cell number?

Is it because you can firewall Google voice itself behind a non-SMS authenticator? (Have never used Google Voice, but am concerned about my PayPal account).

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You may find these links helpful:

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