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Ok any information such as email pr phone number on the paper is not to be trusted. Google PayPal, go to thier website find thier contact info from there and then contact them and inform them of this. Sometimes this is a phishing scam, they are hoping you call the number on the paper to ask questions, usually its a scam artist and to verify your info hell need your social bday etc. then u just willingly gave your info to a scam artisint because he socialy engineered the situation. Tldr

Do not call the number on the paper. Do not email the email o the paper. Do not go to the website on the paper. But contact paypal through thier contact info you find on thier official website you find on your ow.

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Thanks for the response. See my edit above. The letter looks legit but she may have been phished so we are checking the CR. Thanks again.

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A letter? As in a piece of dead tree delivered by the postman? 100% scam.

Don't freak out. It sounds like basic phishing, but with a name and postal address instead of an email address.

Do assume that any personal/identifying info listed on the letter is now public information on the darkweb, and may have been for months/years.

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Roger that. Thank you for the input and advice.

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Did she try to use ebay or venmo recently? Could be related to that also.

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She did not, but thanks for the info.

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When you are denied a credit line, the bank or credit issuing institution often sends a letter. If she does not recall applying for PayPal Credit, she should go to paypal.com and reach out to them for information.

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Good to know. Thank you.

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paypal credit is a new login they added to the process a couple years back. if your not careful you accidentally apply for it. it was a whole lot worse before, when i got it (very tiny print) but you can accidentally apply for it when your buying something on ebay or other sites.

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Crap. Good to know. Thanks for the heads up on that.

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yeah i dont have a photo but on some sites like ebay there's a second paypal link that's for paypal credit. it's kinda gotcha login is what i feel

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I get emails that my Pay Pal account had been limited due to suspected fraud. Wants me to click or call number in email . I probably should just ignore this obvious phishing attempt but did once reply " Fuck Off ".

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It's all I can do NOT to reply to some of the brazen garbage I get.