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Posted byu/[deleted]6 months ago

My son loves Wheel of Fortune, we wrote to them and they sent him a wedge signed by Pat and Vanna

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Wow, that was really nice of them. What a great keepsake for him!

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Quick, sell it on eBay!

I'll give you $999 dollars!

Sold! I'll PM you my PayPal info so you can pay me before you realize I'm not the OP.

That won't work. Paypal always sides with the consumers, so pinkiepieisbestpony can just get his money back whenever he wants. You should demand to be paid in bitcoins...through the darkweb too.

Darkweb or not being paid in btc it's still on the block chain to see

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Sorry OP someone else sold before you

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This is why I don't use eBay..

Yeah I hate when other people sell my stuff before I do.

Fair is fair

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Need wedges for 20! NEXT!

Finally a random comment I actually get! Lmao just saw where is from earlier this morning for the first time...a magical experience indeed

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I would rather have an empty bottle of whatever Pat drinks before the show.

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Living in LA, I’ve been to tons of live studio recordings of shows like these but none have been as welcoming as Wheel of Fortune. They’re more laid back, the guy who announces the prizes is the one who hypes up the crowd instead of some random guy, they do tons of giveaways for prizes and they make it a fun experience overall. Also the audience size is small so you’re likely to be close to the contestants’ families. I really love seeing the families of the winners get so excited as their son/daughter/husband/wife/parent gets on the podium of the bonus round!!!

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Thank God it wasn't the bankrupt tile, that would be a terrible event for a young child.

Comes with a picture of Pat smirking

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I want Vanna White to fart in my mouth.

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That escalated quickly.

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Should've bought a bowel.

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dude. take the rest of the day off. that was amazing.

Great job everyone! We can all go home now.

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But, what if I'm already home?

Go homier. Duh.

One of the best comment chains I have ever seen.

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I'd like to buy a "brown i"

Damn I would have went for the pink V myself, but hey whatever prize you want I guess

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G_ F_ CK Y_ _ RS_LF

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I can't click the upvote because I'm shaking too much from laughing.

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My wife was on W.O.F. and I asked her to touch Vanna and then not wash her hands until I could sniff them. She did NOT honor my request.

:| in my state that’s grounds for a divorce

What are the tax implications, Mr. Snipes?

What is a tax implication, your honor?

Innocent by ignorance of the law

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I think you mean ex-wife

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I want to see Vanna White wearing Vantablack.

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Comment deleted6 months ago(1 child)

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Chuck Berry?

Nope, his cousin Marvin.

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You know that new sound you were looking for?

Well listen to this! 😁📞


Your kids are gonna love it.

That was very interesting music. gulp

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Well she's like 70 now, so you might get more than a fart if she tried.

You're 10 years off.

Damn she's hot for being 80 years old

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I remember this one time when I met Pat at the supermarket...

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Eh, he could get rid of it in 7 years.

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But then he could have walked around saying I declare bankruptcy!

That would be fucking hilarious, come on now

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The wedges look bigger on TV.

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The camera adds $25

For real, though, the whole set looks bigger on TV. The wheel is only about 6 feet across.

Source: was a contestant in 2014.

Me too! 2017

Can we get an AMA since there's two contestants here?

  1. How did you go about getting on the show?

  2. Did you have to do any sort of rehearsals or agree to anything interesting before being on the show?

  3. How is it filmed, like are there retakes if you mess up really badly?

  4. How was the general experience being on the show?

  5. Did you win?

  1. Applied online after the closing credits one night mentioned they wanted contestants from my area.

  2. There were some legalities, the big ones they make clear at the audition.

  3. They tape six shows in one day. After a morning of rules and practice on the set with the other contestants from that week, we were assigned to a trio of contestants. Then we drew numbers to see which order we would be recorded in. No retakes. In commercials they touch up your makeup.

  4. If I could do it 20x over, I would.

  5. No bonus land, but I won a prize puzzle! Trip to London and Paris!

What was the trip like?

It was a tour by Collette, their advertiser. We had to pay for our own lunch, but everything else was included. Collette offered excursions as they did with their other guests (which we promptly took advantage of). 3.5 in London, 3.5 in paris. Saw major sights. The Collette people honored two free flights. We tacked Ireland on (done on our own) for six days after the tour. We paid for flight from Paris to Cork. Prize took care of trans-Atlantic flights which I thought was super cool and super nice of them to do.

That's really much better than I've always assumed the trip prizes on wheel of fortune would be.

They really didn’t mess around with the prize. Seeing the process from start to finish, I think it’s probably a daunting task to find 1. quality players who 2. represent a cross-section of America that can 3. take time from work AND pay their way out to California. Without contestants, there is no show, and I think they take this seriously. Anyone I encountered throughout the process was so nice, so easy to work with, and understanding.

Comment deleted6 months ago(More than 1 child)

Most of the trip prizes are just week-long island resort stays. Colette weeks have more inclusive (and typically more expensive) trips.

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Not OP, but considering they've now seen London and France, the only thing left to see is your underpants.

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God fucking damn it dad how did you figure out how to make an account

And when are you gonna be back from the store, it's been 12 years

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Absolutely fucking savage. Just eviscerated that guy. Holy shit.

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This comment will not get all the attention it deserves

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Pig In A Poke

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Can a boring person pass the audition? Asking for a friend.

Boring people don't have friends

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Hahaha. If your boring friend can find some energy to exude, then yes :)

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They tape six shows in one day.

That sounds exhausting.

What were some of the legalities?

Taping rights, acknowledging you didn’t have help getting through audition process, you didn’t have answers to puzzles, acknowledging you’ve never been on show (or any version of the show, think: Wheel 2000) before. Those were the big ones (ever see “Quiz Show”? May have taken place in ‘60s, but that has some long-lasting effects on game show operations).

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Also a contestant. 2004.

  1. Applies at Randomly picked to go audition. Chosen from like 100 people to fly out and be on show.

  2. You play a practice round before taping. Everyone gets a chance to spin the wheel before taping.

  3. There are! In fact I got to play the bonus round twice. The first time I thought maybe I had said the answer. But I hadn’t. So they gave me a new puzzle since it was a cluster.

  4. It was a blast. Pat and Vanna super friendly.

  5. I won $52,755 without winning the bonus round.

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Hi, contestant form 2014 chiming in!

  1. I submitted an application online. They let me know when they were in my area and asked me to send in an audition video. From there, I was invited to the auditions.

  2. We did get to practice with the wheel and calling out letters before tapings started. The legal paperwork was quite significant.

  3. As another commenter noted, six shows are filmed in a day. I did see a puzzle have to be thrown out because Pat told a contestant she had the puzzle correct but the actual answer was one letter off (I don’t remember exactly what it was, but it was a strange situation). All of the contestants filming that episode got $1,000 (I think that was the amount) for the puzzle being thrown out.

  4. It was so awesome. The WOF staff are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  5. Yes, $6,000! It was a huge deal to me at the time as a grad student with a wedding coming up in a few months.

6. ___ ___ _____ ___ _______?

I’d like to buy a vowel, Pat.

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Plot twist: You two are the same person. Also Bruce Willis was dead the whole time.

The fuck is your deal man?

It seems pretty clear, they need money for their vagina.

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If I give a dollar, do I feed it right in like a vending machine?

Sorry. It only has a coin slot.

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They should work at Black Whole Foods.

Black Whole Foods, won't you come to wash the rain away?

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Snoke kills Dumbledore

Luke was Frodo’s mom.

Picard dies at the end of Justice League

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How much did you win? What was the casting operation like?

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Yeah, but when a contestant picks up a prize wedge off the wheel, I swear it looks bigger than this...

Maybe this is a giant child!?

I choose to believe that all contestants are just insanely small

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Well this is defenitely a souvenir wedge since $1,000 wedges never looked like that, so it may be scaled down to fit in the mail better. But I will say that everything on set looked much smaller in person, so if it is scaled down, it's not by more than an inch or two.

They had the retired $10,000 wedge framed on the wall backstage, and I thought it was a scaled down replica, too, until I saw the wheel itself.

EDIT: It looks like he's holding it at an angle in the left pic, too. I think it may actually be to scale with the real wheel wedges.


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also a contestant in 2014, can confirm the set is tiny.

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Can we AMA this? Do they tell you you cannot whip the wheel around?

I can answer questions here if you like. If you want a full-blown AMA I may be able to get some fellow contestants together for a group AMA. They'll have some more interesting stories to tell.

They do teach us the proper procedure for spinning the wheel, and we all did practice spins before taping started.

The procedure for spinning is as follows:

1.) Reach out as far to the right as you can with your dominant hand.

2.) Grab the top half of a spoke and pull it towards you. (Grabbing the bottom half is bad because your hand will hit your arrow, and the arrows of players to your right if you're not in the red position.)

3.) Push the spoke away from you to your left and let go.

29 points · 6 months ago

Thanks! One follow up question...does it feel like a heavy duty piece of gaming equipment, or something you would find at a fly-by-night carnival?

It may not be as big as it looks on TV, but it's definitely as heavy as it looks. Even with people spinning it as hard as they can, most people on average fall short of a full rotation. It definitely felt like it was built to last, that's for sure.

As for the wedges themselves, they're grouped up and separated into quadrants that crew members swap out between rounds.

Fun fact: There's also a red arrow in the green center of the wheel that you can't see on tv! It's projected onto the wheel from above with a laser and points to the active player.

I’ve got a few if you don’t mind? How long was your experience? How many do they shoot in a day? How long from taping to airing? What did you win?

How long was your experience? How many do they shoot in a day?

They shoot 5 to 6 episodes a day. The other contestants and I arrived at the studio around 7am, and I stayed for a few tapings after my episode, then left with my family at about 2 or 3pm (though taping continued until about 6 or 7).

The first half of the day is rules and paperwork. An independent auditor goes over eligibility rules, then the producers go over game rules. There's hair and makeup, we go on set to practice spinning, take pictures, and film affiliate promos, and then we get our groupings and randomly draw for tape order and player positions. The first group goes on stage for a few test puzzles to make sure all the equipment is working properly, then taping starts around noon.

Taping a single episode itself takes about a half hour. Unless there's a hiccup in transition, the breaks between rounds are about as long as the actual commercial breaks you see.

How long from taping to airing?

It was a little under 2 months from tape to air for my episode. The first 5 episodes from my tape date aired together as a theme week. The 6th episode aired a couple months later as part of a week comprised of other 6th episodes. (Astute Wheel Watchers will notice these weeks because the sets are different every day, and sometimes there's a random team episode thrown in because they had 6 sets of pairs for couples week or something like that.)

What did you win?

About $21k cash and prizes, including the prize puzzle trip. I made it to the bonus round, but didn't get my bonus puzzle.

Did you have to give half of that in taxes?

It sounds like you had a great experience. Thanks for the reply and have a great weekend.

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That's crazy! Thanks, I really hope an AMA comes up some day.

I was on the show back in 2012. I found that if I gave the wheel a full solid spin (6ft, 180 lb guy) it was nearly one full revolution on the dot. When I played, there was a "safe" section of the wheel (5-6 consecutive money wedges, no bankrupt or lose a turn) I basically stayed in that section the entire game. When you see Pat hitting the $5000 space with regularity with the final spin it's not random, it's muscle memory. If he wanted to, he could probably hit it most every time.

As a lefty, can you spin the wheel counter-clockwise?

This question has ruined me for 31 years.

Nope. Clockwise only.

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Good luck trying! I filmed in December and I couldn’t get the wheel to go even halfway around. It weighs 2400lb, but it’s much smaller than what you imagine it to be.

I’ll AMA this!

If anything it’s the opposite. They want stronger spins. That thing is heavy (I compare it to an exceptionally heavy door). Fun fact: not sure how often they clean it. My hand smelled a little funky afterward lol.

It's a little known fact, but to increase the effect you can only apply to the show if you are under 5 feet tall.

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You had the chance to use the pound (currency) symbol and you didn’t take it :(

“But how many cameras are on you?”

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It's a smaller version of the TV wedge

your kid is adorable! i'll give you $1,000 for him, and I'd like to solve the puzzle


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Not sure if joking, but that's a replica. They haven't used $1000 wedges since long before they added the white outlines to the numbers, and I'm pretty sure cash wedges have never been two-tones like that.

Could be old stock from back in the day, used specifically for these kinds of requests. I mean, why use an in-service wedge when there are a bunch of these cardboard ones likely sitting in a box in the prop warehouse?

Yeah, I'd assume they make these specifically for fan promotion like this, but it's definitely not designed to be used on the actual Wheel itself. For one, it's like half the size of a real wedge.

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That’s a lot of WoF knowledge in just a couple sentences.

I love that there’s an expert for literally everything

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Go ahead and rain on this kid's parade.

If the kid is reading this, I apologize, but I assumed his parents had enough sense to keep him far away from Reddit.

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14 points · 6 months ago

Maybe his son is really tall for his age.

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I know the feeling that's awesome for your son! Mario Lemieux sent me a letter and autograph when I wrote to him as a kid for a school project. I'm from Pittsburgh FYI. I'll never be that happy again haha

I met Jerome Bettis at Dave and Buster’s. He kicked my ass at Super Shot. He was nice enough to sign a photo of him in a Steelers plaque I won out of the Winner’s Circle.

I want a rematch at Super Shot. I know I could take on any Steeler at any game at D&B now.

I met Jerome too! He autographed my football and said hello. He knew the guy in line behind me and was talking to him so I was a tad disappointed I didn't get to talk to him much. I don't even have the football anymore because I was really young and liked playing with it and I lost it. I'm glad you had a cool experience with da bus.

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I can definitely remember feeling like this kid. I used to request autographs from NHL stars. It was very exciting getting an envelope with an NHL logo.

I'm a Pens fan and, ironically, never got any response from the Pens via mail (in the '90s). Lemieux is my white whale.

However, I did receive very nice autograph replies from Teemu Selanne (Jets), Pavel Bure (Canucks), Scott Stevens, and Wayne Gretzky twice.

Gretzky was the best at this fan outreach. My first mailed request was wrong because I wrote the arenas phone number instead of zip code. Once I realized that, I mailed in another, this time with a card enclosed. Months later, the card came back autographed. Another month or two later still, the original request with no zip code was also answered -- with a pretty signed 8×10.

Great times.

Mario Lemieux is legendary. I remember playing the old NHL games on my SNES, Lemieux would always trash my team. (Damn you, LeMix!)

Damn, Super Mario!?!? That is cool!

Likewise! Wheel of Fortune is great!

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Proud to be your 66th upvote, LGP!

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Survey 2016
405 points · 6 months ago

One of the greatest days of my childhood was when Tony Hart wrote back to me with a signed picture of Morph. Your little guy will remember this for a long time.

126 points · 6 months ago

My father took me to a rodeo (a rarity where I live) when I was four. Afterwards we went to the stable area and I met Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger from TV. He signed my program and told me that he had rode one of Silver's children, Silver couldn't be there.

Forty-plus years later, I remember every single second I was there with him.

I wasn't an adorable child but rather a tipsy college kid when I met Adam West at BatFest and it still was SO FREAKING COOL.

He's still the best Batman to me. When you're young you don't get the jokes, that's just Batman. Although I like him in other stuff, he's got a good sense of humor, I wish I hadn't see those things.

I've found it's a good policy is to know as little as possible about your childhood heroes, you'll only learn they're human and disappointing in some way. I don't want to know about their politics, their sexual peculiarities, or their questionable business practices.

I know nothing at all about Clayton Moore, and I'm perfectly happy. He's the Lone Ranger, the Lone Ranger was real, and that's it.

I met Colin Mochrie once! His head was just as shiny as it looks on TV. It was magnificent.

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For those unfamiliar; Tony Hart is the English equivalent of a fusion between Mr. Rogers & Bob Ross.

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I wrote to “The New Hollywood Squares” once and they sent me Andy Dick. He’s been here for four years now. We can’t afford his medications and feeding bills. It’s horrible; pray for us.

I wrote a letter to Steve Irwin and got a signed crocodile hunter T shirt. I love that shirt. Even though it is now far too small. My parents hid his death from me for years. But 15 years later and I still remember receiving that gift

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He's the greatest skateboard imo and I loved his games growing up. Being one of my heroes, it's a shame I never got to meet Tony Hart.

Survey 2016
10 points · 6 months ago

I'm just trying to imagine this jovial elderly artist riding a skateboard around and it's hilarious.

Tony Hart, now sadly no longer with us.

The guy who rides the skateboard, and is also a cool guy, is Tony Hawk.

I think you mean Tony Hawk

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That’s pretty cool. When I was like 4 i watched the price is right everyday with my grandma. Would’ve loved a plinko chip.

104 points · 6 months ago

Bob Barker sent me a voucher to get my dog neutered at the vet

Comment deleted6 months ago(11 children)
113 points · 6 months ago

I decided to treat myself instead

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Try sending the show an email, that's all we did, got a response a could weeks later!

Cant wait for the Wheel of Fortune email guy to have 40,000 emails asking for free stuff now

Same here! We would watch that,, along with Supermarket Sweep. That looked like so much fun with all the prop groceries in that fake grocery store lol

Wow, it’s been while since they’ve used a $1,000 wedge.

I just looked it up - 1999 is when they last used the $1,000 wedge, and 1996 is the last time we saw the non-sparkly version.

Where can I subscribe to Wheel of Fortune facts?

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I....I never considered that they update the wheel. I mean, it’s obvious when I think about it, but the idea had never crossed my mind.

So much on Wheel of Fortune has changed.

I wish they would change a few more things though:

*Allow skill spinning. From what I remember from the one Redditor's AMA about beating the fuck out of Wheel of Fortune, you're not allowed to aim for a specific wedge (but you're allowed to avoid a specific area of the wheel.) I want to see someone hit the $5,000 over and over and over.

*Move the $2,500, $3,500, and $5,000 away from the Bankrupt to remove the penalty for attempting to skill spin and being just over.

*The Wild Card should, in addition to its current powers, negate a Lose a Turn OR a Bankrupt.

*Create a Super-Jackpot, using all the money, prizes, and half-cars that anyone ever loses to a Bankrupt. Start it at $100,000, and have that replace the $100,000 wedge in the bonus round. For every two half cars that people have and lose, add another car of about $15,000 in value to the jackpot.

*Bring back the fucking Free Spin token (in addition to leaving Free Play on the wheel.)

*Require that Pat Sajak attempt to hit the $5,000 space on the Final Spin - particularly when he is the first one to spin in Round 4 and the wheel is set up in prime position for him to do so!

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20 points · 6 months ago

damn inflation

I was lucky enough to meet vanna white a couple years ago. I used to be a flight attendant and she was in first class on a flight I was working. She was soooooo nice and looked incredible (she had zero makeup on but still looked flawless). I told her how my recently passed grandma loved her and vanna chatted with me for awhile, asking questions about my life and everything. She was a class act all the way!

77 points · 6 months ago

That heart on her signature is pretty hot too. She’s been hot for like 40yrs straight always looking the same

41 points · 6 months ago

Payin' cash, first class sittin' next to Vanna White.

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I have had the biggest crush on Vanna pretty much since i discovered WoF as a child. Great smile.

Will I make it? Damn right, I’ll be on the next flight. Paying cash, first class sittin next to Vanna White

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586 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Now, while he's at his happiest, have him send another letter and then give him the bankrupt tile and take away everything. Never too early to start teaching life lessons.

One day he will have his own cardboard sign that reads, "Too poor to buy a vowel".

Still only $250, the best deal ever! No inflation on vowels!

Yeah, but that still means that one day this kid may end up sucking dick for vowels.

At least the D is free

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I'm sorry, you didn't phrase your answer in the form of a question.

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Love this! Keep watching kid! On a side note, my fiancé is a genius at Jeopardy, but hattttes Wheel of Fortune mostly due to the fact he can’t figure out the words or phrases. I quite enjoy beating him at it. It’s the little things.

Same with my husband and me. I can't figure out wheel of fortune if my life depended on it.

There was once a puzzle that looked like this:

_ _. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _, _ . _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I can't remember if there was just one letter visible or none, but I mentally guessed 'Dr. Livingstone, I presume' and it was right. No one was around to witness this, so I don't tell people much cause it's not that impressive and they wouldn't believe me anyways.

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15 points · 6 months ago

That's very interesting, I'm totally the opposite. Awful at Jeopardy, but for some reason the process-of-elimination thing with Wheel Of Fortune makes my brain feel good.

That’s exactly how I am. I have no idea how my fiancé knows the random shit he does. He just said he’s filled with useless info.

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If you see one missing on tv, you’ll know where it is.

Someone said in a different comment that they haven't used the $1000 wedge since 1999 and it's been since 1996 since they used a "non sparkly" one.

76 points · 6 months ago · edited 6 months ago

Attention marketing people. This is how you generate millions of views for basically about $5-10 instead of spending hundreds of millions on superbowl ads. The view count per $ spent is probably insane.

WoF will also get inundated with wedge requests now......

Small price to pay and not necessarily

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They already know. Why do you think there are 2-3 highly upvoted Star Wars-related posts daily since the film release.

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Comment deleted6 months ago(6 children)

The day either they or Alex Trebek retire or pass away will be the end of an era. Bob Barker is still alive, but him on Price is Right was a staple of my childhood sick days and summer mornings.

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I loved Wheel of Fortune at his age too! (been around a loooong time). My head would have exploded.

I never really watched it much but when my son was young we'd watch the CBS news and it would come on right after that. It really helped him learn his letters quickly so we just kind of rolled with it, I'll bet that show has helped a lot of kids that way.

Back in the day when beepers were a thing I received a page from my friend Courtney B. She lived in New Jersey and was telling me about a party in NYC. I immediately booked a ticket for the next flight, paid cash for first class and ended up sitting next to Vanna White.

Plot twist, /u/skybunny1500 was your flight attendant too

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Are you for real?

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"Lose a Turn"? Why, Daddy, whyyyyy?

Fun! When I was his age, I wrote to every celebrity in my older sister's Scholastic "Celebrity Autograph Addresses" book.

All I got was a an autographed postcard from Gavin MacLeod, The Captain from Love Boat. The show was already off the air.

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Pat, we couldn't have sprung for the Million Dollar Tile (™)?? We all know this child is guessing "Country Roads Take Me Home" after spinning for one 'T'

Vanna all day everyday.

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7 points · 6 months ago

Fun fact! Vanna White holds the world record of television’s most frequent clapper!

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My grandma died recently. She couldn't speak a word of english but god damn did she love wheel of fortune. In the hospital she took her last breath at 7:43PM, with Wheel of Fortune on the TV. I don't exactly what it is about this post, but i think i really appreciate how many generations enjoy this show and it makes me happy

Sorry for your loss

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5 points · 6 months ago

I have loved Pat & Vanna since the 80s. The whole trip is very American and very wholesome.

"Welcome to AMERICA'S GAME!"

And who ever upped the game on the closing music, with those horns and whatnot? Yeah baby, gonna make my elderly parents dinner now because Wheel is Life and who wouldn't want to cook now?

Would he like to buy a vowel?

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