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Why are you in Thailand? What country are you a resident of? Your parents are legally responsible for you until you are 18 years old.

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I'm a US citizen and I'm my treatment center is located in Thailand

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1) For your own sake, stay away from drugs. That includes any drug-related subreddits.

2) Illegally means illegally, which means she is breaking the law and should go to jail (sounds like a favor to you). Let your rehab "supervisors" and/or the nearest US embassy know that you're being abandoned as a minor.

3) To piggyback on 1), keep in mind that this is illegal, but in less than a year it will not be. So get your **** together.

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I would reach out to the US Embassy, and explain your situation. You are an American child who has been abandoned in a foreign country, and getting home should be your priority.

People are suggesting you threaten your parents with a lawsuit; I'd advise against that. Best case scenario would be that they are forced to let you back into their lives, they make life hell, and then boot you as a birthday present.

On top of that, I'd wager that working with the Embassy to get back home would trigger criminal investigations into your parents for leaving you there. Unfortunate for them, but they made the bed they sleep in, and it will open lots of resource access for you as an abandoned child.

In any case, get back to the US while you are still a minor. Doing it as an adult will be much more difficult.

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Get back to the US, find a job ASAP, and live with roommates you find on Craigslist for as little as possible. You’re looking for shitholes.

You’re only 17. You’ll need to get your GED and then eventually get to college on loans, but survival is priority #1.

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There are treatment centers in the US. This doesn't make sense.

But anyways, I would go to the US embassy in Thailand and explain your situation. That is absolutely the best place to go.

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Insurance wouldn't cover it. And yeah I'm gonna talk this over with my counselors.

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Something tells me your parents made this up as a ploy to get you out of the country. Why would insurance cover treatment in Thailand (+ airfare?) and not the US?

Either way, it's highly illegal for parents to abandon you in Thailand. Will you turn 18 before your session is finished? Either way, your priority should be to make it home before you turn 18 - and I would reconsider any sort of relationship with your parents if that's their approach.

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Your parents are legally responsible for your care until age 18. She has to supply the basics of food, clothing and shelter until 18. Make that clear to her and threaten a law suit if she refuses. Then take the time you have to clean up your act and formulate a plan.

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We're not really the "how to live illegally in Thailand" forum.

Your first idea would be to work with any other friends or relatives to get some short-term help to get back to the US with a place to stay while you sort this out.

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Threaten a lawsuit against your mother, you are technically her responsibility until you're 18. The other thing I would recommend is GO TO THE US EMBASSY! Explain your situation and they can help you get back home so that you can start rebuilding your life!