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The oh fuck look on the mouse's face is priceless.

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Seriously, this is the honest look of "oh fuck I'm going to die" in its purest form.

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“Monster” is a relative term... to a canary, a cat is a monster. We’re just used to being the cat.

  • Dr. Henry Wu, Jurassic World

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Wow you are right 😄👍

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You are way too happy about stuff getting murdered.

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Ya we should all be angry at nature!

Theres wild predators out there killing other creatures right now!! How awful! We should lock all those predators up in cages or something

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Ah yes, the cycle of life. Don't you just appreciate the beauty of nature when you see people murdering each other?

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Who was this?

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Lee Harvey Oswald

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Holy shit, he was 24?

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Right? Here I am, 32 years old, and I've never been part of an assassination plot.

What the fuck am I doing with my life...

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I'm not going to say there'd be parties thrown across the world in your honour if you did it now... But there'd be a fair few shindigs!

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you fucking kidding me

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I hate to be that guy but I'm pretty confident that's a dead mouse. Cats play with them after they're dead for a while, it could just be his last face.

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Yeah, that mouse is screwed. Our cat used to catch them and repeatedly let them go to catch again, like some sort of game. He knew it wasn't getting far.

As it seemed cruel, I once tried to intervene to rescue a mouse. The cat, realising my intension gently caught the mouse and picked it up in his mouth with the tenderness of a mother cat lifting a kitten, stared me dead in the eye while I got close and then suddenly crunched down on the little rodent. Cheers for that Benny, you evil little floofball.

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Mine would try to bite the heads off as soon as he saw my wife coming to rescue whatever bird/rodent he was playing with. Still have him but he’s too old/fat for those shenanigans now

Edit: Mice are pretty tough compared to birds. I give it 2/3 chance of still being alive based on the times I intervened

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I don't think there is any point trying to intervene with birds, actually. Cat saliva is toxic to most birds as it contains Pasturella. This bacteria in their saliva can either be introduced to the bird through bites or saliva left on their feathers. You can save the bird by getting it from the cat, but it will perch somewhere, and either die from the bacteria, or ingest it while preening from the feathers. I guess best thing is to have indoor kitties.

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Our cat used to catch them and repeatedly let them go to catch again, like some sort of game

it seems he was playing, a game of cat and mouse


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Does that explain why the claws aren't out?

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my new Sony SLR


Yes! No fake! I took it 5-6 years ago in front of our house with a SLR.

Do which is it OP? Is it new or is it 5-6 years old.

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We're getting bamboozled!!!

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It says the camera was new when the picture was taken, but there's no claim that the picture is new. That being said, it's new to me and I'm enjoying it.

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I like your attitude, notkristina.

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It was new when he took the picture. He just neglected to mention when the picture was taken.

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r/PerfectTiming would love this.

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the look on that little mouse face! omg!

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I now have the sounds of Kung fu flutes stuck in my head at 5:15 a.m.. I sincerely appreciate this comment.

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Ho ho ho HO!

WA! Have good day!

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For Redwaaaaaaallll!

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Holy crap this triggered flashbacks .. I had completely forgotten the existence of the series

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Afraid to ask, but do you know how it ended?

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Its some years ago but I think I interrupted them and the mouse got away... for a moment

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Goodbye mouse.

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The cat looks like its got a wound on its ear.

edit: typo

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The cat looks like it has a wound on its ear.

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El gato got a cut on its hearing device

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The feline has a epidermal laceration on it's ear.

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Yeah, he’s out all night and we have many cats around us... 🥊

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Maybe it was the mouse. Maybe this is payback.

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I would check for ear mites just in case.

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Yeah most likely ear mites

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Maybe you should keep your cat inside :x

Just to clarify... It could be worth not letting your cat be injured, wounded, prone to catching diseases like Feline Aids, allowed to kill local wildlife, or run over by a car by keeping it inside. Sorry for not being clear hehe

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Being a responsible pet owner seems oddly unpopular when it comes to cats.

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Seriously though. “Chipmunks and mice are just pests” like are you serious? Do some reading on ecology and environmental studies. Some cat owners have absolutely NO regard for the environment - and letting cats roam free is one of the worst things you can do. So many, so many birds die every year from back yard cats that people just let roam around. Not to mention that they just piss and shit anywhere they please, I.e in my garden at the last place I lived.

If the cats “need their ‘outside’ time” so much, put them on a Fucking leash like you would your dog. Unless your dog is well trained like my dog, in which case it will obey you and not run around killing small wildlife.

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I love my cats but they also love their outside time. Depriving yhem of that seems equally cruel.

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Some kids love eating nothing but ice cream and sniffing paint fumes.. but that's not really what's best for them is it?

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If I let my kids go play outside, they could get hit by a car, kill local wildlife and/or contract diseases too. Cats are more easily replaceable though.

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I see this sentiment every time I am on a thread like this. While I understand the benefits of keeping cats indoors, I think it is important that we understand that cats are animals and being out doors shouldn't be a big deal. We love cats, and cats love us (I like to believe they do anyway) but I don't think it's right to keep these animals cooped up in doors. Why should I care if my cat or any other cats kill mice or Chipmunks? They are pests, plain and simple. If my cat gets into a scrap with a fox or finds itself on the business and of a car and dosent come back then that's life, sad but true. Just because someone let's their cat out at night does not mean that they love their pet any less than you, and it isn't your or any one else's place to dictate how others care for their pets.

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Releasing your domesticated cat to the outside world and everything out there isn't caring for it at all...

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I hope you never own a pet. You have such an abysmal regard for the environment and pets.

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I expressed my opinion, albeit an unpopular one, so I understand if you disagree and that is fine. I will not tell anyone how to raise other pet as long as they are not abusive. However wishing that on me and saying I have an abysmal regard for pets is a large jump to make using my single post here as a basis.

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Every time I argue your point I get downvoted to fuck too but I continued to argue it for a while because my cats have always adored their time outside and I just couldn't bring myself to deprive them of that. But, I live in the UK where it's estimated less than 10% of cats are kept indoors permanently of which a percentage will be because they are blind/deaf/otherwise unsuited to outdoor activity, and the remainder are by choice, maybe because they are a thoroughbred and prone to theft, so it seems natural to me to let my cats out. All I get back are vicious comments about what a careless bitch I am who can't possibly care about her cats at all, when actually the complete reverse is true; I let them out because I want them to enjoy life as much as possible so I've given up making the argument because it's like talking to a brick wall. EDIT clarity

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"If my cat gets into a scrap with a fox or finds itself on the business and of a car and dosent come back then that's life, sad but true. " Neglect is a form of abuse. So hence why i hope you never own a pet.

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My family owns two cats, both of which are happy and healthy despite the fact that they are allowed outside. I consider neglect as not feeding the pet, refusing to take it to the vet, ect. You are right though, letting a cat outside if there is a clear and present danger is irresponsible. If I lived in a city or even a suburb I would keep the cat inside. I wouldn't let them out if it is too cold either, that would be dangerous.

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We have adopted stray cats and don't let them outside for security reasons as there is a big road next to our house. The cats went from active and happy to super depressed, no amount of toys and attention can make up for the fact that they are forced to spend the rest of their lives cooped in the same four walls. Even the vet has recommended to let them outside during non-traffic-heavy hours - which by definition would be nighttime - since it's no life for them to waste away in sadness. So please don't be so judgemental. It might seriously harm a cat's emotional well-being to be prisoner for the rest of their life, even if it's to keep them physically safe. People who allow their cats some freedom outside are not negligent or have no regard for their pets. It's cruel that you would suggest something like this when I lay awake at night worrying and crying because I don't know what to do to stop my beloved cats, who are like children to me, from giving up on life due to their imprisonment.

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Wow... my pic got stolen some times now... so here is my original post: http://goedhartvoordieren.nl/?page=r/itookapicture/comments/7pxj8i/itap_of_our_cat_playing_with_a_mouse/?st=JCDZTN4D&sh=79912025 every other post is younger!

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Uh so you stole your own pic? Or did somebody forget to switch accounts before they try to get more karma for whatever reason.

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"here is my original post"

still doesn't change how op is a phony and talks about how the new sony is like 5 years old

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Try, I dunno...making a different account to pull this bs?

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I am so fucking confused right now!

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Yes! No fake! I took it 5-6 years ago in front of our house with a SLR.

So which is it? A new SLR or is it 5-6 years old?

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Sounds like it was new when the photo was taken, some years ago.

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Looks like your cat is working on a nice infection behind the ear

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This is right out of cartoon movie!!

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What brand of SLR? SonyTM ?

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Thats what the mouse gets for shooting the president.

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I posted this on r/photoshopbattles. I hope you don't mind using this picture. It was WAY TO GOOD NOT TO.

please let me know if it's a problem, I can take it down.

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No problem!

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Wow. Such educate. I applaud you.

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Looks like the mouse is dancing and the cat is cheering him on. Go little mousy, go

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Tom and Jerry IRL

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Colorized, 2018

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Disturbing. Something not right with you.

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To me it looks like the mouse is channeling his inner ancestral ninja, and this image captured his devastating high flying kick to the cat's head at the perfect moment.

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Does your cat knows that mouse? this look like a friendly pat lol And what a timing .

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Damn that AF is fast.

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What a great picture. Well done.

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hmmmmmmmmmmwhy did you have to specifically mention Sony tho. this smells like an ad

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Is the mouse ok? D:

Did the mouse escape, get married, and create a family? D:

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Looks like that mouse is pretending to be afraid in a very mocking manner. "Oh no! Please don't eat me Mr. Cat!! Woe is me!"

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Cats are evil.

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Please spare me and I'll grant you three wishes

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Nice timing!

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I just imagine the mouse saying stuff like "why I oughttta" and "put em up, put em up"

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Tom & Jerry 🙃

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I'm liking the Dark Souls Remaster pics.

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Mouse going in for that lu kang flying kick

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Ahhh... Tis a little cat and mouse I see

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Tom n jerry

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It is weird the mouse reminded me of the Lee Harvey Oswald getting shot photo?

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Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru

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Tom finally kills Jerry.

Tom and Jerry: Nature is metal edition.

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Ahhhh! Don’t hit me!

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Thought it was Garfield at first

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"For Redwall!"

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The mouse is doing the crip walk and the cat is giving him 5.

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Mouse looks like he bout to drop the hottest kick 2018

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Cat doing karate moves with a mouse puppet

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Tom and Jerry IRL

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A dance off

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The mouse looks like Lee Harvey Oswald as he was shot by Jack Ruby

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All I want to know is, who won?

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A second to.....

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Stuart Little 4

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Like a rodent version of Dark Souls

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Poor mouse

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Have you ever crossed the road, and looked the wrong way? A car's nearly on you? So what do you do? Something very silly. You freeze. Your life doesn't flash before you, 'cause you're too fuckin' scared to think - you just freeze and pull a stupid face.

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K.O. The cat wins!

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I like to think they are about to have an epic high five. I think I am wrong though

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Screenshot from the new Tom and Jerry live action movie

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Style points!

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That's not a garden, it's a driveway.

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...my english, sorry

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what a Click

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tom and jerry af

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National Graphic

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At least your cat isn’t bringing it into your house. My cat was always bringing his toys in.

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Sorry, After owning a hamster for a few years, I just have to downvote you. Poor mouse

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hail corporate

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That's a well-trained cat and a very realistic marionette.

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It's Ratatouille!

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Is that mouse bleeding out of its eyeball?

[–]liarandathief 2 points3 points  (0 children)

That's the mouth.

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Lol I thought the same! The pink nose is actually its hand. Eye is mouth

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Two for flinching.

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Mouse looks like it is powering up to release a wicked combo

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Wish the little dude really was.

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I choose to believe this pic is just after Mouse Lee performed a perfect spinning back kick to that cat's Jaw. Even has the "Bruce Lee Scream Face" going on.

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Tom and Jerry in HD

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The mouse looks like is saying: "ándale ándale!, Arriba arriba!!"

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Aw...zoom into the poor little mouse!!

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Someone Photoshop the Smash Bros pause screen around this Image