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Myspace angles FTW

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E harmony

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Our time

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Why man

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You look the same. Who's that person on the left?

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It's her.

She just completed mitosis and is now two completely separate people.

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Read the first line and thought (the the most southern waitress tone) “oh honey.”

Read the second sentence, died laughing.

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I understood this reference.

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Well fuck, I didn't

Is this a reference to something?

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If there's one thing I've learned from all these weight loss pics on here, its that hiding inside of every fat person is a hot person.

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Imagine loosing a bunch of weight and being like aww fuck, I’m inherently ugly.

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You can lose the fat, but you can't lose the ugly.

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Tell me about it. I have a big face and i thought that was beacause of my weigh. So I spent a year on diet and working out, at the end of it I lost ~ 20kg. Lo and behold, i still have a pumpkin for a face.

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well... do some face exercise? :P

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You might need to lose more weight to get the face chub to budge. Even when I gain just 2-3 kg onto my average self (not overweight, not thin), my face gets instantly fat as if I tacked on 10-15kg. I think it's a lot to do with water weight.

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My mother has been part of a weight loss & maintenance group for over a decade. I’ve seen dozens of her peers lose 100+ pounds, these “ugly after weight loss” people pretty much don’t exist.

Of course there are people that don’t look amazing afterwards but every single one of them moves up 2-6 from where they were on a 0-10 scale.

It will be interesting if someone who looks like a 3 merely goes to a 4, but I have not yet seen it.

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I think Jonah Hill might've been one of those people that thought they looked worse thinner

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Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes right to the fucking bone!

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you'd have to be really, really, really ugly for that

like, the hunchback from 300 levels of ugly

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Lift your shield above your head.

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From thigh to neck, Ephialtes.

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nah cuz you feel; great so you project that.

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Tom Segura in a nutshell.

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This is me 😅

Silver lining though... turn off the lights

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Lol, yeah that would suck. I think id just stay fat.

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I mean... I’d still want to be healthy.

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Nah, everyone benefits from fitness.

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I mean you can benefit from fitness but still be ugly. that's pretty much me unfortunately

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Unless getting skinnier makes all the excess face skin droopy and wrinkly and you end up looking older.

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No one upvotes the ugly ones.

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That's not true, the lazy eyed girl got up voted with zero make up and a lazy eye, she looked a million times better, but she was not magically transformed in to a model, just in to a much better version of herself.

(And if she reads this I mean no offence)

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Link? I’m very curious

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Are you talking about Gal Gadot?

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Isn't that wonder woman? I'm not sure I'm following.

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Yeah. There was a no make-up pic of her on the front page.

I was making a joke. I think.

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I mean look at Coke Pam...

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And holding the camera over your head and not showing any of your body. One pic was December 2017 and the other was January 2018. A year apart.

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Wait..... I'm not fat.... Or ugly..... Oh god... I'll never be beautiful 😭

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/r/progresspics They would appreciate your post more than the flood of weight loss pics being posted to /r/pics lately.

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That’s one hell of a hair cut! Damn OP!

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Let’s see a full body pic

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That kid has no face.

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Woah you got way taller in a year. Why did you blur your face out in old picture though?

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Body pic?

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I love being on Facebook, this is the best site.

Can we see some real photos and not the MySpace angles? Thanks!

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If you truly want to test your newfound confidence then post this on r/roastme

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Girl, you look beautiful. I am getting a Karlie Kloss -Olivia Wilde vibe from you. Congrats on feeling happy

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WOW, well done! How did you do it?

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I achieved 45kg weight loss through, counting calories, logging everything that I eat cutting out alcohol mainly beer, and periodically working out and dramatically increasing my activity level through the day .

I lost majority of the weight through Keto. So a bit of everything now I eat low carb, work out 3-4 times a week and don’t drink much alcohol.

Now I feel like a totally different person.

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Goddamnit. I always read these things looking for useful advice and they always cut out alcohol! Tragic, I just can’t do that.

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I believe it was Ed Sheeran that credited his weight loss to switching to vodka from beer. Could always give that a shot

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Did you hear the tequila story with Ed as told by Russell Crowe?

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Hard on your stomach though, if you drink a decent amount regularly.

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I imagine all alcohol is pretty hard on your body if you drink it regularly.

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Mix it with water. No extra calories

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Nice pun, good work

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Plus keto makes you drunk twice as fast and choose potato vodka while u r at it ...gluten free

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I'm always skeptical of claims like that. Vodka still has like 90-100 calories per shot, which is not insignificant.

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Great free advice on tap, folks

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No room to be bitter

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You don't have to be sober to lose weight

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You the real MVP

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Jokes on you weed works

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It's hard to know with alcohol though because they don't have to report their contents.

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This Jan has been the first time going >3 days without booze in probably 13 years. It sucks. But is doable. Stay busy... like literally keep moving or working on something till bed. Its the only way I've been distracted from drinking. And as a bonus, I'm catching up on like 6 years of "I'll get to that"s. And I've lost 10 lbs. Working in my yard, while it's cold out, has kept me from even registering cold sweats for the first week. Sleep sucks. I cant fall asleep for shit.

Here's the one that hurt to realize. My average savings per WEEK are ~300, so far.

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per WEEK are ~300

That is... a lot of going out for drinks.

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Same for me, except I don't drink to begin with so it's like, even if I wanted to I can't.

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Switch to vodka

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Cutting alcohol helps but is not required to lose weight. It all boils down to eating less calories than you need during the day. Eating less in general obviously helps, but sporting regularly ensures your body needs more energy (and makes you feel better) For me, I mostly stopped eating snacks, drink less soda and more water, and bought a roadracing bike. I still drink beer.

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You don't have to go cold turkey. Drink less.

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There is a word if you have that symptom

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I guess you could still have the occasional beer and alcoholic drink, but you just have to count it (a beer is 120ish calories I think?).

I don't drink so I don't know if beer and other alcoholic beverages makes you more extra hungry or not compared to not drinking any at all. You tell me

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you just cut it out until you've lost the weight, then you can have a session a week and probably maintain just fine.

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Well...I suppose option B is to cut out everything else except the alcohol.

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You go girl!! You look fantastic! I've lost 75 pounds on keto and couldn't be happier!!

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For those who have to Google, that’s like 99 pounds.

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Why didn’t you put pictures of you where I can actually see your body after the weight loss?

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Keto is the best.

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Unless you can keep it up for the rest of your life, not really. Plus your kidneys are probably screaming.

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Keto is still a LOT easier on your kidneys than staying fat, having high blood sugar, high blood pressure, or diabetes....

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Plus your kidneys are probably screaming.

Do you have any evidence to show keto is hard on your kidneys?

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A ketogenic diet carries increased risk of kidney stones, which are super painful and can cause obstructive kidney injury, temporary or permanent. People who are put on the equivalent of keto for medical reasons (e.g. refractory seizures, very rarely some metabolic disorders) have to have their kidney function monitored.

Successful ketogenic diet (very low carbohydrate) also carries the risk of acidosis (ketone bodies act as acids in the blood); I've once seen a very, very serious ketoacidosis that required HDU (albeit that was a consequence of starvation rather than keto diet, the same could certainly result from a true keto diet).

Meta-analysis of ketogenic diet for children with refractory epilepsy, including adverse effects observed

The good news is, most people using keto for weight loss probably don't succeed in true ketogenesis and lose weight because they cut calories as a result of avoiding carb-rich foods that happen to be extremely tasty and often calorie-dense.

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That study literally says that it happens in less than 5% of the people involved in the respective studies. That's not exactly evidence that it makes your kidneys scream. Anyone can get kidney stones, irrespective of their diet.

Successful ketogenic diet (very low carbohydrate) also carries the risk of acidosis

Not unless you have type 1 diabetes or the ability to stop producing insulin.

Ketoacidosis doesn't happen because you are on a keotgenic diet, it happens when there is no insulin in the body (or very low levels). Without insulin, blood sugar rises to high levels and stored fat streams from fat cells. This excess amount of fat metabolism results in the production of abnormal quantities of ketones. The combination of high blood sugar and high ketone levels can upset the normal acid/base balance in the blood and become dangerous. In order to reach a state of ketoacidosis, insulin levels must be so low that the regulation of blood sugar and fatty acid flow is impaired.

(albeit that was a consequence of starvation rather than keto diet, the same could certainly result from a true keto diet)

You've just proved your point irrelevant there really. That individual story isn't a solid point against ketosis.

The good news is, most people using keto for weight loss probably don't succeed in true ketogenesis lose weight because they cut calories

Those people, myself included, are able to cut calories because of the process of ketosis. There's no denying calories are the most important factor to losing weight. But being able to reduce food intake for many people with poor diets (specifically high carb) is simply not easy.

Ketosis allows bodily fat to be used for energy much more easily as insulin levels are reduced. Insulin, of course, suppresses hormone-sensitive lipase, whose job it is to mobilise bodily fats for use as energy. I eluded to this above with regard to ketoacidosis, while the process for fat mobilisation is similar, ketosis and ketoacidosis are two very different things. In contrast to a high carb diet, even eating a caloric deficit, insulin will be circulated and thus making stored fat utilisation an issue.

I know for a fact I am in ketosis as I measure my blood ketones daily. I use a combination of 24 hour fasting and ketosis to drop body fat when needed, and to maintain weight or build muscle I increase calories with a focus on higher protein consumption. Due to my job, I have medical check ups every 6 months (everything from cholesterol to liver function, anything that can point to an issue) and have never had a bad test. Also no kidney stones. This is my 5th year being on ketosis as well.

What I'm getting at here is that ketosis is a complex bodily process which aids and helps fat loss. The plethora of claims that it is bad for you are unfounded or not based on the modern interpretation of the diet. I have yet to see any large scale studies that show ketosis has more risk than benefit. There's also doctors on the NHS who are advocates for it and haven't been fired for giving their patients kidney stones.

If you're interested in learning more, this video is really good. If you are indeed a doctor, I believe it is really important you do spend the time to learn more about ketogenic diets. It seems your opinion falls in line with the rest of the myths which are recycled without any evidence, just personal horror stories which end up being something totally different.

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You don't need to do keto for the rest of your life. After reaching your goal weight with keto, you can just cut out refined carbs and you shouldn't gain it back.

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Yeah it works, lost about 8-10 kg on Keto, but I really could not live without bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, etc. So counting calories was what made further weightloss possible for me.

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That’s impressive! Well done.

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I <3 Keto. It's the only diet I've ever been on that doesn't leave me hungry all day... in fact i end up just simply not being hungry for meals to the point I only eat 2 a day. Not even eating "whatever I want" gave me this feeling of satiety.

Added inclined walks everyday and some weights and the improvements are very noticeable.

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Keto is amazing. Truly inspiring. Kcko

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Keep up the good work!

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I feel happy looking at your results.

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You are gorgeous. Congrats on your successful journey

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Look at my weight loss pictures! Here's a full body shot of me when I was overweight and here are two pictures of my face for you to compare with.

But seriously, great job. You look hot.

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You look really good, great job!

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Which is the before picture?

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You look amazing.

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Holy crap. Amazing. Proud of you.

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So there is hope for me yet...

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Your a smoke show

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The people who enjoy posting and upvoting these posts and also love encouraging others on their journey ought to subscribe to /r/progresspics as well. These kinds of posts have become very popular on /r/pics recently and the dedicated sub and posters could really use the traffic and kind words.

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Congratulations! Keep up the good work.

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amazing ! well done on achieving this :)

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Holy shit, I can't believe this is just from one year

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me neither. it is drastic. not even cancer would do this.

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Now you can be proud of being a dope mom AND this, I don't even know you and think you are capable of doing anything.

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You look good; alcohol will do massive weight gain; from what I've read and seen with others.

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Holy shit. You look great.

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I guess I'll downvote myself also. And this comment too

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Starting my journey tomorrow. You look great

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I'm on day 6. I'm hungry AF, never drank this much water in my life, and am getting used to the taste of unsweetened almond/coconut milk.

Still sorta light headed but supposedly that clears up...

Good luck man.

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You look amazing!

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Congrats! You look amazing. Hard work pays off. (:

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Damn! Happy for u, u look amazing

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It's good to see someone with just a white patch for a face grow up and overcome adversity. Well done!

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Good for you! You look great!

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How differently do people treat now?

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Are you from Sweden?

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Would bang.

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Remarkable, and beautiful! So awesome

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Great job!

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Awesome job. Trying to do the same - not easy!!!!

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Congrats! You’re quite literally half the woman you used to be!!! 😊

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I thought this was a really weird new meme at first. Like the Drake one, or the bouncer one.

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How full was the gym on January first/second? I️ wouldn’t know I️ was at a taqueria

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Quite the transformation, nice work.

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Wait, wut. No way.

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Lookin' sexy. Good work

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i know it's a cliche' but it's personal to you so it need to be said: I applause your dedication, resolve and hard work. Enjoy it! you earned every bit of it! #you go girl!

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Honesty even if this is just a post to make you feel good about your new look or makeup great job. The pics look great and you do look like you've lost weight as well.

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The right hand side pictures show a massive weight loss!