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You think Stewart was walking around with a befuddled Gandalf?

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Gandalf's wizard staff shrunk.

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How dare he protest woman.

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Women's protest


Women own the protest. They seem to be allowing him to protest recent star trek shows and movies

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Judging by the people they had speak at the "women's march"... a radical sharia law devotee, and a woman that spent years in prison for assault,

the biggest "women's protest" organizers are against women.

His sign is fully appropriate. :(

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I love all women, they would all be free under my dogmatic religious law.

She’s fuckin nuts.

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Two terrorists and a woman convicted of hate crimes.

Linda's mates are iffy.

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Political kooks is a industry now

While they were being self defeating, the right was trying to arrest the mayor

It's a race to the bottom

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A teacher was arrested for asking why the superintendent was set to receive a $38,000 pay increase when the teachers hadn't received a pay increase in.10 years.

Race to the bottom so they can keep fucking digging.

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Why are they both so awesome? Every time they show up some place, I can't help thinking what awesome people they both are.

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I love them both so much. Knowing they're friends IRL gives me the warm fuzzies. I wish I could be their friend too.

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Be careful, I said something similar to this once about Sir Patrick and reddit responded as if I was a psycopath.

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Dude what?? About Sir Patrick are you a lunatic or something?? Man.

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Probably because they're both the best wingman you could ever hope for.

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I saw a play they did on Broadway together a few years ago and it was amazing. One of the best choices we ever made.

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Waiting for Godo? Damn, I soo want to see them in that. Not gonna happen :(

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Waiting for Godot was great.

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Not gonna happen :(

Spoilers: yes, that's more or less it

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He came and stayed at a hotel I was running one day with his partner, when he came in for dinner his t-shirt said something along the lines of ' I'm magneto, gandalf and I'm gay. What are you going to do about it? '.

Such a nice guy.

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That must have been the Photoshop'd version of him rather than the real him.

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The photoshopped version of him from social media photos came in for dinner?

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I've seen a picture of that from a Pride parade he attended!

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I'm magneto, gandalf and I'm gay. What are you going to do about it?

Tell you you're a national fucking treasure that's what.

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I honestly had no idea he was gay until about 2 years ago.

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Had the chance to be present at one of his talks, he is one of the sweetest people I have ever seen. He actually entered the hall with “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” and everyone went crazy.

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Upvote for scarf only

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it looks like the Fourth Doctor's (Tom Baker) scarf with the colours inverted in ms paint.

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Confirmed. Ian is playing the Master this time around.

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That'd be cool.

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He did voice the Great Intelligence back in 2012.

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The best doctor.

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I upvoted for that wall, love the way it looks

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I dunno, it's giving me vague r/trypophobia vibes

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I don't get it

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The person holding the sign is Sir Ian McKellen, a very popular Britih actor that played the roles of Magneto in X-men and Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. He is holding a sign of Sir Patrick Stewart facepalming from an episode of Star Trek.

The humor is that the two of them are very frequently confused with one another, to such a point that they laugh about it and make jokes about it constantly.

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Ok, thanks

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I don't think anyone at all confuses the two for one another. They're really good friends though. Sir Patrick Stewart (straight-married) has kissed Sir Ian McKellan on the lips. They give joint interviews on their bromance. Here they are playing the newlywed game (kinda). Here's a bunch of pictures of then hanging out in NYC. Now tell me you don't want to third wheel that shit.

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I got to see the two of them do Waiting for Godot on Broadway together, which was amazing and bizarre.

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They’re tight from back in their Shakespeare days.

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I'm half convinced they switch off being Meryl Streep.

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I think he was the one that actually performed the marriage ceremony for McKellan and his partner

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I think it was the other way around. Though officiating each other's weddings wouldn't surprise me.

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I believe the humor is partially related to their close friendship which is sometimes mistaken for being a bit more then just a friendship.

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I love these 2 so much.

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I would give anything to have a TV show that just followed them around their daily life.

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"The Awesome Couple"

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Is it women protesting or people protesting women?

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neither actually it was an anti-trump protest

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Funnily enough, most of the UK attendees I've spoken to have no real idea of what they're actually hoping to achieve. They're "protesting" a leader of another country, which is effectively an empty gesture.

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I think the point is that trump made comments about not wanting to come here if we were going to protest. So people wanted to show that wouldn’t bloody well happen.

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As far as I'm aware Trump being afraid of protests is little more than a rumour which the papers are lapping up. People here screeching and stomping in the streets is a total waste of time.

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Ah, I was under the impression that he tweeted it or something. Cheers for the clarification.

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Exactly. It was to show resistance to his outwardly misogynistic pussgrabbery...

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And racism, and global warming denial

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What the heck is a women’s protest?

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Given the location, I think it was at the women's march (against trump and brexit) in London last year.

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Yeah, an identical (or at least very similar) image was posted on r/pics at the time of the protest.

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Women’s protest against Brexit? How is Brexit oppressive to women?

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It was an offshoot of the anti-Trump march in Washington. It kinda became anti right-wing. I was in the area for a date as it was clearing up. Utterly chaotic.

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For further context, this photo was taken the same weekend as Trump's inauguration and the woman's march in Washington DC.

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I just want to give him a big ol hug. He is awesome.

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Get him a sign saying "You shall not pass!"

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Those two have the best bromance I’ve ever seen.

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Don’t get him mad or he will rip that fence apart

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Wait so OP is against women or?..

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I think he was marching in solidarity. Trump got in with a wave of misogynistic policies, language and actions, and Brexit used a lot of Trump rhetoric and zeitgeist.

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Im not talking about the picture itself, just that the caption used seemed odd.

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Misogynistic policies? Perhaps I haven’t heard, but I’m not sure which of his policies are misogynistic.

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I love this. I don’t know the issue being protested but even if I was on the other side of said issue I would love it. This is subtle and clever. The opposite of a pussy hat.

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Why are people protesting women? They're just as needed as men are for the whole humanity surviving thing.

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Two meme Sir encounter

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Thats a very whovian like scarf

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I want that scarf!!!

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Haha they know !!

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I too, protest women

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Love these guys...

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Well he’s a great woman

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Picard: his face palmed.

It's so meta.

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Sir Ian, smiling wide.

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Everyone’s going to be covering their faces like Picard when it comes out how many of Bryan Singer’s little private parties this guy has attended.

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That scarf is awesome!

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The scarf is amazing.

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Oh my god he's adorable. I love their bromance, and that they do things like this

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Magneto is that you?

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What were the women protesting?

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Why are we protesting women?

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Glad to see that he's embarrassed by these ridiculous protests too

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HOLY SH*T, Is Gandalf!