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The fake missile crisis T-shirt selling scheme, oldest trick in the book.

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"The Gang Fakes a Missile Crisis"

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Anyway, you guys all think I'm a hero, and I'll accept that responsibility

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A few more missiles and I'll be rich!

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Strange shirt or How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

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Hahaha tricky capitalists

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And now you know the answer to the question: if I had minutes to live what is the plate lunch I’d choose to eat?

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I'd take the one that says "I survived the Inbound Ballistic Missile Threat to Hawaii and all I got was this stupid T-Shirt"

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A redditor with taste in books!

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I made out with Skippy for 3 minutes and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt

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Print On Demand?

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Since it’s the size of a piece of paper I’m gonna say computer print out iron on?

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...you can see the edges of the paper..

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Another mystery solved

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We did it, Reddit!

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You have been made a moderator of r/RBI.

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Screen printer here, can confirm it is a cheap iron on. Design is ugly af too. Lol

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Waste no time on design to grab that early sales rush.

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But if you were wearing that shirt in Hawii today? Worth it.

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Yea. Most shops can go from imgur to tshirt in like 10 minutes.

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It's like they have the technology of 1997 at their fingertips.

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Well there's still development in either direct print and also print transfer technologies. It's not completely stale.

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Back in 2003, I was in SC for hurricane Charlie. It hit us at 9pm, the souvenir shops in Myrtle Beach had “I survived Hurricane Charlie” T-shirts by 8am the next day.

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A bit different since we know about hurricanes days in advance.

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YEAH but no one knew they would SURVIVE. Sooo...

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The ones who didn't probably weren't buying shirts.

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And if they were, we've got bigger problems than a hurricane.

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Nah those are just people who vote democrat. All is good.

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Those tourist t-shirt stands are the most cringe inducing thing in that town. The worst shirts are the ones made for couples. Just the trashiest shit ever.

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The other day I saw a couple walking hand in hand wearing matching “she mad” and “y u mad” shirts. I don’t know if I was more upset about the matching shirts or the fact that they used so an outdated meme

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It's almost like.. T-shirt shops have T-shirt Iron-on machines...


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When the tsunami hit Japan in 2011 I was on vacation in Hawaii, Crazy Shirts had shirts made the next day with proceeds going to Tsunami relief efforts. It was a scary night. Hotel slipped a note under the door stating the warning and to fill your bathtub with water.

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What a time we live in. The T-shirts come out on the same day.

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So it was all just a ruse to sell T-shirts?

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Lotta children conceived in Hawaii today

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I'm not so sure making this thing into a joke is a good idea. Right now would be an opportunity to actually launch a missile at the U.S. because people might think it's a mistake.

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I see what you are saying but I feel like the whole "lunatic with the nukes" situation we have actually plays out as an effective deterrent.


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This is not a drill! Just kidding! This is not a drill!

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Capitalism at its finest.

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Man, this has the potential to be the most ironic t-shirt in human history...
(hoping to hell I'm wrong)

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It looks more iron-on-ic.

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Howww did they do that so quickly

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Well they only spent about 45 seconds on the design, so yeah.

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Yeah I work for a t shirt company and you can make them with vinyl transfers. Takes like 15 mins and half of that time is waiting for the heat press to warm up.

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Print-out, iron-on design

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Shoots. No bada me you faka.

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I thought the text at the bottom was an evil laugh

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Wow, that was fast. Was this a thing before or did they really print t-shirts that fast?

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Is that thing dry yet?!

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It's an instant classic

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How long do you think it takes to print a shirt??

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President Skroob - Six?! What happened to seven?
A.I. - Just kidding!

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The new "I Survived Three Mile Island."

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I bet that we will eventually find out that NK actually launched a missile on January 13, 2018.

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Na, think about the timing,just a test to see how people react, and instal fear.

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They dont have a proper testing regime thanks to Comcast/Verizon :/

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This is valid. I suspect something other than just an innocent mistake.

I suspect many of the things we have seen recently, like the fire that shut down Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport, may very well have been trial balloons to gauge the response of the people.

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It seems really odd, would they admit if they had been "testing"?

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That was just Maui, messin' around.

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This looks like someone worked on this shirt for a total of 25 seconds.

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Jesus, tacky or not, you have GOT to be impressed with the time to product.

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You ever wonder why when you're doing something on your device, and you get those annoying confirmations on your screen?

This is why.

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I was expecting a "I survived the ballistic missile in Hawaii"

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What?! Too Soon?

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Does anyone even wants to buy that crap?!

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And people always down vote me when I say false flags exist. psht.

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Has anyone ever heard of a little book called 'The Boy Who Cried Wolf' ?

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Never heard of it