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He has DreamWorks face.

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I came to this thread to post this picture.

Well done.

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My mind is blown

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Every goddamn CGI cartoon these days have that smarmy smirk

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Its a lazy way to impart character. Its hesitation mixed with confidence which is basically every protagonist in the these movies.

( i dont care what anybody says- Kung FunPanda was a paint by numbers garbage of a film; anti-art designed to sell. It recycled basically ever useless kids show trope)

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This guy movies

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Thank you

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Disney/Pixar does the exact same thing.

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More like Fantastic Mr. Fox

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I love it a lot :3

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Voiced by Matthew McConaughey.

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Everytime I see one I think 'maybe my household could support one more Australian Cattle Dog'. Then I remember that no, no it cannot.

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I couldn’t imagine having more than one of them at a time outside of a cattle farm, that’s for sure.

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Blue heeler?

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*Same thing

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Yeah but do you actually call them by that name? It's like finding out it's Latin name and using that.

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It's the breed of my cow dog and if someone asks what dog I have I'll answer depending on whether that person knows much about dogs.

If I say Blue Heeler to someone who doesn't know dogs, I'm invariably going to have to follow it up with "he's a cattle dog" anyway.

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Yeah i guess if your not living in Aus. I figured everyone just calls them blue heelers, so much quicker. Kind of like calling a Brazil nut just a nut in Brazil.

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This is getting so close to Unidan’ing.

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Such a handsome blue heeler!!

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I'm getting a Nick Wilde vibe with the grin.

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Hi I'm Roy from Pittsburgh. You're probably wondering why I have that stupid look on my face. Well there's only one thing that can make a guy smirk like that, love. That's right, the smell of those fresh pastries permeating the air, the frosting glistening like diamonds through the glass case. The sprinkles that accent each delectable donut. This is pure heaven. However not everyone appreciates my love for these culinary creations.

-Scene changes to angry baker -Roy runs out of the store elluding the baker once again. -Insert inspiring story here -Roy meets the love of his life and gives her this look. -And they live happily ever after.

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Are you a screenwriter?

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no record scratch sound?

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I have this feeling that his voice sounds like Chris Pratt.

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No..no he looks like a cattle dog.

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Such handsome. Much good.

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He looks like Bolt.

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Or Gaspode from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels?

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Nah, it's Meeko the raccoon from Pocahontas.

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He kinda diz, disney?

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For some reason, he seems like he'd have a Brooklyn accent.

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I wanna pet it.

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Which one?

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They drew his mouth on crooked.

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Ommmmmmg I am obsessed.

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"I hope he doesn't notice I just farted."

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Tommorow we'll be reading about Disney buying the dog

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Looks kinda like Dante with hair.

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"Slimy yet satisfying..."